Mozilla VPN Review 2024: Do Its Security Features Measure Up?

Explore the features, benefits, and drawbacks of Mozilla’s VPN, and see whether it’s the right choice for your online security needs.
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Mozilla VPN
  • Trusted brand dedicated to privacy
  • Low price
  • Can’t stream Netflix
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Mozilla VPN is a solid and strong virtual private network (VPN) without a lot of frills. It focuses on speed and encryption strength while keeping the monthly price lower than a lot of its competitors. It’s from the trusted brand that brought you the Firefox browser and sits in a family of products all focused on privacy, security, and an enhanced web-browsing experience.

Unfortunately, Mozilla VPN falls short on privacy protection. With extensive logging and features that aren’t available on all platforms, Mozilla VPN doesn’t check every box. However, it provides you with a multi-device product focused on advanced encryption technology. It’s definitely up to you whether the data collection is worth the trade-off for a good price and reliable security.

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Who is Mozilla VPN best for?
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Bottom line: Is Mozilla VPN good?

Mozilla VPN overview

Price $4.99 to $9.99/mo
Free version No
Max # of connected devices 5
# of servers 500+
VPN protocol WireGuard
No-logs policy No logs
Headquarters California
Netflix access No
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*Prices as of 05/31/2023.

Who is Mozilla VPN best for?

  • Recommended for people who are looking for a multi-device VPN at a reasonable price.

Mozilla VPN is a solid choice for people who are looking to save money on a VPN that covers multiple devices. Although the server count and region might not be as expansive as its competitors, Mozilla VPN gets the job done. It’s also worth noting that Mozilla VPN is headquartered in the U.S. and therefore is subject to its laws, including any policies made by the Five Eyes alliance.

Mozilla VPN pros and cons

  • Trusted brand dedicated to privacy
  • Easy-to-use app
  • Low price
  • Confusing website
  • Can’t stream Netflix

Mozilla VPN features

The features available on Mozilla VPN are pretty standard and no-frills. With strong and fast encryption as a priority, they don’t offer a lot else. The kill switch ensures you stay private, even if the VPN connection drops. The split tunneling feature, unfortunately, isn’t as accessible as we’d like.

Bonus features we were impressed with include multi-hop, which allows you to route your activity through two VPNs. They also allow for custom DNS and provide an ad blocker. All of these make it more difficult for a hacker to identify you and deposit malware onto your device.

Server count and countries

  • 500+ servers in 30 countries

Mozilla VPN utilizes 500+ servers and offers server locations in 30 countries. As far as VPNs go, this is low. For comparison, look at NordVPN’s server count, which sits currently at around 5,490. The average server count on a reputable VPN is around 3,000.

Mozilla VPN’s server count is low, but it’s still usable. The server count is important so there are many options to route your data. As long as the company is using a quality server network, it doesn’t have to be as high as NordVPN.

No-logs policy and headquarters

  • Mozilla VPN’s logs policy: No logs
  • Mozilla VPN headquarters: California

The no-logs policy on Mozilla VPN might be the most egregious thing about the service. Although Mozilla claims a no-logs policy, what it actually means is no logging of your network activity. This hides your browsing activity from your internet service provider, but Mozilla VPN actually logs a lot of your data.

So far it looks like they collect your internet protocol (IP) address every time you connect as well as the time stamps and servers used. In addition to that, it also logs device types, operating systems, and hardware configurations. This is way too much information and completely unnecessary for the operation of a VPN.

Kill switch

A kill switch is a deal-breaker feature when searching for a VPN. It allows your VPN to end your internet connection if the VPN falters for some reason. This keeps your IP address and other personal information safe.

Mozilla VPN employs an auto kill switch that isn’t an option to toggle off or on. That can be a problem if it malfunctions. Although having a kill switch is a necessary feature, it should also be one you have the option to use or not based on your preferences.

Split tunneling

Split tunneling is a handy feature that allows you to route some of your internet traffic through a VPN and some without the VPN in the same session. This can be useful for online banking or other internet traffic that doesn’t function properly with a VPN.

Mozilla VPN offers split tunneling on all products except macOS and iOS. Sorry Apple users, you won’t be able to use this feature. It’s a little odd to allow a feature on all but one operating system, so hopefully they fix that in the future. It seems likely they will, as they used to only allow this feature through their Android app and now it extends to other operating systems.


WireGuard's ChaCha20 encryption is what Mozilla VPN uses. This open-source encryption is strong and fast. It’s also a reliable choice for hiding your network activity. There are no complaints from us about WireGuard.

VPN protocol

Mozilla VPN works using the WireGuard VPN protocol as well. WireGuard protocol uses strong encryption technology and a network code for rugged and speedy security. As far as VPN protocol goes, it’s rather new to the game. Its development began in 2016 and has become widely accepted in the cybersecurity space.

Although most VPN protocols use hundreds of thousands of lines of code, WireGuard works on less than 5,000. This allows for fewer bugs and security vulnerabilities while also allowing it to operate with much lower central processing unit (CPU) usage. This all translates as a faster and more secure service.

Mozilla VPN test results

There are several hallmarks of a good VPN. Making sure it’s usable by not slowing down your internet speed is usually the top priority for most users. We also test for privacy leaks and the ability to access regional catalogs on Netflix. All of these together will give you a well-rounded look at this VPN choice.

Speed tests

  • Mozilla VPN speed test results: Passed

Although the speed was greatly reduced everywhere except in Los Angeles where this test was based, it still wasn’t noticeable with regular usage. We tested Mozilla VPN on a Macbook Pro with an M2 chip running the latest version of Ventura. On this device in all the environments, our speeds ran well enough to not notice a difference.

We used a mesh Wi-Fi system combined with a new Spectrum modem. Our base speeds ran at 417 download Mbps and 40.8 upload Mbps. We have the ability to stream on multiple devices while also operating smart device features and smartphones. If you have a lower speed, you may notice a difference with Mozilla VPN.

A screenshot of a speed test on a Macbook Pro.

A screenshot of a speed test on a Macbook Pro once Mozilla VPN is on.

Mozilla VPN speed test results

Test type No VPN US to US US to EU US to AU
Download speed 417 Mbps 380 Mbps 271 Mbps 275 Mbps
Upload speed 40.8 Mbps 39.1 Mbps 25.3 Mbps 15.2 Mbps
Latency (ping) 14 ms 15 ms 282 ms 358 ms
Download speed % difference N/A -8.87% -47.96% -34.05%
Upload speed % difference N/A -4.17% -37.99% -62.75%
Latency % difference N/A 7.14% 1,914% 2457%

Test results as of 02/01/2023.

Mozilla VPN Netflix tests

  • Mozilla VPN Netflix test results: Failed — Netflix detected the VPN usage

VPNs are typically used by streamers to unblock content in different regions of the world. Much of the content from other countries isn’t available once you cross borders, and someone may be missing a show from home while traveling. You also may want to stream content from regions where you’re interested in something that isn’t internationally known.

Because VPNs aren’t illegal in most countries, watching content from other regions isn’t illegal either. Netflix, however, is in a constant battle to identify VPN IP addresses and block streaming capabilities. Other streaming providers do this, but not to the same extent as Netflix.

In our tests, Netflix immediately identified the fact that we were attempting to access regional content using a VPN. They let us know that we needed to disable the VPN to watch. We hit the OK button and were still able to watch U.S. Netflix content, but nothing from other regions.

The Netflix error page detecting that the user is using a VPN or a proxy.

Mozilla VPN Netflix test results

US to US US to UK US to Canada US to AU
Did it work with Netflix?

Test results as of 02/01/2023.

DNS leak tests

  • Mozilla VPN DNS leak test results: Passed

DNS, or Domain Name System, is one of the key identifiers for you on the internet. It acts like a phone book and allows your computer to communicate with web pages or anywhere else on the internet you may want to go. When using a VPN, it’s important your DNS information doesn’t leak to protect your privacy. Mozilla VPN passed the DNS leak test, which means your IP address stays private.

The page with the results for a DNS leak test.

WebRTC leak tests

  • Mozilla VPN WebRTC leak test results: Passed

WebRTC means Web Real-Time Communication. It is a process that allows applications and websites to use and exchange data such as video, audio, or other data without having a mediator to interpret from one computer to another.

Third-party sites or applications may be able to use these exchanges to detect your IP address and other information about you. Mozilla VPN passed the WebRTC leak test, which means there were no data leaks from the Mozilla VPN connection.

The page with the results for a WebRTC leak test.

Mozilla VPN compatibility

The more devices a VPN is compatible with, the more widely you’ll be able to use it. Because Mozilla VPN allows up to five devices to be connected, it would be nice to be able to connect a computer, phone, tablet, router, or even a smart TV. You’ll also want a VPN to be compatible with multiple operating systems across your devices to make sure you’re covered.

Mozilla is compatible with the following:

  • Windows 10/11 (64-bit only)
  • macOS (10.14 and up)
  • Android (version 8 and up)
  • iOS (13.0 and up)
  • Linux (Ubuntu 18.04 and up)

Mozilla VPN customer support

Mozilla customer support isn’t the best for any of its products and the VPN is no different. There are several options for support including Facebook, Twitter, and the forums. You can also search through their support topics. However, there’s no one to contact with specific questions and you’ll have to do a lot of searching.

Mozilla VPN prices and subscriptions

This VPN service starts at 1-month plan if you want to pay monthly. If you decide to go for the annual subscription, you can pay $59.88 upfront, which works out to 1-year plan. There’s also a service called Firefox Relay that bundles with Mozilla VPN and helps you hide your email.

Overall, Mozilla’s pricing is lower than most other VPNs. While the lowest price only comes from paying for the yearly subscription, it’s still less than the sticker prices of many of its competitors. The addition of Firefox Relay would make this a useful tool.

However, it’s worth noting that the ability to sign up for Mozilla VPN varies depending on the time of day. As we were testing the product, there were multiple prompts to sign up for the waitlist. We were given the option to sign up only one time.

If you do find yourself able to purchase, you can use PayPal, as well as most major credit cards. The payment methods listed are Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover card. They do not accept cryptocurrency.

What is Firefox Relay?

Firefox Relay is a service that hides your email so you can avoid unwanted emails in your inbox. It can be bundled with Mozilla VPN for heartier protection.

Mozilla VPN cost

Plan 1-year plan
Best Value
1-year plan plus Firefox Relay
1-month plan
Price per month $4.99/mo $6.99/mo $9.99/mo
Price per year $59.88/yr
Prices as of 6/20/2023.

Mozilla VPN offers no free trials, but there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Mozilla VPN plan comparison

Features 1-month plan 1-year plan 1-year plan plus Firefox Relay
Server count 500+ 500+ 500+
# of devices 5 5 5
Device-level encryption
Bandwidth restrictions
No-logs policy
Email masking
Phone masking
Details View Plan View Plan View Plan

Mozilla VPN FAQs


Is there a Firefox VPN extension?

Yes, Firefox has a VPN extension called Browsec VPN. Other VPNs may have extensions that work with Firefox as well.


Does Mozilla VPN slow down internet speed?

Yes, Mozilla VPN slows down your internet speed. Depending on how fast your speeds are initially, you may not notice. At home, you’re likely to be able to surf unencumbered. If you’re accessing public Wi-Fi, you may see a reduction significant enough to make the internet unusable.


Does Netflix block Mozilla VPN?

In our tests, Netflix immediately detected we were using a VPN and regional content was blocked.


What does the Mozilla VPN cost?

Mozilla VPN costs between $4.99 per month and $9.99 per month, depending on the plan you choose.

Bottom line: Is Mozilla VPN good?

All things considered, Mozilla VPN is okay for the price. Its dedication to solid security and expanding its servers and countries is admirable. On the other hand, its collection of data and forced features, such as a kill switch that lacks the ability to be toggled off, leave us wanting.

Privacy is a personal issue and weighing the benefits against the drawbacks is a matter of what’s important to you. We won’t be using this VPN because of the lack of Netflix usability and the amount of data collected. Unless you really don’t want to pay a few dollars more for other VPN providers such as Surfshark, NordVPN, or ExpressVPN, which all have less invasive policies, it might not be worth it to you either.

Editorial Rating
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Mozilla VPN
  • Trusted brand dedicated to privacy
  • Low price
  • Can’t stream Netflix
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