Total Adblock vs. Proton VPN NetShield 2024: Which is Better?

Total Adblock is one of the best ad blockers available, so how does Proton VPN NetShield measure up?
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Best for overall ad blocking

Editorial Rating
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Ad Blocker
Total Adblock
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  • Instantly blocks distracting ads on millions of websites, including YouTube video ads
  • Blocks third-party trackers to protect your privacy and information
  • Improves page load times and enables faster browsing

Best for bundled protection

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Proton VPN NetShield
  • Blocks malicious domains and trackers
  • Excellent DNS leak protection
  • Doesn't block all ads, including YouTube ads

When it comes to Total Adblock vs. Proton VPN NetShield, we found that Total Adblock was the better overall option. That said, Proton VPN does come with some extra bells and whistles you may want to look into.

It seems like incessant ads are just part of the online browsing experience nowadays, but they don’t have to be. At best, pop-ups and ad banners are annoying, but they can also pose serious cyberthreats. The best ad blockers not only block annoying ads, but bolster your online security and create a clutter-free, ad-free browsing experience.

We tested ad and tracker blocking, YouTube blocking capabilities, price, and features to find out how Total Adblock and Proton VPN NetShield compared head to head. Read our full comparison below.

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Total Adblock vs. Proton VPN NetShield

Where Total Adblock is dedicated to giving you a seamless, ad-free experience, Proton VPN NetShield is more of an add-on to the overall privacy suite offered by a top VPN.

Total Adblock instantly blocks unlimited ads on millions of websites, including video ads on YouTube. It also blocks third-party trackers to help boost your online privacy and information. To top it off, the premium plan also offers TotalAV antivirus protection to enhance digital security further.

NetShield is a powerful ad blocking tool that comes bundled with Proton VPN plans. Unfortunately, we didn’t feel that this add-on performed extremely well. If you’re mainly looking for antivirus protection that offers ad blocking as an added feature, NetShield may be the right option.

Best for Blocking YouTube ads Users looking for bundled protection
Price Free or $1.59/mo (billed annually) $4.99–$9.99/mo
Ads blocked on Forbes 12 3
Does it block YouTube ads?
Compatibility Windows, Mac, Chrome, Edge, Opera, Amazon Fire, Safari Windows, Mac, Linux
Mobile compatibility Android, iOS Android, iOS
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Total Adblock pros and cons

  • Premium plan offers TotalAV antivirus protection
  • Blocks third-party trackers to protect private information
  • Hands-off ad blocking experience
  • Pop-ups prompt you to upgrade to the premium version
  • Free version doesn’t block ads on the top 15,000 websites

Proton VPN NetShield pros and cons

  • Blocks malicious domains and trackers
  • Excellent DNS leak protection
  • Built-in VPN for added security
  • Failed to block YouTube ads
  • Subpar ad blocking test results

Total Adblock vs. Proton VPN NetShield: Prices

Our Pick
Price range Free or $1.59/mo (billed annually) $4.99–$9.99/mo
Best value plan Total Adblock Pro plan for $1.59/mo (billed annually) 2-year plan for $4.49/mo
Free version available
Money-back guarantee Yes — 30 days Yes — 30 days
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Total Adblock offers two options: a free version and a paid subscription. The free version works well for blocking ads, but there is a downside: 15,000 of the most popular websites are excluded from blocking, meaning that websites you frequent may not be eligible for ad blocking. Still, at $1.59/mo (billed annually), we think paying for Total Adblock’s premium plan is well worth the money.

Proton VPN NetShield doesn’t offer a free version, but there are a few subscription plans to choose from. The best value comes in a 2-year plan for $4.49/mo. While that may be a marginal price for online security, Proton VPN NetShield lacks some features we deem worth having in an ad blocker.

Both products offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can feel free to take a test drive to make sure it suits your needs.

Winner: Total Adblock is not only cheaper in price every month, but it offers more ad blocking capabilities.

Total Adblock vs. Proton VPN NetShield: Features

Our Pick
Malicious ad warning
Ads blocked counter
Paywall blocker
Block pop-up ads
Block tracking
Block video ads
Block banner ads
Block push ads
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Total Adblock offers a suite of features we think are necessary for an ad blocker, like:

We were impressed by Total Adblock’s “set it and forget it” approach to blocking ads. Once we set everything up, we didn’t have to monitor or babysit at all. We just scrolled the web, which was clear of the visual ad clutter. Our tests yielded exceptional results for Total Adblock.

Total Adblock showing the number of ads blocked

Proton VPN NetShield, on the other hand, lacks a lot of the features we like to see, and in our experience, lacked the functionality as well. Proton VPN NetShield doesn’t offer whitelisting or blacklisting, did not block video ads on YouTube, nor block pop-ups, banner or push ads.

Proton VPN NetShield uses Domain Name System (DNS) filtering to block domains known to host ads, but numerous ads still slipped through the cracks. Proton VPN NetShield also blocks images, but you can still see where the ad was meant to be placed on the website.

Proton VPN showing banner area

Winner: This win goes to Total Adblock for featuring an extensive feature list of ad blocking essentials, including whitelisting, blocking YouTube ads, blocking trackers, and blocking all types of ads.

Total Adblock vs. Proton VPN NetShield: Test results

Our Pick
AdBlock Tester score 100/100 71/100
Cover Your Tracks score 2/3 2/3
Can You Block It score 3/3 1/3
YouTube ads blocked
Paywalls blocked
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Total Adblock blocked ads on YouTube, pop-ups, banner notifications, and more, scoring near-perfect marks:

  • 100/100 AdBlock Tester
  • 2/3 Cover Your Tracks
  • 3/3 Can You Block it scores

One downside we experienced was irritating pop-ups, which reminded us we were past our free trial, even though we were days away from the expiration. Annoying pop-ups from Total Adblock when the service is designed to block ads seems ironic.

Our experience with Proton VPN NetShield left much to be desired regarding ad blocking. Proton VPN NetShield failed to block YouTube ads and some additional Flash and HTML5 ads.

Overall, Proton VPN NetShield feels a little lackluster compared to Total Adblock's near perfect scoring. While Proton VPN NetShield’s ad blocking features are nice additions to its VPN features, it didn’t meet our expectations as a standalone ad blocker.

Winner: The whole point of an ad blocker is to block ads, and Total Adblock blocked a wider variety of ads, including YouTube ads.

Total Adblock vs. Proton VPN NetShield: Compatibility and customer support

Our Pick
Browser extensions Samsung Browser, Edge, Chrome, Opera, Safari
24/7 customer support
Customer support options Online guides, email, phone, and chat Live chat, email, help desk tickets, online guides
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Get Proton VPN NetShield

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Our experience using Total Adblock was seamless and straightforward. The interface was intuitive and easy to use. Once we installed the extension on Chrome, we enjoyed a hands-off, ads-free experience. We didn’t experience any glitching, and we didn’t see any ads while we were browsing.

One downside to Total Adblock is the confusing customer service options. Total Adblock offers online support guides, but finding the email, chat, and phone options is difficult. We eventually found them by searching through the Terms of Service.

Our Proton VPN NetShield experience left a lot to be desired. The extra privacy was a nice addition, but the actual ad blocking was lackluster. That said, we were happy to see Proton VPN NetShield offered multiple customer service options, such as live chat, email, online guides, and help desk tickets.

Winner: Total Adblock’s customer service might not be the most accessible, but its ability to block ads counts for more than tough-to-reach customer service.

Total Adblock vs. Proton VPN NetShield FAQs


Is Total Adblock the best ad blocker?

There are many factors to consider when choosing an effective ad blocker, and those factors vary from user to user. But we think Total Adblock’s scores speak for themselves. For users looking to block all types of ads, including YouTube ads, it’s one of the best ad blockers on the market.


Why am I paying for Total Adblock?

Total Adblock offers a free version, so why are you paying for its premium plan? Well, Total Adblock’s free plan excludes 15,000 of the most popular websites from ad blocking, so the websites you’re visiting most often may be excluded on Total Adblock’s free plan.


What is NetShield on Proton VPN?

NetShield is an add-on that comes bundled with paid Proton VPN plans. NetShield blocks ads, online trackers, and malware.


Is NetShield good?

NetShield’s ad blocking functionality is a nice addition to Proton VPN, but as a standalone ad blocker, we think there are better services available. In a head-to-head comparison, Total Adblock won hands down.

Total Adblock vs. Proton VPN NetShield: Which is better?

Though Proton VPN does offer a suite of other cybersecurity services, Total Adblock comes out on top when focusing specifically on ad blocking capabilities.

Total Adblock offers an array of ad blocking features, including tracker blocking, whitelisting, and an ad block counter. We were impressed with its near-perfect testing, successfully blocking 21 ads and 227 trackers on YouTube alone. We appreciated its simple interface and effective monitoring as soon as we installed it.

Total Adblock vs. Proton VPN NetShield alternatives

Total Adblock is a top option if you want to get away from annoying ads, but many factors go into determining which ad blocker is best for you and your needs.

Below, we recommend some alternatives to Total Adblock and Proton VPN NetShield. If you’re still searching for the perfect ad blocker, look at our guide to the best ad blockers for more options.

  • NordVPN Threat Protection: NordVPN is a leader in cybersecurity, and with inclusive ad blocking and antivirus functions, this ad blocker provides an additional layer of security to your online browsing. NordVPN Threat Protection provides real-time protection and phishing safeguards, adding yet another layer against online threats.

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  • Surfshark CleanWeb Ad Blocking: This budget-friendly ad blocker blocks all ads, including YouTube ads. Surfshark really shines in blocking ads on streaming services. Surfshark also provides antivirus protection that defends against malware, viruses, Trojans, and more.

    Get Surfshark CleanWeb Ad Blocking | Read Our Surfshark CleanWeb Ad Blocking Review

  • AdLock: AdLock is a good ad blocker with a strong commitment to privacy, like no data sales to third parties and transparent privacy policies. AdLock’s paid tier provides excellent protection from data mining sites, like social media platforms.

    Get AdLock | Read Our AdLock Review

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