iTop VPN Review 2024: A Not-So Basic Freemium VPN

iTop VPN offers secure protection at an affordable price, and its no-logs policy sets it apart from other free VPNs. But like other freebies, iTop doesn’t offer unrestricted access to streaming services.
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iTop VPN
  • Affordable pricing and a free plan option
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • Free plan doesn't unblock streaming services
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Need a simple, user-friendly VPN? Check out iTop VPN. We tested it and concluded it has the basic privacy protection features you need and a no-logs policy. Plus, it’s affordable, and easy to use for beginners. If you just want a secure free VPN and don’t care about its lack of streaming capabilities, or you’re looking for a cost-efficient premium plan with the bells and whistles, then consider looking into iTop VPN.

Want to know more? In this iTop VPN review, we’ll uncover its features, pricing, and Netflix streaming capabilities in depth. Let's go.

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Bottom line: Is iTop VPN good?

iTop VPN review at a glance

Price $3.99-$11.99/mo
Free version Yes
Max # of connected devices 5
# of servers 1,800+
VPN protocol TCP, UDP, HTTPS
Encryption AES-256
No-logs policy No logs
Headquarters Hong Kong, China
Netflix access No
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Who is iTop VPN best for?

  • Recommended for those seeking an affordable VPN that prioritizes security.

iTop VPN boasts a user-friendly interface with security features and a no-logs policy that shows its commitment to user privacy. It is easy to navigate, offers server locations from around the world, and is ideal for beginners and anyone on a budget. While there is a free version, the lack of certain streaming capabilities might deter binge-watchers. However, the pricing is competitive for long-term plans, and iTop VPN offers dedicated servers for streaming with the premium plans.

iTop VPN pros and cons

  • Offers free VPN and affordable premium plans
  • Robust security features
  • Transparent pricing
  • User-friendly interface
  • Free plan doesn’t stream Netflix
  • Doesn’t offer WireGuard, OpenVPN, IPSec, or IKEv2 protocols

iTop VPN features

Although iTop VPN doesn’t offer top-notch VPN protocols like OpenVPN, WireGuard, or IKEv2, it has a server network of 1,800 servers in 40 countries and offers robust security features. However, a notable drawback to the free plan is its inability to stream Netflix. We rigorously tested its servers across multiple regions, including the U.S., U.K., Australia, and Canada, and unfortunately, none provided access. But if streaming capabilities are not a concern and you’re on a budget, then iTop VPN is worth considering with its free basic protection features. iTop VPN also offers affordable premium plans that do support streaming access.

Server count and countries

  • 1,800+ servers in 40 countries

iTop VPN boasts an extensive network of over 1,800 servers spread out over 40 different countries. Such a widespread server distribution is commendable and places iTop VPN among the higher-tier VPNs in terms of server count and geographical diversity. A large server count ensures that users experience less congestion and can achieve faster speeds. The variety of countries, on the other hand, provides users with a broader spectrum of location options to bypass geo-restrictions, making it invaluable for those keen on accessing content from different parts of the world.

No-logs policy and headquarters

  • iTop VPN logs policy: No logs
  • iTop VPN headquarters: Hong Kong, China

It's evident that user privacy is a cornerstone of the iTop VPN service. Operating out of Hong Kong, iTop VPN boasts a strict no-logs policy. In simple terms, this means they don't record your browsing activities, ensuring your IP address and online footprints stay hidden. Where a VPN service's headquarters is located can impact how user data is treated, especially in response to legal requests. Hong Kong's changing political landscape makes it essential for users to stay updated on potential implications for online privacy.

Security features

Is iTop VPN safe? You bet. iTop VPN's suite of security features ensures a private and secure browsing experience. The service integrates a kill switch, essential for preventing sudden data leaks if the VPN connection drops. When it comes to VPN protocols, iTop VPN supports TCP, UDP, and HTTPS. For seamless operation, letting the app auto-select the protocol is usually the best course of action.

Plus, there's the split tunneling feature, allowing users to customize which apps use the VPN. Keep in mind, though, that only the premium paid plans (not the free version) offer the split tunneling feature.

  • Encryption: iTop VPN offers AES-256 and Salsa20 (ChaCha20) 256-encryption. These levels of encryption ensure your data is protected and safe from prying eyes.
  • Split tunneling: This feature lets you decide which apps or sites use the VPN and which access the internet directly. For a more customized experience, check the Advanced Settings or Features tab in the iTop VPN app.
  • Kill switch: An essential safeguard, the kill switch disconnects your device from the internet if the VPN connection drops, ensuring your privacy remains intact. Activate it under the Security or Connection sections.
  • VPN protocols: iTop VPN offers protocols like TCP, UDP, and HTTPS. If you're unsure about your choice, let the app auto-select for optimal performance. Manual selection is available for those with specific preferences.

iTop VPN also includes static or dynamic IP addresses, secure torrent downloading, and VIP servers for gaming, streaming, and social media. Also offered are features to block malware, adware, and trackers.

Our experience with iTop VPN

Our experience with iTop VPN was straightforward. The VPN app was effortlessly installed on a Mac device running macOS 13, based in Los Angeles, California. Once opened, the dashboard was a breeze to navigate. The left-hand panel presented a clear list of server options, including categories like "For Streaming," "For Social," "For Gaming," "All Servers," and more.

We also liked that iTop VPN incorporates a free IP address checker right within its interface.

And its Smart Location feature, which you can connect to from the Home dashboard, lets you intelligently connect to the most optimal server based on your location, ensuring seamless connectivity.

However, the app wasn’t without its shortcomings. The most notable was the sluggish server speeds, which is a potential deal breaker for those seeking high-speed connections.

iTop VPN test results

In our iTop VPN review, our primary goal was to evaluate its performance on various fronts. We're aware of the diverse reasons why you should use a VPN, from maintaining anonymity to accessing geo-restricted content, which underscores the importance of a thorough evaluation. So we put iTop VPN to the test.

Speed tests

  • iTop VPN speed test results: Failed

We found iTop VPN's speed to be a mixed bag. The speed tests were conducted on with a Mac device based in the U.S., keeping in line with its compatibility with Mac devices. Before activating the VPN, our baseline internet speeds were impressive, with a download speed of 333.43 Mbps, an upload speed of 18 Mbps, and a latency of 16 ms.

Unfortunately, when we connected to iTop VPN and selected various server locations in the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Australia, there was a significant drop in connection speeds. This was more prevalent in the U.S. to U.S. and U.S. to A.U. tests.

Our baseline speed before connecting to a VPN:

A screenshot of speed without iTop VPN

U.S. to U.S. server speed:

A screenshot of speed test with iTop VPN server in Los Angeles

U.S. to E.U. server speed:

A screenshot of speed test with iTop VPN server in the United Kingdom

U.S. to A.U. server speed:

A screenshot of speed test with iTop VPN server in Australia

However, keep in mind that the premium plans boast speeds 10x faster than the free plan.

iTop VPN speed test results

Test type No VPN US to US US to EU US to AU
Download speed 333.43 Mbps 27.18 Mbps 40.30 Mbps 27.71 Mbps
Upload speed 18 Mbps 19.37 Mbps 18.19 Mbps 7.49 Mbps
Latency (ping) 16 ms 122 ms 363 ms 519 ms
Download speed % difference N/A -91.85% -87.91% -91.69%
Upload speed % difference N/A 7.61% 1.05% -58.39%
Latency % difference N/A 662.5% 2168.75% 3143.75%
Test results as of 10/15/2023.

iTop VPN Netflix tests

  • iTop VPN Netflix test results: Failed

We also tested iTop VPN’s free servers to discover if we could watch Netflix with iTop VPN, but to our dismay, we were unable to access any of Netflix’s libraries in the U.S., Europe, or Australia. Normally VPNs that can’t access Netflix from other server regions around the world can still unlock Netflix’s U.S. libraries, but this wasn’t the case with iTop VPN. We were constantly met with an “incorrect password” error each time we tried to log in with the correct username and password, indicating that Netflix blocked us. We were able to access Netflix when we disconnected from iTop VPN.

However, It’s not uncommon for free VPNs to lack bells and whistles like unblocking Netflix. You can upgrade from the free plan to access iTop VPN’s VIP dedicated servers, or designated streaming servers with access to Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, HBO, Peacock, and more. 

A screenshot of Netflix not working error message while using iTop VPN U.S. server

We received an “incorrect password” error when Netflix blocked us from access. This happened when we connected to iTop VPN’s U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia servers.

iTop VPN Netflix test results

US to US US to UK US to Canada US to AU
Did it work with Netflix?
Test results as of 10/15/2023.

DNS and WebRTC leak tests

  • iTop VPN DNS leak test results: Passed
  • iTop VPN WebRTC leak test results: Passed

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the internet's equivalent of a phonebook. It translates easily remembered domain names into machine-recognizable IP addresses. When a VPN doesn't route DNS queries securely, a DNS leak occurs, potentially revealing your online activities. For iTop VPN, our tests showed it safeguards against these leaks, ensuring private and encrypted browsing.

WebRTC enables direct browser-to-browser interactions, facilitating features like video calls. With a WebRTC leak, there is a risk of revealing your real IP address, even behind a VPN's shield. Fortunately, our WebRTC test for iTop VPN confirmed its effectiveness in preventing such leaks and keeping your online identity concealed.

Having passed both crucial tests, iTop VPN emerges as a reliable choice for users seeking a blend of security and privacy. It underscores the importance of using a VPN that emphasizes these protective layers, keeping you safe online.

A screenshot of iTop VPN DNS leak test

A screenshot of WebRTC leak test using iTop VPN

iTop VPN compatibility

A VPN's effectiveness isn't just about its security features; it's also about its flexibility across different devices and platforms. This ensures that wherever you are or whatever device you're using, whether it’s a PC, laptop, or mobile phone, your online experience remains consistently secure. With iTop VPN, you're covered across a range of devices:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • iOS

iTop VPN customer support

Navigating the complexities of a VPN service can sometimes require a little guidance, and iTop VPN offers multiple avenues of support to its users. While it may not provide the immediacy of 24/7 live chat, the platform does feature a dedicated email form, promising responses within a 24 to 48-hour window. This approach ensures that users' queries are addressed, even if it might take a bit longer than instant chat services.
To further assist users, iTop VPN has an easily accessible and comprehensive FAQ section. Additionally, for those preferring a more hands-on approach, there are user manuals tailored for Windows, Mac, and iOS platforms. These guides are thoughtfully laid out and easy to follow, ensuring that users, whether tech-savvy or novices, can set up and optimize their VPN experience with ease.

iTop VPN prices and subscriptions

When considering a VPN service, its cost is a significant factor. iTop VPN offers a range of subscription plans, each tailored to different user needs and budgets. The extended plans provide substantial savings compared to the one-month option. For instance, the 12-month plan breaks down to a mere $3.99/month, offering competitive pricing that helps you save money on a VPN. While some might not be keen on paying for a premium plan, the suite of features provided by iTop, especially on its longer-term plans, offers considerable value.

iTop VPN cost

Plan 1 month 6 months 12 months
Price per month $11.99/mo $6.99/mo $3.99/mo
Price per year n/a $41.99/yr $47.99/yr
Learn more View Plan View Plan View Plan

iTop VPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, giving you the confidence to try out their service risk-free. But if you want to give a different top-tier VPN a test run, consider one of the best VPN free trials.

iTop VPN free vs. paid plan

When comparing iTop VPN's free and paid offerings, there's a clear distinction in terms of features and utility. Both plans grant access to an expansive server network of 1,800+ servers. However, the free version limits users to a data cap of 700 MB/day, while the paid version offers unlimited data, making it ideal for heavy internet users.

Additionally, the paid plan stands out with its specialty servers tailored for streaming, gaming, and torrenting. It also provides enhanced features like split tunneling, choice of IP address type, and integrated protection against malware and trackers. Given the comprehensive suite of features available with the paid plan, it undoubtedly offers better value for those seeking a full-fledged VPN experience.

Plan iTop VPN Free iTop VPN Paid
Server network 1,800+ servers 1,800+ servers
Data cap 700 MB/day Unlimited
Specialty streaming and gaming servers
Specialty torrenting servers
Kill switch
Split tunneling
Choice of static or dynamic IP address
Malware, tracker, and ad blocker
Learn more View Plan View Plan

iTop VPN alternatives

While iTop VPN brings a range of features to the table, it's always wise to be aware of other market players when making an informed choice about your online privacy. Here, we've shortlisted three of the best VPN services that have consistently garnered positive reviews:

  • NordVPN: As a heavy hitter in the VPN realm, NordVPN is frequently lauded for its top-tier security measures and blazing-fast connections. With a vast global server network, it ensures streaming enthusiasts and privacy seekers alike have a seamless experience.

    Get NordVPN | Read Our NordVPN Review
  • Surfshark: A rising star in the VPN industry, Surfshark has made a name for itself with its intuitive design and budget-friendly plans. A standout feature? The ability to connect an unlimited number of devices simultaneously ensures all your tech stays protected.

    Get Surfshark | Read Our Surfshark Review
  • ExpressVPN: A favorite for many looking to bypass geo-blocks, ExpressVPN offers unparalleled speeds and rock-solid connections. For streaming or secure browsing, this provider often tops the list with its stellar performance.

    Get ExpressVPN | Read Our ExpressVPN Review



What countries are iTop’s free servers in?

iTop has free servers in the USA, Japan, the U.K., Australia, Germany, and France.


Is the free version of iTop VPN legit?

While iTop’s free version offers a kill switch, various server locations, and 700 MB of data, it lacks premium features like split tunneling, auto connection to VPN, adware blocking, and more.


Does iTop VPN work with streaming services?

Unfortunately, we found that the free iTop VPN was unable to access content from popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video. But you can upgrade to a premium plan to access 1,800+ VIP dedicated servers for streaming, social networking, and gaming. There are dedicated servers for streaming, providing secure access to Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, HBO, Peacock, and more.


What payment methods does iTop VPN accept?

iTop VPN accepts major credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Discover.

Bottom line: Is iTop VPN good?

When venturing into the vast world of VPNs, it's essential to find a service that not only protects your privacy but also meets your specific needs. iTop VPN, with its user-friendly design, offers solid security features, an expansive server network, and a straightforward pricing model. The service shines particularly for beginners and budget-conscious users, with both free and competitively priced premium plans. However, for avid streamers and those seeking high-speed connections, the inability of iTop VPN’s free plan to access major streaming platforms, as well as its occasional speed drops, can be a concern.

While iTop VPN may not be the ultimate choice for everyone, it certainly holds its ground in a crowded market. If your primary goal is basic online protection without breaking the bank, iTop VPN is a viable option to consider. But, for those prioritizing seamless streaming and ultra-fast connections, exploring some of the best VPN services, like NordVPN or Surfshark, might be more suitable. All in all, iTop VPN provides a decent package for those looking for a blend of security, affordability, and ease of use. For more information 

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iTop VPN
  • Affordable pricing and a free plan option
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • Free plan doesn't unblock streaming services
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