Intego Antivirus Review 2024: A Top-Rated Mac Antivirus

If you’re a Mac user and want an antivirus tailored specifically to macOS, you should check out Intego antivirus.
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Intego Antivirus
  • A well-rounded Mac antivirus with lots to offer
  • Superior anti-malware testing scores
  • Comprehensive parental controls
  • No anti-fraud, anti-phishing, or anti-spam
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With a 4.8/5 Trustpilot rating, Intego antivirus is a top choice for Mac users. With features like scanning, parental controls, backup, optimization, a firewall, and an optional add-on VPN sold separately, it offers solid protection, but it comes at a higher price. This price may not be justified for some users, considering it lacks anti-fraud, anti-phishing, and anti-spam features routinely found in other competitors.

good antivirus is necessary to protect yourself from computer viruses and cybercrime, but is Intego good enough? We'll delve into the details to help you decide if Intego antivirus is the right choice for you.

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Bottom line: Is Intego good?

Intego antivirus review at a glance

Price $39.99/yr–$89.99/yr
Free plan Yes, but only for VirusScanner. The rest are 14-day free trials.
# of devices protected 1, 3, and 5 Macs
Malware scans Manual and scheduled
Firewall Yes
Phishing protection Yes
Parental controls Yes
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Who is Intego best for?

  • Intego is recommended primarily for Mac users and their families, especially those needing parental controls.

Intego's parental controls cater specifically to Mac users and their families, making it an ideal choice for this target audience. These controls empower parents to safeguard their children's online experiences while allowing customized, age-appropriate access to the internet.

Intego's ContentBarrier allows parents to block undesirable content, indvidualize user profiles, monitor online chats, and set time limits.

Intego ContentBarrier is conveniently included with Intego's Mac Premium bundles, making it a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for Mac users and families seeking effective parental controls. The investment starts at $39.99/yr, up to $89.99/yr, for a first-year subscription and goes up from there for 2-year subscriptions.

Intego pros and cons

  • Excellent macOS coverage
  • Superior anti-malware testing scores
  • Comprehensive parental controls
  • Personal firewall
  • Compatible with macOS only
  • Pricey
  • No anti-fraud, anti-phishing, or anti-spam
  • VPN sold separately

Intego features

Intego is respected and efficient, but has pros and cons like any other antivirus. Below is a quick rundown of what this antivirus has to offer.

Where we feel Intego does well:

  • Excellent testing scores on anti-malware capability
  • Both manual and scheduled malware scans
  • User-friendly NetBarrier Firewall with incoming and outgoing protection
  • Parental controls for content filtering and chat monitoring
  • Personal backup for your important files
  • A super device optimizer just for Mac, called Mac Washing Machine

Where we feel Intego falls short:

  • No real-time scanning unless you upgrade to higher packages
  • No dedicated anti-phishing feature
  • Inability to integrate with email services for anti-spam protection
  • VirusBarrier Scanner requires manual initiation for malware scans
  • No anti-fraud functionality

Let’s dive deeper into each feature.

Malware and antivirus scan

VirusBarrier is Intego's malware removal tool. You can get it for free or included in any of Intego's paid packages. Think of it as your Mac's personal health checkup tool. It scans your Mac for viruses and malware, and it offers several features.

Screenshot of VirusBarrier Intego scan.

Here's what it can do:

  • Manual scans: You can do a scan whenever you want. Just hit the "Start Scan" button, and it'll check all the files you can access on your Mac.
  • Drag and drop scanning: If you're unsure about a file's safety, just drag and drop it onto VirusBarrier Scanner, and it'll scan it for you. If it finds anything fishy, it'll let you know.
  • File menu scanning: You can launch scans from the File menu. Choose "Scan" to select what you want to scan. These scans work the same as manual ones.
  • Scheduled daily scans: VirusBarrier Scanner can automatically scan your Mac at specific times. You can choose between "Maximum Protection" or "Essential Protection” or turn it off completely.
  • Quarantine: If VirusBarrier Scanner finds any bad files, it puts them in a special Quarantine zone. They can't harm your Mac there. You can choose to "Restore & Repair," "Delete," or just leave them in Quarantine.
  • Updating malware definitions: It checks for updates to stay up to date with the latest threats.
  • Scan preferences: You can tweak how VirusBarrier Scanner works in the Preferences.
  • Trusted files: If you have files, folders, or volumes you know are safe, add them to a "Trusted Files" list. VirusBarrier Scanner won't scan them again, saving you time.
  • Uninstall: If you upgrade to VirusBarrier X9, you should uninstall VirusBarrier Scanner. Just move it to the Trash.

VirusBarrier Scanner is compatible with Macs running OS 10.12 or higher. We had zero issues running this during our testing and recommend it to Mac users. Just remember that VirusBarrier Scanner can't scan files in real time, meaning you need to initiate the scan manually or set up scheduled scans. You’ll need to upgrade to Mac Internet Security X9 if you want real-time protection.

Screenshot of VirusBarrier Intego scan.

Phishing protection

What we found interesting is Intego’s claims to offer anti-phishing, but when we cross-checked this with their customer support, we confirmed that Intego doesn't have a dedicated anti-phishing feature. According to customer service, Intego does block harmful files from phishing attempts. It also lacks anti-spam protection, because it has no direct integration with email services.

NetBarrier Firewall

NetBarrier is what Intego calls its firewall. NetBarrier is like having two shields for your Mac: one that guards against threats trying to get in and another that keeps an eye on what your apps are doing online.

Here's how it works:

  • Incoming Protection: This acts like a wall, blocking threats like malware, spyware, adware, and ransomware from outside your Mac.
  • Outgoing Protection: This is like a watchful guardian for your apps. It pays attention to what your apps are doing online. If any app tries to send or receive information that looks fishy, NetBarrier steps in and asks you what to do.

NetBarrier has a few customization options that allow you to set which apps can talk to the internet and what they can say. You can also stop specific apps from connecting to the internet entirely. Plus, NetBarrier has real-time popups that let you know whenever an app is trying to make a network connection.

NetBarrier is included in all of Intego’s Mac bundles. It's compatible with Macs running OS 10.12 or higher. Setting it up is pretty straightforward, too, which is a plus.

Screenshot of setting up NetBarrier in Intego.

ContentBarrier parental controls

Intego’s ContentBarrier does a lot to help parents keep their kids safe online. It helps block inappropriate websites, monitor chats for predators, and more.

Here's how it works:

  • It blocks certain websites and words to prevent kids from accessing content you don’t want them to.
  • It offers profile customizations so every family member can have personalized rules.
  • It monitors chats and emails you if it finds unsafe content.
  • It records what websites your family goes to, what they chat about, and what they type.
  • It controls which apps can use the internet.
  • It blocks spam, illicit emails, game violence, streaming, and sharing files.
  • It can watch and keep a record without blocking anything.
  • It emails activity reports of what was blocked.

One thing to know is that Intego doesn’t offer anti-fraud features. If you want anti-fraud protection, look for another tool to go along with this one.

Screenshot of ContentBarrier in Intego.

Bonus features

Intego offers a few more features we don’t see from every antivirus software.

Mac Washing Machine

Mac Washing Machine is a digital cleaner for your Mac computer. It scans your computer for unnecessary files, like old items and duplicates, and removes them. This helps your Mac run faster and creates more space for your most important files. It also helps you quickly organize your desktop and files to find what you need. To use Mac Washing Machine, you need a Mac computer with macOS 10.12 or higher.

Screenshot of Washing Machine in Intego.

Personal Backup

Intego Personal Backup is your Mac's data protector. It creates copies of your important files and system data on external devices like hard drives, USB drives, or even network storage. You can also synchronize data between two Macs or back up your Mac's operating system. Restoring files is just as easy as backing them up. You can set up simple backups with a few clicks or use advanced options for more complex tasks, all while ensuring your data stays safe. It works on Macs with macOS 10.12 or higher.

Screenshot of Personal Backup in Intego.

Intego Privacy Protection VPN (Only with Premium Bundle X9)

Without a virtual private network (VPN), your internet service provider (ISP) can monitor your online activity. Intego Privacy Protection is a VPN that hides your IP address, ensuring online privacy, especially on public Wi-Fi or when accessing geo-restricted content. You can enjoy fast and secure browsing on a vast network of 35,000+ servers in 83 countries. This VPN is compatible with macOS High Sierra (10.13) or later and Windows 8.1 or 10 (32 or 64 bit). Note that it only comes included in the Premium Bundle X9.

Intego test results

We evaluate antivirus software using a method called EICAR (European Institute for Computer Antivirus Research). EICAR provides us with specific files and tools designed to test how effective antivirus software is at protecting your computer. It's a simulated test to ensure the software keeps your computer safe from potential threats.

Intego passed two out of three EICAR tests. It only failed the phishing test because it doesn’t offer phishing protection, therefore it couldn’t be tested.

Intego EICAR test results

Test Intego score
Malware detection Pass
Potentially unwanted apps (PUAs) detection Pass
Phishing detection Fail (not a feature)

Test results as of 09/27/23

Intego third-party test results

We also checked AV-TEST, a respected site from Germany that tests antivirus. On macOS Ventura 13.4, Intego did well, but it didn’t get a perfect score.

AV-TEST didn't mention any false positives, which is a good sign. False positives happen when an antivirus thinks something is harmful when it's not, which can be quite annoying. Overall, it's a solid performer, according to AV-TEST.

Intego AV-TEST results

Test type macOS Ventura 13.4 score
Protection 5.5 / 6.0
Performance 5.0 / 6.0
Usability 6.0 / 6.0

Test results as of June 2023.

Our Intego experience

We tested Intego antivirus on a 2018 MacBook Pro running macOS Ventura 13.5.1. Quick and full scans with VirusBarrier were efficient, with the quick scan taking less than a minute to examine 59,505 files, while the full scan took around 10 minutes and checked 513,297 files. Both flagged four suspicious files. The scans didn't cause any slowdowns either.

The Washing Machine feature worked quickly, but we didn't notice significant performance improvements on our already optimized Mac. It's user friendly, but the need to download separate product parts as free trials was a minor inconvenience.

Screenshot of Intego scanning files for infected files.

Screenshot of Intego scanning files for infected files.

Screenshot of Washing Machine in Intego confirming deleting items.

Intego compatibility

While Intego is known for its macOS suite, it is compatible with other devices. Here's a breakdown of the devices and platforms on which Intego works:

  • Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11.
  • Compatible with any officially supported Mac running macOS Sierra (10.12) or later, including macOS Ventura (13.x).
  • Browser independent; works with all web browsers, including Apple's Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, and others.

Intego’s VirusBarrier Scanner app is available for Mac users. Notably, you can’t get an Intego app for your iOS devices. But VirusBarrier can perform a limited scan of your iPhone or iPad when it’s connected to your Mac.

Intego customer support

We found Integto’s customer support to be less than average compared to most other antivirus providers. It offers live chat, but it isn't 24/7. Intego doesn’t offer phone or direct email support, but you can submit a ticket through the website, and their customer support will get back to you. It has a robust knowledge base.

Intego cost

Intego provides three subscription plans for its Mac antivirus software: Mac Internet Security X9, Mac Premium Bundle X9, and Mac Premium Bundle + VPN, starting at $39.99/yr, $69.99/yr, and $89.99/yr for the first year, respectively. While it's pricier than some alternatives, Intego offers more than just antivirus, including a firewall, parental controls, and content filters, making it a valuable choice for families and those seeking robust security.

Intego offers a simple Windows option that is compatible with Windows 7 and above, with prices for one to five PCs ranging from $39.99/yr to $69.99/yr for the first year.

Intego plans and prices

Mac Internet Security X9 Mac Premium Bundle X9 Mac Premium Bundle + VPN
Price for 1 year Starts at $39.99/yr Starts at $69.99/yr Starts at $89.99/yr
Price for 2 years Starts at $74.99/two yrs Starts at $129.99/two yrs Starts at $149.99/two yrs
# devices supported Up to 1, 3, and 5 Macs Up to 1, 3, and 5 Macs Up to 1, 3, and 5 Macs
Compatible with macOS Sierra (10.12) or later, including macOS Ventura (13.x). macOS Sierra (10.12) or later, including macOS Ventura (13.x). macOS Sierra (10.12) or later, including macOS Ventura (13.x).
Manual and auto scan
Real-time protection
Phishing protection
Ransomware protection
Parental controls
Performance optimization tools
Cloud backup
Details View Plan View Plan View Plan

Each plan offers a free 14-day trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Intego alternatives

Interested in what else is out there? Check out these three options, tried and tested by yours truly.

  • Norton 360: Norton supports Windows 7 and up, Android, macOS, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. Its customer service includes a Help Center, social media, chatbots, and 24/7 phone help. Pricing for the Norton AntiVirus plan starts at $29.99/first yr per year for one device. Our MacBook Air test with Norton 360 on Big Sur 11.3 went smoothly, with quick scans and no malware found, though the results display could improve.

    Get Norton | Read Norton Review
  • Avast: Avast offers free antivirus for macOS, PC, Android, and iOS, with paid plans starting at $35.88/first yr a year. It provides ransomware and phishing protection but lacks parental controls, anti-fraud protection, or a password manager. Avast is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, featuring a Windows firewall, Stay Safe Virus Guarantee, remote help, Wi-Fi alerts, and a secure browser. Testing on a MacBook Air with Big Sur 11.3 revealed an easy installation and a smooth performance.

    Get Avast | Read Avast Review
  • CleanMyMac X: CleanMyMac X is a direct alternative to Intego for macOS users, featuring malware removal, optimization, and cleaning tools. It is more affordable at $34.95/yr for a single Mac, with a free trial available for one week. Customer support is accessible via the MacPaw website, offering a knowledge base and 24/7 live chat. CleanMyMac X enhances device speed without causing lag, provides quick scans, and boasts an intuitive interface.

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Intego FAQs


Will Intego slow down my Mac?

Intego shouldn’t slow down your Mac due to its design for updated Mac versions. If your Mac is slow, it may likely be due to other reasons outside of Intego, like your hardware or other software.


Does Intego sell your data?

No, it does not! Intego has a strict company policy to not rent or sell your information.


Does Intego protect against ransomware?

Yes, all versions of Intego offer protection against ransomware.


Is Intego good for iPhone?

VirusBarrier X9 is exclusively for Mac computers and cannot be installed on iOS devices like iPhones or iPads. To scan iOS devices for viruses, you must connect them to a Mac with VirusBarrier X9 installed. There are no limitations on the number of iOS devices you can scan, regardless of your software license.

Bottom line: Is Intego good?

Intego antivirus is a good choice for Mac users, offering strong protection and comprehensive parental controls. However, it comes at a higher price point, and lacks anti-fraud, anti-phishing, and anti-spam features. It has a VPN, but it’s included only in the priciest bundle. If you are a PC user, Intego does have one Windows offering, but it’s not as robust as its macOS offering. If you primarily use a Mac, Intego is worth considering, but those needing cross-platform coverage or more protection may want to explore other solutions.

Interested in checking out more options? Read our guide on the best antivirus software.

Editorial Rating
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Antivirus Software
Intego Antivirus
  • A well-rounded Mac antivirus with lots to offer
  • Superior anti-malware testing scores
  • Comprehensive parental controls
  • No anti-fraud, anti-phishing, or anti-spam
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