How To Cancel Proton VPN (and Get Your Money Back)

Heads up: While Proton VPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee, you may struggle to get a cash refund if you cancel after the initial 30 days.
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Using Proton VPN's 30-day money-back guarantee is your best bet for the least amount of hassle when it comes to canceling service and getting a refund.

But you can still cancel your subscription and attempt to get a prorated refund. However, if you miss the 30-day mark, you may only get credits instead of a monetary refund.

We’ll walk you through a step-by-step guide on how you can cancel your Proton VPN subscription and request a refund.

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What to know about getting a Proton VPN refund

Before we can discuss the steps, you should know what your rights are when it comes to getting a refund.

Within 30 days of purchasing a Proton VPN plan

Let's start with the 30-day money-back guarantee. According to Proton's Terms and Conditions, you can get a full refund within 30 days of your initial purchase. You need to cancel and request a refund within those 30 days. Otherwise, you may end up receiving credits instead of a refund.

More than 30 days after purchasing a Proton VPN plan

Past the money-back guarantee timeframe, you may face a bit more resistance. Proton VPN’s Terms and Conditions state "...the Service provided by the Company (is) generally non-refundable and any refund or credit given will be at the sole discretion of the Company."

After cancellation, Proton can opt to provide a refund via credits instead of monetary compensation. That might sound like you don't have a chance to get your money back, but you can request it even when the company initially offers only credits.

But you should take into consideration the possibility that your refund may be issued only as credits — and Proton won't change its final decision.

Things to know before you cancel Proton VPN

You can only request a refund once per use, and it will only be refunded with the original currency and payment method. This means that, if you paid with a credit card, the refund is issued to that specific card — you can’t request the money be refunded to a different card instead. If you paid by cash or bank transfer, there are no refund options.

Bear in mind that once you cancel, your VPN service automatically ends. For example, your service won't continue even if you paid for a year and canceled four months into the subscription. In this case, your only option would be to receive credits or try your luck at requesting a monetary refund.

If you purchased directly through Proton's website or apps, you can only cancel your Proton VPN via the company's website.

However, if you purchased Proton VPN using a third party (like Google Play Store), then you may need to request a refund from that party instead of Proton. Third parties may have different refund policies, so we'll show you those steps as well.

Can I keep my Proton account if I cancel Proton VPN?

Yes, you can keep your Proton account when you cancel Proton VPN. You’ll still have access to the free version of Proton VPN as well as any other Proton tools you may use like ProtonMail. Your account will only be deleted if you request it.

How to cancel your Proton VPN plan

On the Proton VPN website

There are two ways to cancel via the Proton VPN website.

Option 1: When the 30-day money-back guarantee is over

Note: If you use other Proton tools, then this may not be the best option since it could affect those plans. It may be best to contact customer support directly for help.

  1. Go to and log into your account.
  2. Under Dashboard, head toward Billing and select Downgrade account.
  3. Follow the steps to change your subscription to the free Proton VPN plan.
  4. You may receive Proton credits instead of a monetary refund. In this case, you can try using the support form to request a refund on your credits. However, Proton is within its right to deny this request and only issue credits.

Option 2: Canceling within the 30-day money-back guarantee period

  1. Use this support form to request a refund.
  2. Alternatively, you can email using

With an iOS device

If you've purchased Proton VPN from the Apple App Store, then you are subject to the App Store refund policy. Here is how to cancel a subscription on your iPhone.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Choose your name.
  3. Tap Subscriptions.
  4. Tap Proton VPN.
  5. Select Cancel Subscription.

With an Android device

Google Play doesn't normally offer refunds for purchases. One exception is if you cancel within 48 hours. In that case, you can request a refund by following these steps:

  1. Go to Request your Google Play refund.
  2. Tap Continue.
  3. Confirm the account you used to make the purchase.
  4. Choose the purchase you would like to request a refund for.
  5. Continue following the steps to request your refund. If you don't see your purchase listed, you'll need to try canceling directly on the Proton VPN site.

How to check your current Proton VPN subscription

Another option is to contact Proton VPN directly about your subscription. You can access your subscription details by following these steps:

  1. Tap on the menu icon in the upper left-hand corner.
  2. Choose Account.
  3. Select Manage account to view your current subscription.

You can access your Proton VPN subscription details under your Account.

How to update your Proton VPN subscription

Sometimes you may want to change your subscription. Upgrading or moving to a different type of subscription may be a better choice for you, especially if the Proton VPN app, its Secure Core servers, kill switch, and open-source software meet your needs.

For example, you may be currently on a monthly subscription, and you want to switch to a 1-year subscription for better value.

If you want to update your Proton VPN subscription, here are the steps to do so on the website.

1. Log into your Proton VPN account.

2. From the Dashboard, go to Plans and select the subscription you want. You can choose a different plan or change your subscription length.

Log into your Proton VPN account dashboard to change your subscription.

3. Verify your subscription choice. If you are already subscribed to a different plan, then Proton should add a prorated credit for any unused days remaining on your previous subscription.

Proton should add a prorated credit for any unused days remaining on your previous subscription.

4. Complete your purchase.

That's all you need to do to switch subscriptions with Proton VPN. If you’re not sure which subscription option is best for you, check out our Proton VPN review for a full breakdown of its features, pros, and cons.

If you downgrade to the free plan, be careful as it may affect the features you have access to. Downgrading could lead to Proton deactivating email addresses or reducing your storage usage. You may want to back up your data before moving forward with a downgrade.

3 best alternatives to Proton VPN

Maybe Proton VPN didn't work for your needs, but you don't need to give up on VPNs altogether. A VPN is still a valuable security tool to protect your online activities and data by masking your IP address and unblocking geo-restricted content like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Hulu.

Instead, keep researching and find a VPN that’s within your budget, keeps your online life private, and provides you with a secure experience. Here are three VPN providers to consider as alternatives to Proton VPN that all offer top-notch security, strict no-logs policies, and extensive server networks.


Learn More
On NordVPN's website

  • High-quality VPN offering safety and speed
  • Loads of servers for multiple connection options
  • Works with popular streaming services, including Netflix
  • Too many confusing plans

NordVPN is a good alternative for people looking for a reliable VPN with premium security features.

It's a bit pricey compared to the other VPNs, especially if you want to include more security features. But the cost may be worth it when you consider the value. A 30-day money-back guarantee is included, and all plans have malware protection and an ad blocker.

If you're looking for additional online security, you can upgrade your plan to include a password manager, data breach scanner, 1 TB cloud storage, and file encryption. These features do make NordVPN more expensive, so it may not be a budget-friendly option for everyone.


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On Surfshark's website

  • VPN technology offering stability and speed
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Works with Netflix and other streaming services
  • Headquarters in Nine Eyes Alliance

Surfshark is an affordable VPN, especially considering it lets you connect unlimited devices. All plans have a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can get a refund if you're not happy with the service. Surfshark has great server availability with server locations in over 100 countries.

It also has several additional security features. These include CleanWeb (an ad blocker), MultiHop to connect to two servers simultaneously, and Bypasser (a split tunneling feature).

Combined with 24/7 customer support, Surfshark is a great choice to watch Netflix with a VPN, prevent throttling, and ensure a fast connection.


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On CyberGhost's website

  • Cheaper than ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark
  • Optimized servers for regional streaming
  • No split tunneling feature

CyberGhost VPN is the most affordable option of these three choices. It also has a generous 45-day money-back guarantee if you choose one of its long-term subscription plans.

CyberGhost also has over 9,000 VPN servers available in over 90 countries, so you won't struggle to find a fast connection. And with seven devices allowed for each account, you could cover most or all of your devices.

In terms of additional features, CyberGhost offers free access to its ID Guard, which checks for compromised passwords and leaked data while monitoring for data breaches using your email address. It's a great way to ensure you have dark web monitoring as part of your personal cybersecurity plan.

A free VPN is often a tempting choice since you can save money on a VPN. But you should exercise caution when using one of these services.

"Free" VPNs may actually cost your privacy, and many are known to track your online activity and share it with third parties. However, there are a few reliable choices, and we rounded up some of the best free VPNs.

How to cancel Proton VPN FAQs


Can you cancel Proton VPN anytime?

You can cancel Proton VPN anytime, but it's best to cancel within its 30-day money-back guarantee period. This makes it easier to receive a monetary refund.

After the 30 days are over, it can be harder to get a refund since Proton's Terms and Conditions state it can issue credits instead. You also risk losing immediate access to your VPN service when you cancel instead of waiting for the subscription period to be over.


What is the Proton VPN cancellation policy?

The Proton VPN cancellation policy can be found in its Terms and Conditions. While the company does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, it's within its right to not issue a refund past those 30 days. The service is "generally non-refundable" and any refund or credit given is at the sole discretion of Proton.


Is there a refund policy for Proton VPN?

Proton VPN doesn't have a refund policy, but it does offer details on its money-back guarantee and cancellation policy in its Terms and Conditions. If you cancel within the first 30 days of the initial purchase, Proton will refund your subscription.

However, outside of the first 30 days, Proton says the service is "generally non-refundable" and any refund or credit is given at the sole discretion of Proton.


How long will Proton VPN take to process my refund?

Proton VPN typically processes a refund within 14 days of your request. The refund is issued using the original currency and payment method.

Keep in mind that Proton is not obligated to provide a refund based on its Terms and Conditions. It may offer credits instead when you cancel or downgrade a subscription.

Bottom line

Overall, it's fairly easy to get a refund if you cancel your Proton VPN subscription within the 30-day money-back guarantee period. However, you may struggle to get a refund after that period.

Based on Proton's Terms and Conditions, services are generally non-refundable, and the VPN may issue credits instead of a monetary refund when you cancel. Credits may be a good option if you are paying to use other Proton tools, but they may be useless if you want a cash refund.

If you decide it's time to move on from Proton VPN, then there are plenty of other VPN options available. Check out our guide on the best VPN services on the market today.

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  • High-quality VPN offering safety and speed
  • Loads of servers for multiple connection options
  • Works with popular streaming services, including Netflix
  • Too many confusing plans

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