How To Manage or Remove Cookies in Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer

Learn how to manage, disable, and clear cookies on the Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11 browsers.

If you're using Internet Explorer (IE) 11 or an older version, you should upgrade to Microsoft Edge now for better safety.

How to delete existing cookies in Microsoft Edge

  1. On the Start screen, tap or click Microsoft Edge to open the browser.
  2. Click the three dots in the top right-hand corner of the browser window to open the Settings menu.

  3. In the Settings menu, choose Cookies and site permissions.

  4. Once there, click on Manage and delete cookies and site data.

  5. Look for the Cookies and site data section, then click See all cookies and site data.

  6. This pulls up a list of all the websites with stored cookies. Click the Remove all button at the top of the window.

  7. Microsoft Edge will prompt you to confirm you want to clear all cookies. Click Clear.

Your Microsoft Edge browser should now be cookie free.

How to disable cookies in Internet Explorer 11

1. On the Windows Start screen, tap or click Internet Explorer to open the browser.

2. On the bottom, right-click the wrench icon and select View on the desktop.

3. On the top right, click the cogwheel icon.

4. Choose Internet options from the drop-down menu.

5. Click the Privacy tab.

6. Move the slider to High.

How to clear cookies in Internet Explorer 11

1. On the Start screen, tap or click Internet Explorer to open the browser window.

2. Move your cursor to the top right corner to open the side menu, then click on the Settings cogwheel at the bottom.

3. In the Settings menu, click on Options.

4. Then click on the Select button under the History section.

5. In the History window, select the check box beside Cookies.

6. Then click Delete to clear your cookies.