TermsFeed Review: Is This A Legit Choice For Your Business?

We review TermsFeed’s legal agreement features so you can see if it’s right for your compliance and legal needs.
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  • Flexible and affordable pricing
  • Pay-per-item option instead of monthly fees
  • Free version may be missing policies
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If you run a small company or are starting a home-based business, TermsFeed may provide the custom-made agreements you need. Though nothing can beat a one-on-one consultation with an attorney, this could be an intriguing option if you’re strapped for cash and have pretty simple needs.

If your business website captures visitor data, you must comply with GDPR requirements and other policies, which may be complicated. Software like TermsFeed can come in handy when you want to run your business without legal and compliance headaches.

Editorial Rating
Learn More
On TermsFeed's website
  • Flexible and affordable pricing
  • Pay-per-item option instead of monthly fees
  • Free version may be missing policies

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TermsFeed review at a glance

Price $8.33-$10/mo
Free plan Yes
Privacy policy generator Yes
Cookie consent manager Yes
Terms and conditions generator Yes
Return policy generator Yes
Details Get TermsFeed

TermsFeed can help your business with some of the most common privacy laws and regulations. This software solution comes packed with options. Here are some of the more notable ones, but it is not an exhaustive list:

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): European legislation to protect personal information and privacy.
  • California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA): Protects consumer information, including the right to delete data and opt-out of data selling.
  • California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA): An amendment to the CCPA that includes additional privacy protections for consumers.
  • CAN-SPAM: United States law that governs commercial emails.
  • Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA): United States law that requires parental consent for children under 13 before collecting personal information.
  • Cookie Policies: Disclosures outlining the use of cookies on websites that track and store user information.

TermsFeed pros and cons

  • Flexible and affordable pricing
  • Pay-per-item option instead of monthly fees
  • Some free policies available
  • Overall costs may be hard to determine based on per-item fees
  • Free version may be missing many policies some users may want

Who is TermsFeed best for?

Not everyone will benefit from TermsFeed software. If you offer services to the public, you most likely need at least some of the policies or legal agreements TermsFeed offers. But an attorney may be a better option if you need one-on-one legal advice.

To give an overview of who may benefit from this product, below are some recommendations:

  • Small e-commerce business owners: If you run an online business, you’ll need a privacy policy so patrons know how their data is collected and used. The CCPA requirements protect consumers by setting business standards.
  • Marketing teams: Marketing teams need to follow the law regarding regulations on emails and products.
  • Public services: Anyone who provides services to the public must meet legal compliance requirements.
  • Website owners who allow published content: If visitors can print or publish content from your website, it’s good to have a legal agreement that outlines what they can and cannot do with it.
  • Contractors or small business owners who need to limit liability: If you have a contract with someone, you’ll need a written policy or legal agreement to limit your liability if the client is unsatisfied with your work or product.

TermsFeed prices and subscriptions

You want the most bang for your buck if you have a small or home-based business. TermsFeed has a few options to meet your needs, depending on the specificity of your policies and legal agreements.

TermsFeed offers free policies that cost nothing to generate. These are considered simple policies that are more generic and have a limited number of clauses.

Premium agreements have more clauses that protect your business. These are typically more granular than the free agreements.

Some products are priced as one-time payments, such as Agreements and Policies. For others, you can pay a monthly or annual fee. The fee for privacy consent policies is $10/mo. If you subscribe to the annual plan, you save $20 by paying $8.33/mo (billed annually) for the entire year.

TermsFeed plans comparison

Plan Free policy Premium policy Privacy consent solution
Price per month Free One-time payments $10/mo
Number of sites covered 1 1 1
Option to add additional sites
Number of users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of legal policies 2 Unlimited Unlimited
Number of policy edits Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Cookie and policy banner
Number of monthly banner views Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Compliance scans Quarterly Monthly Monthly
HTML embeddable policies
Privacy regulation monitoring and updates
Details View Plan View Plan View Plan

TermsFeed features

If you’re wondering whether TermsFeed has all the features you want, we have some of the most common examples that can help your business comply with legal regulations. Some of these are free. Others are available with a paid subscription, or you can pay for each as you go.

As a business owner, you need a cookie policy to disclose what you do with user data. Different regulations, like GDPR, require cookie policies to protect users.

With TermsFeed, simple cookie policies are free, but specific categories are available for a fee. The free tool complies with:

  • GDPR
  • EU Cookies Directive (ePrivacy)
  • Google Consent Mode V2

Privacy policy generator

These include provisions for GDPR, CCPA, CPRA, and more. Since there are various regulations regarding how data can be used, these policies will help you stay compliant depending on where you live or where you provide services.

More in-depth privacy policies, such as the ones mentioned, are available with one-time payments. You can also describe how you use website cookies to improve the user experience.

Disclaimer generator

This generator outlines compliance with third-party and legal requirements. The disclaimer generator can be used for websites or applications. It’s a free tool that takes minutes to complete.

Return and refund policy generator

This policy will detail how your business accepts returns and refunds. A free simple return and refund policy may be all you need, or you can pay for additional provisions and conditions. These can be effective for e-commerce stores that need clear guidelines on what can be returned and when.

EULA generator

These policies keep you compliant by illustrating the restrictions and scope of your services. The simple EULA agreement is free, but others, such as provisions for intellectual property, will cost a fee. You can use this generator for desktop or mobile apps.

Terms of Service and Terms & Conditions generator

TermsFeed can also generate Terms of Service or Terms & Conditions for a website or app. The policy is the same, except for the title.

Without clear terms and conditions, your business could become liable. And in some cases, the law requires you to have these policies on your website.

Simple terms and conditions are offered for free. Specific ones, like provisions for user accounts and subscription plans, are available for a fee.

Special features

TermsFeed offers some special features that could benefit you as a small business owner.

  • Customization options: TermsFeed allows you to match legal agreements and consents with your preferred colors, which shows your company style and brand.
  • Updates on legal changes: You’ll receive notifications of new laws and regulations, helping you to stay up to date on policies and agreements.
  • Meet third-party compliance requirements: Some platforms require certain legal compliance. TermsFeed checks to make sure these are met.

How does TermsFeed work?

It’s easy to get started with TermsFeed.

  1. Once you go to the website, you can quickly set up an account for free.
  2. From there, you can view the different legal agreements and policies available.
  3. TermsFeed Templates

  4. You can click on the one you want to generate, and the software walks you through the rest.
  5. TermsFeed Privacy Policy Generator

  6. After you set up your agreement or policy, you can download it.
  7. TermsFeed Privacy Policy Preview

  8. Once you review your policy, you’re good to go. You can incorporate it into your website or online store, etc.

How do you add TermsFeed policies to a site?

When you’re ready to upload your new policy to your website, you can add a link in the footer. Alternatively, you can copy the policy's HTML code and paste it directly to your website.

TermsFeed Privacy Policy

TermsFeed will host your agreements and policies at no cost to you. To add policies to your site, you do not need technical skills or coding knowledge. The only requirement is that your web browser must have JavaScript enabled.

TermsFeed works well with many popular site builders, including:

  • WordPress
  • Webflow
  • Wix
  • GoDaddy
  • Ecwid
  • Kajabi

Does TermsFeed keep data safe?

You should note that TermsFeed collects your data. That’s not unusual, as most applications and websites collect at least some data for payment methods and to create a better browser experience.

The privacy policy for TermsFeed hasn’t been updated since September 2021, and it does mention that although your data is important, no method is 100% secure. It seems the company wants to keep your data safe but can’t guarantee it.

For better security, use a password manager for your business to help organize confidential data.

How TermsFeed handles your data

TermsFeed’s privacy policy gives an overview of what kind of personal data it collects, including:

  • Email
  • First and last name
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Usage data

They use this data for standard purposes like managing your account and providing you with special offers. That said, they also mention that they could share your personal information with affiliates, business partners, service providers, and other users.

How TermsFeed handles your users’ data

TermsFeed complies with GDPR standards under the privacy policy, whereby you can withdraw your consent to having your private data shared and request a correction of data held about you.

TermsFeed will collect user data for payments, Google Analytics, and marketing purposes. A supplemental section regarding the CCPA policy is also available for California residents.

TermsFeed customer support

TermsFeed has a Help section where you can search for answers to questions regarding the product, policy generators, pricing, and other options. You can also search the website for topics or email support using office@termsfeed.com.

The Help section is easy to navigate and has different options for items you may need assistance with, like downloading a policy or hosting an agreement with TermsFeed. If you want help with things like linking a policy to your site, the Help section is a good resource.

TermsFeed FAQs


Is TermsFeed legit?

TermsFeed is a legit software. The company has comprehensive policy and legal agreement solutions for a fraction of the price it might cost to use an attorney. It has been available since 2012 and includes professional solutions to keep you compliant.


Is TermsFeed free?

TermsFeed is free to use but also has paid privacy consent solution plans. Alternatively, you can pay a one-time fee for each premium policy you need.


Why use TermsFeed?

If you’re a small business owner or starting one up, you may not have hundreds or thousands of dollars to spend on attorney fees. TermsFeed offers an alternative way to build policies and legal agreements at a fraction of the cost.


Is it okay to use a privacy policy generator?

You can use a privacy policy generator as a less expensive means to protect yourself from liability, but there’s no real substitution for an experienced lawyer when you need one. Still, TermsFeed has a good selection of policies and agreements.

Bottom line: Is TermsFeed good?

TermsFeed is a good compliance tool when you’re on a budget and need a simple way to generate legal agreements and policies. Generating documents is easy, making this a solid asset for your home-based startup or small business. The value you get for your money is fair, and you can purchase and download the forms you need in minutes.

The free forms are good when you need basic policies, but you won’t get the detailed clauses that come with the paid ones. The good news is premium policies are available either on a subscription or pay-per-use basis, making this a flexible option for your needs.

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On TermsFeed's website
  • Flexible and affordable pricing
  • Pay-per-item option instead of monthly fees
  • Free version may be missing policies
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