Find Your Roku's IP Address With These Steps

Find your Roku's IP address with these methods so you can troubleshoot issues or set up a VPN.
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Roku devices make it easy to access thousands of movies and TV shows, music, and other content from a range of services. Every Roku device is assigned a unique Internet Protocol (IP) address — its "ID number" — that allows access to all of the platform's features and capabilities.

Do you need to find your Roku device's IP address? Knowing this information can be beneficial for addressing network or connection problems. Additionally, knowing your Roku's IP address could be helpful if you want to use a VPN with a Roku device.

We have the perfect guide for you! This troubleshooting guide will show you various ways of obtaining your device's unique IP address. Let’s get started!

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Roku IP address FAQ
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Use your Roku remote

Finding your Roku’s IP address is a breeze when you use your remote control. It's the most efficient way to access all relevant network information pertaining to your device; simply toggle to the settings menu on the Roku TV or streaming player.

To do this:

  1. Go into the Roku main menu.
  2. Move down to Settings.
  3. Select the Networking option.
  4. Find About.

There, you can view all of your device’s pertinent information, including its IP address and other network specifications.

This method is especially useful for making changes or using advanced features with your device, as it ensures you have all the correct details needed for a successful configuration.

The process is straightforward and simple to execute, providing all the necessary information regarding your device's IP address and other network configurations.

Use the Roku mobile app

If your Roku remote is not working, the Roku app, available on the App Store and Google Play, is a great way to find out the IP address of your Roku device. To use this method, you must install the Roku app on your mobile device or computer and follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Devices page in the app.
  2. Click on View System Info near the top-right corner of the page.
  3. This will open up a menu with lots of information about your device, including its IP address.

This method is the easiest way to find your Roku device’s IP address. It’s especially useful if you want quick access to the information without navigating through a bunch of menus on the TV screen.

Use a Google Chrome extension

This process involves installing the Remoku extension from the Chrome Web Store and following some simple steps. Once activated, this tool will scour all local networks for any connected Rokus and make them accessible to users via their browser window.

Here’s how:

  1. Launch the Remoku extension from your Chrome extensions page and click Add to Chrome.
  2. Once you are in the app, click on the settings tab and follow the prompt to scan for Rokus.
  3. Do not interrupt the scan, as it may take some time to complete.

Once your Roku device is displayed on the list of identified devices, locating its IP address should be a breeze. Simply copy this IP address for future use or input it into your streaming service’s settings page if needed.

This method is best when you have multiple devices on your local network or need quick access to a Roku's IP address from your desktop.

Use your router

This approach also eliminates the need for manual searching or other complicated processes, making it an ideal solution for users lacking technical expertise.

To use this method, you must:

  1. Access your router's administrative portal by entering its IP address in a web browser window.
  2. Once logged in, you should see a listing of all devices currently connected to the network and their associated IP addresses.
  3. If there are no Roku names listed, look for MAC addresses instead. You can use them to manually search for the Roku association on a site like

Users of all levels — from beginners to experts — can use this direct approach. It eliminates the need for manual searching, saving time and ensuring accuracy in determining the correct IP address.

Use the serial number

If the previous techniques don't work, unlocking your Roku's IP address with its serial number is a viable option. This may come in handy when you need to sync it up with another online service or website, and it requires contacting customer support.

  1. Log into your Roku account.
  2. Go to Settings and find your Roku under Devices.
  3. Find your serial number at the bottom of the page and have it ready when you contact customer support.
  4. The agent will use the serial number to locate your IP address and provide you with the information needed for further steps.

The process is fairly straightforward, but paying attention to the steps is still important so you can successfully locate your IP address without any complications.

Roku IP address FAQ


How do I add devices to my Roku App?

If your Roku App doesn't automatically detect your Roku device, manually adding devices is easy:

  1. Launch the app and tap Devices.
  2. Tap Get Help? and then Connect Manually.
  3. Enter the IP address and tap Connect.


How do I connect Roku to Wi-Fi without a remote?

Follow these steps to connect your Roku device to Wi-Fi without the use of a remote:

  1. Ensure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, as this method won't work otherwise.
  2. Download and open the Roku app on your phone.
  3. Tap Devices at the bottom of the home screen and select your Roku device from the list of available options.
  4. Select the "Use phone as remote" option located at the bottom of the screen.
  5. On Roku, go to Settings and select Network from the menu.
  6. Hit Set Up Connection and choose Wireless as your network type.
  7. Finally, connect to your desired wireless network and enter the Wi-Fi password if required.

You are now connected!


Can I use a VPN with Roku?

You can use a VPN with your Roku device if install one on your router or use an intermediary device like a laptop. We recommend checking out NordVPN, Surfshark, or ExpressVPN, since these three can be installed on a router and offer excellent features.

Bottom line

The simplest way for most to find their Roku IP Address is to utilize the Roku app or their remote, as it provides quick and easy access. If you need more detailed instructions on finding your Roku's IP address, many helpful resources are available online.

P.S. If you're looking for a way to change your Roku's IP address so you can stream TV shows from another country, check out the best VPNs for streaming.

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