Wipr vs. AdGuard 2024: Which Is the Best Blocker?

Wipr is a simple ad blocker that will improve your browsing, while AdGuard may appeal to you for its broad coverage and premium plan options. We’ll analyze their features in this ad blocker comparison.
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Best basic blocking needs

Editorial Rating
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Ad Blocker
  • Lightweight ad blocker that doesn't weigh your device down
  • One-time low cost of $1.99
  • Compatible with other ad blockers for max protection
  • Lacks standard ad blocker features like malicious link blocking and ad blocking statistics

Best for multiple devices

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Ad Blocker
  • Works seamlessly on macOS, iOS, and Safari
  • Offers lots of features, including regional filters, a firewall, custom filters, and more
  • Free version also proved to be highly effective
  • Can disrupt the appearance/functionality of sites, emails, and apps

Wipr is a low-cost ad blocker for Apple products. The $1.99 one-time fee could be appealing if you're on a budget or don’t want all the frills of advanced ad blockers.

AdGuard has a free version as well as paid plans that cover three to nine devices. It also offers extensive compatibility with apps for desktop, mobile, and browsers.

This article will include the features, prices, and test results so you can choose the best ad blocker for your device.

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Wipr vs. AdGuard: which is better?

Wipr vs. AdGuard

The biggest differences between Wipr and AdGuard are the pricing format and compatibility options.

With Wipr, there is a one-time fee. AdGuard has a free plan that’s available as a browser extension. There are also two paid plans that you can pay for annually or purchase as a lifetime subscription.

AdGuard Free is available as a browser extension for Chrome, FireFox, Safari, and more. AdGuard’s paid plans include apps for desktop and mobile. Wipr was created for Apple, so you can get it for your iOS or macOS devices.

Best for Basic ad blocking needs Multiple devices
Price $1.99 one-time fee $2.49-$5.49/mo
Ads blocked on Forbes 9 14
Does it block YouTube ads? Yes Yes
Compatibility Safari, macOS Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera, Yandex, Windows, macOS
Mobile compatibility iOS iOS, Android
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Wipr pros and cons

  • One-time low-cost
  • Wipr Extra blocks YouTube ads in Safari
  • No data logs
  • Limited to iOS and macOS
  • Struggled with blocking trackers

AdGuard pros and cons

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • No system speed interference
  • Compatible with numerous browsers
  • You must install the extension on each browser used
  • Difficult to interpret blocking stats

Wipr vs. AdGuard: prices

Our Pick
Price range $1.99 one-time fee $2.49-$5.49/mo
Best value plan $1.99 one-time fee AdGuard Family for $5.49/mo
Free version available
Money-back guarantee Yes — 30 days Yes — 60 days
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Wipr has one pricing option available. It’s an inexpensive price for an ad blocker, at $1.99 one-time fee. It makes the product ideal for those looking for more simplicity and less cash out of pocket.

AdGuard has a free plan for those who don’t want the commitment of a paid service with basic ad blocking coverage. There are also two paid options, depending on the number of devices you want to include and the length of your subscription term.

We chose AdGuard Family as the best value because it covers up to nine devices compared to the Personal plan, which covers only three. We felt the extra cost was worth the coverage.

Wipr includes a 30-day money-back guarantee to try the product. AdGuard also includes a 60-day money-back guarantee, giving you plenty of time to test the ad blocker.

Winner: Wipr wins with a lower price than AdGuard’s paid plans. AdGuard has a broader pricing structure and more device coverage, making it worth the cost of investment for many people.

Wipr vs. AdGuard: features

Our Pick
Ads blocked counter
Bypasses paywalls
Block pop-up ads
Block tracking
Block video ads
Block banner ads
Block push ads
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AdGuard allows you to block countless types of content. You can block ads, stay protected from malicious content, protect your privacy from trackers, and even implement parental controls on your children’s devices. You get an impressive lineup of features for those who want more browsing control at their fingertips.

We also like that AdGuard includes an ads blocked counter along with detailed statistics, so you can keep track of how much is being blocked. Wipr doesn’t include an ads blocked counter, so it’s hard to confirm how well it works.

AdGuard is enabled with a green check mark and shows the number of blocked ads.

AdGuard and Wipr both allow you to whitelist content, so you can allow ads to come in from specific websites if you want to support chosen content creators. AdGuard also provides blacklisting so you can actively prohibit certain ads.

Wipr claims to block ads, trackers, cryptocurrency miners, as well as other annoyances. By doing so, Wipr saves you time and battery life for a cleaner browsing experience. However, Wipr’s lack of features may limit the product’s capabilities.

When looking at the two side by side, you need to choose if you want essential ad blocking or more control with increased functionality over the ads you see.

Winner: AdGuard wins with more features for comprehensive blocking and a more detailed user experience.

Wipr vs. AdGuard: test results

Our Pick
AdBlock Tester score 100/100 100/100 (macOS), 94/100 (Windows)
Cover Your Tracks score 1/3 2/3
Can You Block It score 3/3 3/3
YouTube ads blocked
Paywalls bypassed
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Both ad blockers received perfect scores with AdlBock Tester and Can You Block It. These results confirm that Wipr and AdGuard can block a range of different ads, like banners, interstitials, and obnoxious pop-up ads. AdGuard didn’t receive a perfect score when switching to Windows, but it still performed well.

As far as tracker blocking, neither ad blocker had perfect scores in the Cover Your Tracks test. AdGuard outperformed Wipr by providing complete protection against tracking ads and invisible trackers. Wipr’s partial protection may be concerning because it means you won’t have as much coverage for tracking ads.

Cover Your Tracks test results for Wipr.

Luckily, both Wipr and AdGuard have kept up with blocking YouTube ads following its crackdown on ad blockers. Wipr specifically developed Wipr Extra to block content on websites like YouTube, when its Content Blocker API isn’t powerful enough.

The YouTube homepage alongside the AdGuard interface indicated how many ads were blocked on YouTube.

Winner: AdGuard wins this round. Although Wipr did well overall, AdGuard stands out with better blocking capabilities.

Wipr vs. AdGuard: compatibility and customer support

Our Pick
Browser extensions Safari Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Yandex, Edge, Safari
24/7 customer support
Customer support options Email, online guides Email, online guides, support forums
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Wipr was easy to use and set up. The interface navigation is so simple, catering to those who don’t want or need much customization. There wasn’t much for us to do when testing the product except to turn it off and on.

Wipr refreshes in the background to ensure it can flag and then block all the latest ads and trackers.

However, it’s more limited in its compatibility, as it works only with iOS and macOS systems. But we’re glad that Wipr is available, considering that many software developers leave out coverage for Apple products.

Our AdGuard interface experience was also seamless. The installation worked like a charm, just note that you might need to update your privacy settings to allow access to the blocker. That’s an easy process and typical with various software programs, so we weren’t bothered by this.

We gave AdGuard a good run, and it performed without issues. We watched YouTube without annoying ads creeping up and didn’t need to worry about trackers. It also surprisingly saved a bit of data along the way.

The AdGuard app Stealth Mode and general options.

Neither product has 24/7 customer support, which is disappointing, but they have other avenues for assistance. Both services provide email support as well as online guides for troubleshooting. AdGuard has the added bonus of support forums to chat with other AdGuard users.

Winner: AdGuard wins as it has more compatibility than Wipr. Both interfaces were easy to use, and installing the software was a simple process.



Is Wipr a good ad blocker?

Wipr is a good ad blocker. It’s lightweight and won’t slow your online browsing experience. If you’re looking for a streamlined ad blocker without extra features, Wipr is a good choice.


Can AdGuard be trusted?

AdGuard can be trusted, and since it’s open-source software, you can look at the coding details to check for security issues. Since ad blockers protect you from ads and trackers, it’s also much safer than exposing your computer to adware or sharing personal data.


Does Wipr block ads in apps?

Wipr will block ads in apps that use Safari. In our testing, we found that certain apps like YouTube didn't block ads, but when we used Safari to view the content, YouTube didn’t display the ads.


What is better than AdGuard?

AdGuard is a good ad blocker, but it’s not the only one available. If you need a more comprehensive product, then NordVPN Threat Protection includes a virtual private network (VPN) as well as malware protection.

Wipr vs. AdGuard: which is better?

Wipr and AdGuard are two solid ad blockers with different strengths.

Wipr offers a more simplistic experience and caters only to iOS and macOS users. It’s proficient at blocking ads and can even stop YouTube ads with Wipr Extra. However, it might be too bare bones and it struggled with blocking trackers.

AdGuard offers extensive compatibility along with lots of options for blocking content. It passed almost all of our tests with flying colors and proved effective against trackers. If you want a more customizable product with more features, then AdGuard is the better overall ad blocker.

Ad Blocker
AdGuard Ad Blocker
  • User-friendly ad blocker that offers broad coverage across browsers and devices without compromising device speed
  • The free version provides basic extension-only coverage, while the premium plans boast robust app coverage
  • App plans include parental controls, browsing security, browser assistant, DNS leak protection, and a VPN
  • Ad-blocking statistics can be hard to interpret
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Wipr vs. AdGuard alternatives

If AdGuard isn’t quite what you wanted and Wipr is too basic for your needs, other ad blockers might suit you more. Each alternative provides benefits and prices that may prove a better choice for your needs.

Threat Protection

Best for Best for blocking YouTube ads Best overall Best for blocking streaming ads
Price Starts at $1.59/mo (billed annually) Starts at $3.39/mo (billed every two years) Starts at $2.19/mo (billed biennially)
Free version?
Adblock Tester score 100/100 93/100 96/100
Cover Your Tracks score 2/3 2/3 0.5/3
Can You Block It score3/3 2/3 3/3
Blocks YouTube ads?
Compatibility Windows, Mac, Chrome, Edge, Opera, Amazon Fire, Safari, Android, iOS Threat Protection:
Windows, macOS

Threat Protection Lite:
Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, Chrome, Edge, Firefox

Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, FireTV
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Best Basic Adblocker — Including YouTube Video Ads
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