Bitdefender Internet Security vs. Total Security 2024: Two Plans, One Big Difference

Deciding between Bitdefender’s Internet Security plan and its Total Security plan comes down to your operating system and individual needs.
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It can sometimes be confusing to choose security software, especially if you’re looking at two different versions of Bitdefender. Both of these top-notch plans have more to offer than the free version or Bitdefender AntiVirus Plus, but only one includes mobile security.

If you’re looking for malware protection, anti-spam and anti-phishing technology, and other security solutions for your Windows PC, Internet Security could work for you. If you’re looking for all that in an antivirus solution that also works with other operating systems, Total Security is a good choice. Let’s take a look at what’s right for you.

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Bitdefender Internet Security vs. Total Security: features comparison
Which Bitdefender plan should I get?
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Bitdefender Internet Security vs. Total Security: which should you get?

Bitdefender Internet Security vs. Total Security review at a glance

You may have heard of Bitdefender already or read our Bitdefender review. If you did and you’re trying to decide between Bitdefender Total Security and Bitdefender Internet Security, first look at how many and what kinds of devices you want to cover.

Next, decide if you need performance optimization tools or a family pack. Once you know, it should be a little easier to decide between these two paid plans.

  • Bitdefender Internet Security: Best for Windows-only users
  • Bitdefender Total Security: Best for multiple devices

Bitdefender Internet Security vs. Total Security quick comparison

Bitdefender plan Internet Security Total Security
Starting price $42.49/yr (first year only) $39.99/yr (first year only)
Number of protected devices 1, 3, 5, 10 5 or 10
Compatibility Windows Android, iOS, Windows, macOS
24/7 customer support
Real-time protection
Phishing protection
Network protection
Ransomware protection
File shredder
Parental controls
Device optimization
macOS protection
iOS and Android protection
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The main differences between Total Security and Internet Security are the device optimization tools, the number of devices covered, and the operating system compatibility.

One of the major differences is the minimum number of devices covered. On the Internet Security plan, you can cover as little as one device or as many as ten devices. Total Security only has the option for five or ten devices covered, so individuals with only one or three devices will have extra licenses left over.

Even so, Bitdefender offers a lot of features on both its paid plans. The device optimization tools are offered only on the Total Security plan, but other features like a VPN, parental controls, and phishing protection come standard for both plans.

The basic version of Bitdefender VPN only allowed us to use the automatic location feature, where the application chooses where your virtual connection is located.

Bitdefender Internet Security vs. Total Security: features comparison

Total Security and Internet Security share a lot of the same features. In fact, there aren’t a lot of differences between the two plans. If you’re torn between which one you should get or if you should get Bitdefender at all, take a look at some of the standout features offered by this cybersecurity provider.

Bitdefender Internet Security features

Internet Security makes available the features that every good antivirus should offer, like malware and ransomware protection, a firewall, real-time protection, and anti-tracking technology. It also has additional features that protect your webcam, as well as different modes for gaming, work, and streaming.

Some of the more notable features include:

  • Autopilot: Offers security recommendations based on your specific needs and processing requirements
  • Bitdefender Photon: Adapts to your unique hardware and software setup to save resources and enhance computing power
  • Microphone and webcam protection: Provides a list of apps using your microphone and webcam
  • Wi-Fi Security Advisor: Provides a diagnostic analysis of whatever Wi-Fi you’re connected to, both home and abroad

Bitdefender Internet Security is available only for Windows. If you have an Android, iOS, or macOS, you’ll need to purchase Total Security or another product.

Bitdefender Total Security features

Total Security incorporates every feature offered in Internet Security as well as the Device Optimizer tool, OneClick Optimizer, and it’s compatible with multiple operating systems. Total Security covers macOS and Android, while Internet Security covers only Windows. This could be the difference between which plan you choose.

Another notable difference is that Total Security’s minimum number of devices covered is five rather than one or three. You get either five or 10 licenses, depending on which package you choose. There is no option for a single license with Total Security.

Bitdefender Total Security includes all the features listed for Internet Security as well as device optimization and compatibility with multiple operating systems.

Total Security macOS protection

It’s not uncommon for an antivirus to limit the features available on the macOS version of its software. It’s also not uncommon for that same company to forget to mention what features are available on each operating system.

Bitdefender, on the other hand, provides you with all the information you need to see if its products offer the features you’re looking for on your specific device. The best protection for Mac offers features that enhance Mac’s already strict security rules.

Notable macOS features include:

  • Safe Files: Prevents unauthorized changes to your files
  • Adware Blocker: Stops pop-ups and removes programs and files that install adware onto your hard drive
  • Bitdefender Shield: Allows you to set and forget threat protection
  • Anti-tracker: Keeps web trackers from following you around and creating a profile of you to sell to data brokers

We tried Bitdefender's anti-tracker browser extension on Safari and Google Chrome.

Total Security iOS and Android protection

Antivirus apps for your phone can seem light on features. Bitdefender has features available for both iOS and Android, so you can keep your phones, tablets, and other mobile devices free from hackers.

Android notable features:

  • App Anomaly Detection: Assesses how other apps are accessing your data and stops intrusive behavior
  • WearON: Helps protect your smartwatch while connected to your phone
  • AppLock: Protects sensitive apps like banking and medical with an additional pin or other methods of protection you set
  • Battery and performance saver: Performs most actions in the cloud so as to not waste resources on your actual phone

iOS notable features:

  • Web Protection: Online threat and phishing protection
  • Scan: Helps you correct security issues
  • Parental controls: Helps you keep your kids safe on their mobile devices

Which Bitdefender plan should I get?

Which plan you choose is dependent on your needs. If you’re someone with one Windows computer who wants great features along with security, Internet Security is definitely the way to go. You can pay for a single license and access all of the features. You’ll also have access to Windows internal device optimization tools, so you won’t miss the ones that come with Total Security.

If you have multiple devices with different operating systems, you’ll want Total Security. Mac, Android, and iOS users won’t be able to use Internet Security at all, so making sure your antivirus software is compatible with your device can save you a lot of headaches and troubleshooting.

On Windows devices, Bitdefender offers Ransomware Remediation, a ransomware blocker that also restores encrypted files.

Don’t just assume a piece of software is compatible with your device. We learned this the hard way on one harrowing weekend with a cheeky VPN that had us stress-eating donut-shaped cereal. It’s all good, we learned our lesson and are now always on the lookout for compatibility issues.

Bitdefender Internet Security vs. Total Security pros and cons

Internet Security Total Security
  • Protection for 1, 3, 5, or 10 devices
  • Parental controls
  • Firewall
  • Available for multiple operating systems
  • Includes device optimization
  • Affordable pricing
  • Only available on Windows
  • No device optimization
  • Can purchase only 5 or 10 licenses
  • Limited function, Windows-only password manager
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Bitdefender antivirus alternatives

Bitdefender may not be the best antivirus option for you. If you’ve checked out the features and protection scores and still aren’t sure, why not look at one of these alternatives? They’re all from well-trusted, industry-leading names that know a thing or two about security.

  • McAfee: McAfee is like your cool uncle — it’s been around as long as you can remember and knows stuff. This company has been in the game for a long time. Not only does it offer stellar protection, but it also incorporates a wide breadth of features into its security products to offer you a fully rounded security suite.

    See McAfee Plans | Read Our McAfee Review
  • Avast: Avast offers a free plan as well as two paid ones. One of Avast’s strengths is its ability to be installed on multiple operating systems with any plan. You can use the Free product on your Mac or Avast One Platinum on your Android.

    See Avast Plans | Read Our Avast Review
  • Norton: Norton has so many plans: There are options for antivirus alone, antivirus plus identity theft protection, antivirus and a VPN, and more. Whatever combination you need, Norton can handle it. Plus, Norton’s been providing cybersecurity for a long time, so it really understands the intricacies of protection.

    See Norton Plans | Read Our Norton Review

Bitdefender Internet Security vs. Total Security FAQs


What’s the difference between Bitdefender Total Security and Internet Security?

There are a few differences between Bitdefender Total Security and Bitdefender Internet Security. The most notable is the lack of compatibility with the Internet Security product — it works only with Windows. Total Security covers Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, which means you can download the apps and install Total Security on your iPhone or Android phone. Total Security also offers device optimization tools.


Is Bitdefender Internet Security worth it?

If you have only one device, like a laptop, you want to cover, Internet Security could be a more cost-effective solution than Total Security. Internet Security has all of the features you want in a paid antivirus, like ransomware and phishing protection, but also has features like safe banking and social network protection.


Does Bitdefender Total Security include Internet Security?

Yes, Bitdefender Total Security includes Internet Security and all its features, as well as device optimization and compatibility with multiple operating systems.

Bitdefender Internet Security vs. Total Security: which should you get?

If you’re a one-device kind of person, go for the Internet Security option. It lets you have almost all the features of Total Security with the benefit of paying for only one license. You’ll have access to 24/7 support as well.

If you’re looking for protection for operating systems outside of Windows, Total Security is the only option. You’ll enjoy device optimization tools as well as the ability to use your antivirus software on multiple devices or share with friends and family who also need protection.

Whatever you do, and whether or not you choose Bitdefender, you should make sure you’re always using antivirus software. Internet-connected devices, be they mobile or desktops, are expensive and contain a lot of personal information. Having that fall into the wrong hands could be a headache that’s better avoided than remediated.

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