A Complete Guide on Getting Rid of Twitch Ads

With this guide, you will learn how to successfully remove or block ads from Twitch.
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Powered by Amazon, Twitch is an interactive gaming platform that allows gamers to view and stream their online gaming for others to see. The platform hosts upwards of over two million users per week.[1]

The majority of the content on Twitch focuses on online video gaming and esports-related competitions. However, as the streaming platform has increased in popularity, there are a growing number of Twitch streamers who also share live music, DIY, creative, and lifestyle types of content.

This increase in Twitch’s popularity has also increased the opportunity for Amazon to generate revenue thanks to advertising. Although ads help generate revenue for the platform to be primarily free for users, it can be daunting to be inundated with ads constantly. Continue reading to learn how to reduce and remove the ads you see on Twitch through the platform itself and by using a VPN.

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What types of ads are on Twitch?

Before diving into how to block Twitch ads, it’s important for users to understand the reasoning behind the ads on the platform and the types they can expect to see.

Given that Twitch provides its users with a sense of community and real-time interactions, it can also provide more content creation visibility. With this greater visibility, the content surrounding many of the ads is more directly focused on the platform users. Below are some of the ad types you may see on Twitch.

Homepage heading slider

When users navigate to the main landing or homepage of Twitch, there is often a heading slider at the top of the page that acts as an ad carousel for viewers. This slider will often host multiple ad placements so that website visitors can browse through the content.

Sidebar scroller

Within the site's sidebar or web text, there is a website animation-supported ad scrolling format. These ads appear while visitors scroll through the web content on the Twitch browsing page. Often this ad format only supports graphics and animated images, not video ad content.

Streaming displays

Twitch offers an ad feature for creators called streaming displays or stream display ads (SDAs). These are 10-second display advertisements that are shown on user streaming channels. These ads allow viewers to still see and hear the gaming streams while they are displayed.

Video-embedded pop-ups

Twitch began implementing video-embedded pop-up ads in 2022 that are similar to SDAs. These ads are specific for in-application streaming and are said to be a less intrusive form of advertising for the platform. They are designed to pop up randomly during streaming and require a timed display.

5 third-party ways to block ads on Twitch

Suppose you are a fan of watching and participating in Twitch streams and want to avoid ads without paying for an ad-free subscription. In that case, there are several options available that you can explore successfully.

You can use ad blockers manually by applying browser-level options and third-party extensions that will block all web browser ads, including those on Twitch. You can also use or purchase third-party software for more specific ad blocking. Here are four ways you can either manually or with the use of a third-party application to block ads on Twitch successfully.

There is currently no written policy with Twitch regarding using manual or third-party ad blockers. However, the platform has stated that ad blockers can potentially demonetize platform content creators.

1. Install an ad-block extension

One method to block ads on Twitch automatically is by using an ad-blocker browser extension. The purpose of an ad-blocker extension is that users download it directly to block within the specific web browser they use, regardless of the websites they may navigate to.

With Google Chrome, users can select the puzzle piece icon in their browser to search and add an ad-blocking extension from the Google Play Store. By doing this, the browser will block all ads on all websites, including Twitch. The process is identical for Android devices.

The process to block ads on Firefox is similar, but users must look for an ad blocker with the AddOnsStore. For Apple iOS or macOS, utilize Apple’s App Store to research and download applications or website ad-blocker extensions.

Regardless of your operating system, most users will have countless ad-blocker extensions to choose from. The three options we recommend are Total Adblock, NordVPN, and PrivadoVPN.

  • Total Adblock: Total Adblock is a free and easy solution to annoying ads. The browser extension blocks ads, pop-up ads, videos, and trackers. However, if you want unlimited ad blocking, you should opt for the paid plan. Total Adblock's paid plan also blocks browser notifications and includes antivirus protection.

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  • NordVPN: NordVPN is a popular, highly-rated VPN service that also includes ad blocking. Threat Protection prevents third-party tracking and blocks pop-ups, ads, and banners. NordVPN offers a mobile app, desktop app, and desktop extension.

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  • PrivadoVPN: Privado is another excellent VPN option, with an included ad blocker. Through its Control Tower, you can choose to block ads, malware, and third-party tracking cookies. For added comfort, Privado includes customizable parental control features.

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2. Use a VPN

VPNs can be a useful way to block ads on website browsers and applications without purchasing ad-blocker software. VPNs do not block ads by default like a browser extension, but they do protect your location and device privacy from being tracked by third-party ad domains. Users can also utilize a VPN IP address that is based in a country with restrictions on ad-related content such as Poland or Romania.

Because the VPN blocks the trackers, it prevents ad domains from collecting data about you. If you want to guarantee that the VPN can block this information from being accessed by an ad domain, you can utilize options such as NordVPN with installed ad-blocker software included.

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3. Download an ad-block browser

There are specific browsers that have built-in ad-blocking software. Ad-blocking browsers, such as Brave or Opera, provide website visitors with a fast, private, and secure web browser for PC, Mac, Android, and iPhone.

4. Get Twitch.tv as an Amazon Prime subscriber

Gamers who subscribe to Amazon Prime through the Prime Gaming website will also receive a free subscription to Twitch.tv. It allows users with Amazon Prime to access Twitch for an all-in-one fee.

5. Consider Twitch alternatives

For entirely blocking ads while streaming or watching gaming, a few options are still available. One option that gamers have available for ad-free Twitch alternatives is Discord. Discord allows users to connect, join server communities, chat with other gamers, and livestream or watch gameplay ad-free.

In addition to Discord, viewers can watch Twitch streams ad-free through a website called Multistre.am. The benefit of using Multistre.am is that it blocks ads and allows you to view several Twitch livestreams simultaneously.

2 ways to remove ads provided by Twitch

On the Twitch platform, users do not have the option to remove adverts for free. However, there are some paid options that regular Twitch account users can purchase to remove the ads. Listed below are two options that individuals can utilize as Twitch ad blockers.

1. Subscribe to Twitch channels

When people pay to subscribe to individual Twitch channels, this can remove ads for that channel. Additionally, when users purchase a subscription to a specific Twitch partner or affiliate channel, the platform pays the creators a share more directly based on their subscriber fee. This allows creators to monetize their content on more than just ad revenue and affiliate partnership opportunities.

2. Purchase Twitch Turbo

Website visitors have the option to purchase a monthly subscription called Twitch Turbo. Twitch Turbo is a monthly subscription program explicitly offered to users of Twitch.tv. This paid service allows users to watch livestreams with the benefit of ad-free viewing across Twitch. This paid option ensures users do not see pre-roll ads, mid-rolls, companions, and display advertising.

Twitch ads FAQs


Why am I getting so many ads on Twitch?

Twitch has a large following of daily users in which the website provides free and paid livestream viewing for gamers. According to TwitchTracker, there has been an average of over two million viewers as recently as 2022. On its site, Twitch states that ads support the platform creators and allow the company to offer free viewing opportunities.


Can you watch Twitch without ads?

Yes, it is possible to watch Twitch livestreams without ads. We recommend using VPNs, ad blockers, or direct ad-blocking website browsers to watch for free without ads.

Users can also pay to better guarantee little or no ads by purchasing subscriptions to specific channels or signing up for a monthly subscription, such as Twitch Turbo.


How do I block ads on the Twitch mobile app?

As stated by the ad-blocker website and resource AdGuard, there is currently no free or guaranteed option to block all mobile ads on the Twitch app. The only guarantee of minimizing the number of ads or eliminating them altogether is by purchasing a subscription.

Bottom line

Twitch is a great streaming service that allows gamers and other content creators to share with each other in real-time. Twitch provides this service for millions of users for free. It may seem challenging, but there are avenues for users to avoid being bombarded by ads on the website.

However, many of the free options cannot guarantee to remove or block all ads successfully. Although there are many free options available, the most successful avenue to block ads is to subscribe and support your favorite streamers directly.

Other platforms also see many users attempting to remove or block annoying ads directly. One such streaming and video website is YouTube. To learn more about blocking YouTube ads, we recommend reading our article on how to block ads on YouTube.

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