Discord Account Hacked: Here’s What To Do Now

Discord is a popular platform for people of all ages, which can make it a prime target for hackers. We’ll discuss the signs to look for and what to do if you suspect your account has been breached.
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Using the best antivirus software helps keep your data secure, but there are still risks. If you think your Discord account was hacked, you should act fast to avoid issues. Contact Discord support and let your friends know what has happened. There are other steps you should take immediately, and we cover them all below.

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How to know if your account is hacked

Discord brings many people together, whether you want to discuss your favorite books, online games, or simply chat with friends. Unfortunately, anything that becomes popular tends to be a target-rich environment for cybercriminals. 

You may notice odd events, like account activity you don’t recognize, random server notifications, and strange friend requests. There may be transactions from your bank account that you did not make or unexplained one-time codes for account access. 

If any of these have happened, take the following steps to secure your account.

Contact your bank

Many Discord users have their bank accounts linked for subscription preferences or other reasons. If this is the case, contact your bank to let them know your Discord account has been hacked. They can block future transactions on Discord.

Change your password

Change your password immediately to stop the hacker from having access to your account. This can be done through your desktop or mobile app. If you’re using the desktop client, go to Settings to make the changes. When using the mobile app, you can change your password under your Account tab.

Log out from all devices

Find a list of all connected devices in your Settings. Choose Log out of all known devices, which logs the hacker out of associated devices.

Use antivirus software

We recommend using an antivirus program to protect your data. Advanced software products offer a load of features, including password managers, credit monitoring, and ad blockers, but there are even free antivirus products. The best free antivirus software will scan your device for suspicious files and threats and can also remove viruses from your machine.

Choose software based on your needs. If you require parental controls to help keep track of your child’s online activity, try McAfee to stay in the loop. TotalAV offers advanced protection and a secure VPN to guard your internet traffic, making it an ideal choice for frequent travelers.

Contact Discord

If your account has been hacked, you should contact Discord support. Sending a ticket to support notifies them of the situation. Hackers can lock you out of the account or wipe it clean of all data. Support can help restore it to the original settings.

Warn your friends

Let your Discord friends know. They should be warned that they could receive odd messages that appear to be from you. These could include malicious links that they don’t need to click and attachments they shouldn’t download.

Protect your account

You can implement some strategies to protect your account in the future. Some of the recommended steps to take include using two-factor authentication; creating strong passwords that contain a combination of characters, numbers, and symbols; and not opening attachments or links from people you don’t know. Even if you use a mobile device, consider installing a good antivirus. 

You can choose the best antivirus for Android or the best antivirus for iPhone for an extra layer of security protection. You can also use a secure VPN to keep your internet browsing private.

Best VPNs to use

If you aren’t sure where to start regarding secure VPNs, we have suggestions.

Hacked Discord account FAQs


Can you recover a hacked Discord account?

You can recover a hacked Discord account. Act quickly to mitigate the damage, warn friends, and notify your bank and Discord support. Changing your password to something more complex than it was previously could help prevent future issues.


How long does it take Discord to respond to a hacked account?

According to the Discord support community, it may take a couple of weeks or longer for Discord to respond to a hacked account. We still recommend notifying support immediately, but warning your friends and changing your password will help secure your account.


Can your phone get hacked through Discord?

Since Discord is a social app, it can be a source for malware. Malicious links can be shared with others who may not have a Discord account.

Bottom line

Discord can be a fun social media platform to use for many people. Unfortunately, it can also be vulnerable to hacking. If you notice unusual account activity, strange messages, friend requests from people you don’t know, or unexpected one-time codes, your Discord account may have been hacked.

Change your password and log out of all devices. Acting quickly by notifying your bank, informing your friends and Discord support, changing your password, and using the best antivirus software can help get your account back from hackers and offer more protection in the future.

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