How To Use a Pokémon GO VPN to Change Location Anytime

If you play Pokémon GO and want to use a VPN to change your location, we can help. Follow our guide for some Pokémon GO hacks.
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If you need to use a VPN with Pokémon GO, you’ve come to the right place. Pokémon GO is a popular game in many countries, but some locations block various features or keep players from downloading the game at all. You may also want to use a VPN for general security if you’re using public Wi-Fi to hunt for shiny Charmander or challenge a gym leader.

Because the game uses your phone’s GPS, some Pokémon GO players opt to use VPNs to spoof their location and keep their data private. Using a VPN connection also helps you protect your online activity from hackers.

Keep reading for the best strategies to unblock Pokémon GO, including mock location apps and VPN apps, along with a step-by-step guide on how to change your Pokémon GO location on iOS and Android devices.

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Can you change your location in Pokémon GO?

Most users won’t be able to change the location settings in Pokémon GO, as it can be difficult. However, if you’re more technically inclined, you may be able to change your location in Pokémon GO with a reliable virtual private network (VPN).

Some players may use a Pokémon GO spoofer to get around location restrictions or to hunt rare, region-locked Pokemon, but this is considered cheating according to the Pokémon GO terms of service policy. If discovered, you’ll receive a strike that serves as a warning. The company allows room for some mistakes, but you’ll receive no more than three strikes before you get banned from the game. However, some actions result in immediate account termination without warning to the player.

Using a VPN is not considered misbehavior according to the terms of the game, but using one alone won’t allow you to change your location. VPNs are helpful when traveling and accessing Pokémon GO anywhere you’re located for better security.

How to change location on Pokémon GO

You’ll need a VPN and a GPS spoofer to change your location in Pokémon GO. You also may need to root your device for the spoofing app to work. Rooting allows you to access your phone’s operating system and modify the software’s coding. That’s usually discouraged because it can result in changes that are hard to get repaired and will often void your device’s warranty.

Remember, according to Pokémon GO’s policy, using a spoofing service is considered cheating.

How to change location on Pokémon GO on an Android device

  1. Subscribe to and download a reliable VPN service such as ExpressVPN.
  2. Choose your VPN server location.
  3. Make sure your GPS location matches your VPN IP address location.
  4. Download a GPS spoofing app, such as Fake GPS.
  5. In settings, enable developer options by clicking Build Number 7 times.
  6. Find the downloaded spoofing app and choose the location your VPN is connected to so the settings match.

How to change location on Pokémon GO on iPhone

  1. Subscribe to and download a reliable VPN such as NordVPN.
  2. To change your iPhone location using a spoofer, you’ll need to jailbreak the device. That may be hard to do because Apple limits users from installing apps that aren’t on the App store.
  3. Download a mobile package manager that allows you to protect your information and change your location. One of the popular options is Cydia.
  4. Use the spoofer map to drop a pin on the desired fake location.
  5. Connect to your VPN and open Pokémon GO in the exact location of the spoofing app.

You may want to note that you might have to use Pokémon GO without walking when you use this method because the spoofing app holds you in one place. That’s fine if you’re stuck at home and need to swipe a Pokéstop for more Pokéballs.

Reasons to use a VPN with Pokémon GO

There are legitimate reasons for using a VPN with Pokémon GO. Users aren’t always trying to get around the rules of the game. Millions of people use VPNs to access the internet safely and to keep their data secure. VPNs are recommended when using public Wi-Fi because those are usually not secure networks.

You can also bypass location constraints. Some countries don’t allow downloads of the app, so changing your IP address may circumvent this issue. Users playing Pokémon GO in a country that bans the game can use a VPN to access the app.

If you’re traveling, VPNs allow you to play Pokémon GO anywhere. Your trainer can follow you from location to location while on the move. It keeps interruptions to a minimum while you’re on the go.

Niantic has requested access to users’ contacts in the past. It also stores your location information, claiming to use that for update purposes. These privacy issues concern many players, so they use a VPN service to ensure their data isn’t sold or misused.

Most VPNs offer a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try one and, if it doesn't help you spoof Pokémon GO, you can request a refund.

Best VPNs for Pokémon GO

Not all VPNs are created equal. When playing a game, you want to use a VPN service that offers fast speeds, is easy to use, and provides solid security anywhere, including public Wi-Fi. Here our top VPN recommendations for Pokémon GO:

  1. ExpressVPN encrypts your data on any network, so you’re safe using public Wi-Fi. It’s also a fast VPN, ranked as one of the fastest in the world, according to the service’s website. The app is easy to use on any device, including iOS and Android.
  2. CyberGhost is reliable and user-friendly. It comes with a simple interface that’s easy for users to navigate. It offers more than 9,000 servers across the world and has unlimited bandwidth for up to seven devices.
  3. PrivateVPN offers new users a simple setup with customer support available for issues. You get installation guidance with a live agent if needed. You’ll also have protection by military-grade encryption, which keeps your data more secure.
  4. Surfshark has a built-in GPS spoofer, which appeals to many Pokémon GO users. You can set your phone to connect through an IP address in the country of your choice and ensure your GPS matches that selection.

You can also try using a free VPN to change your location in the Pokémon GO app. But free VPNs also come with risks, such as security vulnerabilities and data collection. Check out our list of recommended free VPNs for some more trustworthy options.

Pokémon GO FAQ


Do VPNs work with Pokémon GO?

VPNs will work with Pokémon GO to bypass certain location constraints while traveling and using public Wi-Fi. A VPN is a secure way to protect your information while online.


Will I be banned from Pokémon GO for location spoofing?

You will likely get a strike as a warning if you get caught using location spoofing while playing Pokémon GO. Banning usually takes place after three strikes.

Bottom line

There are ways to change your location on Pokémon GO, but you’ll want to be mindful when using these resources. VPNs are used by millions of people to keep their data secure, so it's a legitimate reason to use one while playing Pokémon GO.

Remember, location spoofing is against Niantic’s terms of service. So if you must get yourself a Corsola, use a spoofing app at your own risk. If caught, you may receive a warning strike, and continuing to use location spoofing could get you banned permanently from the game.

With millions of people playing the game each month, you’ll want to keep your data safe while online. Installing a reliable VPN is a great way to be sure you’re keeping your information private while playing Pokémon GO.

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