Kate Quinlan

Kate Quinlan
About Kate

Kate is an Editor at All About Cookies. She has 8+ years of digital publishing experience as a content manager, developmental editor, and curriculum writer. She leverages specializations in EdTech and educational publishing to create impactful, well-researched content that aids learners of all ages.

With a degree in professional writing, Kate got her start overseeing communications and web management for community-based nonprofits. Accustomed to wearing many hats, she has helped independent authors, educational magazines, small businesses, and startups to craft meaningful content for print and digital media.

When not at her computer, Kate and her husband strive to adopt sustainable living practices. She loves to learn about and build homesteading skills (organic gardening and food preservation), experiment with vegan cooking (replacing mac and cheese is impossible), and dote on their two pups (Riley and Olive), big black cat (Gizmo), and pet snake (Snakey).

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