How to Change Your Privacy Settings Online

Learn how to control what private information is shared online by changing your browser settings.

Have you ever wondered how to manage which websites cookies are installed on your browser? 

Older versions of the most popular browsers on the market used to rely on annoying popup alerts. More recent browser technology enables users to set their privacy preferences once and the browser matches the users privacy preferences with the websites differing privacy policies.

This function can save you from typing all of your personal information everytime you visit the same website, if cookies are available you will usually have a drop down menu that appears as you are typing your information in.

Usually this drop-down menu will offer information that you may have typed in before, and you can choose to select it, saving you the hassle of manually entering in your information again.

It can also assist you by remembering passwords, payment options, and other information that can be difficult to access or remember.

Cookies were invented back in 1994 and used to be called magic cookies. Internet browsers started being created with cookie technology, but most consumers were not aware of that or the implications that went with it.

In 1996 however, a prominent financial magazine brought cookies to the attention of the public and as a result the FTC held hearings in 1996 and 1997 regarding privacy issues and confidentiality concerns that had previously been ignored.