Is WinZip Driver Updater a Security Threat?

Do you have concerns about the WinZip Driver Updater and want to know how to get it off your device? If you think you’ve bought into a fake driver scam and need to remove it, you need to read this article.
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WinZip Driver Updater is an app that comes with claims of renewing outdated device drivers. If you’ve purchased the app, you most likely thought it could only benefit you, since drivers help software better communicate on your device. It also helps keep your machine secure. That could be why many users fall prey to the WinZip Driver Updater app.

The WinZip Driver Updater is a bit of a scam. In attempting to access the WinZip Driver website, our antivirus software blocked the path. There was a warning that the website contained PUP (potentially unwanted program) activity. In this article, we’ll cover the safety level of using this app, and give you easy steps to remove it from your device. Keep reading to learn more about this deceptive application.

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Is WinZip Driver Updater safe to use?

The WinZip Driver Updater app is not safe to use. It claims to renew your outdated drivers and aims to give you a sense that its function is beneficial. The WinZip Driver Updater is a potentially unwanted application (PUA). When you use it to scan your device, it comes back with a list of drivers that appear out of date. Then you get notified you need the full version of this software package because the freeware version won’t update the drivers.

Yet, buying the full version will do nothing to help you because it’s not confirmed that the app can definitively update any drivers. It is also distributed using the bundling method, which means you could get multiple apps at once that could contain malware, such as ransomware, adware, and spyware. In essence, you may end up downloading more than one PUA.

The WinZip Driver Updater App is a scam that can be used to gather your private data, redirect you to unwanted websites, and send you intrusive ads while you’re online. The best-case scenario for the WinZip Driver Updater is that it can be an annoyance. The worst case is that you could end up with a virus that steals your private information.

Real driver updates are required to improve device functionality, boost security, and extend the life of your computer. If your drivers are outdated, then It’s easier to download malware because your system may not have the patches that fix any missing security links.

How to uninstall WinZip Driver Updater

By now, you may be thinking things seem pretty grim if you’ve downloaded the WinZip Driver Updater. Don’t worry, there’s no need to panic. We’ve got you covered with a removal guide that can help you get the application off your device. The steps may be a tad different depending on your operating system, but it’s doable without too much fuss.

You always want to scan your device after uninstalling any PUP. Since malware can be sneaky, sometimes programs get left behind that were bundled with the PUP.

Windows 11

  1. Right-click on the start icon and go to Apps and Features.
  2. Choose the application and click the three vertical dots.
  3. Select Uninstall.

Windows 8 or 10

If you have Windows 8 or 10, follow these steps to get the WinZip Driver Updater off your machine:

  1. If you’re using Windows 10, click the Windows key and select the gear icon to go to Windows Settings. On Windows 8, you’ll open the Control Panel and select Uninstall a program under the Programs and Features tab. If you don’t see the Uninstall button, sort the View by tab by Category.
  2. Look for the WinZip Driver Updater in the list of programs. If the app is hidden, run the WinZip Driver Updater and then open the task manager. You’ll see the name under your Processes tab.
  3. Run your antivirus program’s full scan to detect malware that could get left on the device. Removing an app doesn’t always uninstall malicious files. After the scan, remove any malware found.

Windows 7 and Windows Vista

If you’ve installed the WinZip Driver Updater on your Windows 7 or Windows Vista device, uninstalling it is pretty straightforward.

  1. Click on the Windows Start button in the lower-left corner of your desktop and go to the Control Panel. Under Programs, click Uninstall a program.
  2. After uninstalling, run your antivirus software to scan for any potentially unwanted programs that could remain. Once that runs, remove any malware found.


If you’re a Mac user, your steps are going to be different from Windows, but not any more difficult. It’s simple to get the WinZip Driver Updater app off your device.

  1. Go to Finder in the lower-left corner of your desktop. On this screen, click Applications.
  2. Drag the WinZip Driver Updater app from the Applications folder to the Trash folder located in your dock. Right-click on Trash, and select Empty.
  3. Use your antivirus to scan for any remaining unwanted applications that may be left over, and remove any suspicious files the program finds.

How to detect and remove malware

You always want to use your antivirus software to check for malware even after you remove the WinZip Driver Updater app. Since it’s a bundled package and a PUP, it can leave other apps on your device that you don’t want. These programs can initiate pop-up ads and redirect you to affiliate websites where the WinZip Driver Updater app is sold.

It’s highly likely that WinZip Driver Updater came with several other PUAs. That could mean you have browser add-ons and toolbars you don’t want on your device. These can be intrusive with ads and website redirects.

You’ll want to check for these and be sure you remove them. For Windows 11, you can remove them under Apps and Features. For Windows 8 and Windows 10, you’ll go to the Control Panel and select Programs and Features. For macOS users, you can remove these PUAs by going to Finder, then Applications.

If you’ve seen signs of possible malware, always run the full system scan option of your antivirus. Look for problems like tons of annoying ads, system crashes, and sudden loss of disk space. These issues could all mean you have malware.

A thorough antivirus scan should catch any malicious files. After the scan, remove any suggested files a malware removal tool, such as Malwarebytes, recommends.

WinZip Driver Updater FAQs


Do I need the WinZip Driver Updater on my PC?

You do not need the WinZip Driver Updater on your PC because it hasn’t been confirmed that it can update any drivers. It could also be a PUP and may contain malware bundled in the download.


Is WinZip Driver Updater built into Windows 10?

The WinZip Driver Updater is not built into Windows 10. Microsoft releases updates, including driver and security fixes. WinZip Driver Updater is third-party software.


How do I uninstall the WinZip Driver Updater?

You can uninstall the WinZip Driver Updater by following the instructions above for your device and operating system. For Windows systems, it will be under the Programs section of Settings. For macOS, it’s located in the Applications section.

Bottom line

The WinZip Driver Updater is not only an app that you don’t need, it can also cause tons of issues. These can affect your device and your data. With its bundled applications, you could quickly get malware on your machine, which can cause annoying redirects and pop-ups, and your private information could be stolen by hackers.

With our easy-to-follow uninstall instructions, you’ll have no problem removing this potentially unwanted program from your device. Your antivirus program will be your best friend when scanning for any leftover PUPs. To protect your computer from the latest malware threats, read our guide for the best antivirus software.

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