Google One VPN Review 2024: Cheap and Secure but Bare Bones

If you’re looking for a VPN that encrypts your traffic but you aren’t interested in any additional capabilities like split tunneling, torrenting, or streaming geo-restricted content, then this low-cost option might be perfect for you.
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Google One VPN
  • Low price
  • Included with Google One bundle
  • No ability to choose country server
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The Google One VPN will be discontinued at an unannounced date in 2024. Existing users will be transferred to third-party alternatives at that time.

Subscribers to Google One get several options, including photo editing, dark web monitoring, increased data storage, and a virtual private network (VPN). 

While Google One’s VPN encrypts your internet traffic, it does little else. Most free VPNs have at least two VPN servers, but Google One VPN, which is not free, doesn’t give you an option for anything other than a connection.

If you’re a VPN user looking to hide your online activity from hackers or your own internet service provider (ISP), Google One’s VPN will do that. If you want a VPN app with more robust features, you’ll need to get them elsewhere.

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Who is Google One VPN best for?
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Google One VPN features
Google One VPN prices and subscriptions
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Google One VPN test results
Google One VPN compatibility
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Google One VPN FAQs
Bottom line: Is Google One VPN good?

Google One VPN review at a glance

Price $1.99–$9.99/mo.
Free version No
Max # of connected devices 5
# of servers Unspecified number in 22 countries
VPN protocol Google proprietary protocol
Encryption AES-256
No-logs policy No logs
Headquarters Mountain View, California
Netflix access No
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Who is Google One VPN best for?

  • Recommended for someone wanting basic protection bundled into their Google account

Google One VPN is for the person who's looking to benefit from a VPN that's included in their Google One account. You can turn on the VPN and encrypt your network traffic. You also have the ability to toggle between a precise or broad region. 

And that’s it. There aren’t many features, and you don’t have the ability to choose your country or even city. It’s truly a security-only product.

Google One VPN pros and cons

  • Low price
  • Included with Google One bundle
  • Available on multiple operating systems
  • No ability to choose country server
  • No additional features

Google One VPN alternatives

If you want something more robust than Google One VPN, then you’ll need to purchase a separate product from another VPN provider. We recommend Surfshark, ExpressVPN, or NordVPN, which are some of the best VPN services available.

Each VPN offers different security features and pricing plans, but they all provide top performance and protection.

  • NordVPN: NordVPN offers several products, like a password manager and cloud storage, which can be bundled together to give you a security suite. Everything is located in a handy dashboard that gives you access to all of your Nord products, so you don’t have to worry about searching for them. It’s also great at unblocking streaming so you can watch geo-restricted content from anywhere.

    Get NordVPN | Read Our NordVPN Review

  • Surfshark: Surfshark offers a variety of plans and pricing depending on the features you choose. You could go with just the VPN or go all the way up to Surfshark One+ for identity theft protection and cybersecurity. Surfshark also offers obfuscated servers, which help hide your VPN usage and unblock geo-restricted content on streaming platforms.

    Get Surfshark | Read Our Surfshark Review

  • ExpressVPN: ExpressVPN might be a little bit pricier than its competitors, but it comes with proven security to back up its cost. It’s the only VPN to release a proprietary router that will cover your entire internet connection on every device, including smart speakers, to make sure all of your activity is concealed. ExpressVPN is so committed to security that it even built its own VPN protocol, Lightway, so it can ensure its security is top-notch.

    Get ExpressVPN | Read Our ExpressVPN Review

Google One VPN alternatives compared

Starting price Starts at $3.09/mo (billed every two years) Starts at $2.19/mo (billed every two years) Starts at $2.19/mo (billed every two years)
Number of devices 10 Unlimited 7
Server count 6,200+ in 111 countries 3,200+ in 100 countries 11,700+ in 100 countries
Streaming support
Torrenting support
Learn more See NordVPN Pricing See Surfshark Pricing See CyberGhost Pricing

Google One VPN prices and subscriptions

You won’t have to worry about decision fatigue with Google One VPN. There are three plans, Basic, Premium, and AI Premium and each of them comes with a variety of features. Beyond the VPN, these features include dark web monitoring, enhanced photo editing, and cloud storage.

The most notable is the amount of storage you receive with the Premium and AI Premium, which offer 2 TB of storage. The AI Premium plan also includes Google's AI model, Gemini.

Unfortunately, the higher-tier plans don’t get you a better VPN. Since the VPN is part of the bundle, it’s pretty basic, but it’s still a good, solid VPN for security, you just won’t get any other features found in independent VPNs.

Google One VPN cost

Plan 1-month cost 1-year cost Learn more
Google One Basic $1.99/mo $1.66/mo (billed annually) View Plan
Google One Premium $9.99/mo $8.33/mo (billed annually) View Plan
Google One AI Premium $19.99/mo N/A View Plan

Google storage plans are nonrefundable, and there's no free trial period.

Google One VPN features

There are almost no features available with Google One VPN. This is very much a security-forward product with the singular goal of keeping your data encrypted online. 

If you’re looking for features like a kill switch, multiple countries you can toggle between, split tunneling, or obfuscated servers, you won’t find that here.

Server count and countries

  • Unspecified number of servers in 22 countries

This country count tells us only that Google One VPN is available in those countries. You aren’t able to actually switch your server location manually or otherwise. The most you’re going to be able to do is use a precise or broad location, which is controlled by only a single toggle.

The countries where Google One VPN is available are:

  • Austria
  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Taiwan
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

No-logs policy and headquarters

  • Google One VPN logs policy: No logs
  • Google One VPN headquarters: Mountain View, California

Oh, Google, you slippery slope, you. Google One’s VPN comes with a no-logs policy; however, Google’s overall policy is a little less secure. 

Google is notorious for following users around the internet and creating deeply personal and varied profiles that it then uses for marketing purposes. Since Google One VPN promises it isn’t logging your data or activity, we’re going to be optimists and say it has a no-logs policy.

Our optimism aside, an independent audit from the NCC Group suggests that Google’s no-logs policy, at least where its VPN is concerned, is somewhat shaky.[1] Google has the ability to back door its way into your logs through multiple channels if it really wants. 

So the question you should ask yourself is: Do you trust Google to leave your data alone?

Our experience with Google One VPN

The Google One VPN is wrapped into the Google One subscription, so you don’t have the option to purchase just the VPN. You’ll need to have a personal, not business, Google account to access this service.

After we activated the service, we tried downloading Google One onto our iPhone 12 Pro Max. The app downloaded fine, but we couldn’t get the VPN to connect. Even after we disabled all of our other protections on our phones, it wouldn’t work. 

We ended up switching to our Windows 10 PC instead of our Mac, so we could navigate between our personal Google account and our work Google account without causing too much confusion.

The Google One VPN dashboard with the toggle being disconnected.

Once we installed the VPN on our Windows PC, it was a fairly easy experience. Since Google isn’t super forthcoming with a description of the VPN features, we started exploring, only to find out there were almost no features available. 

The extent of the customization we found was whether or not to launch the VPN when your computer starts and the ability to toggle between a precise or broad location. Other than that, you’re basically just using this for security purposes.

The Google One VPN dashboard under the customization settings page.

Google One VPN test results

We test VPNs for speed, security, and the ability to unblock geo-restricted content on streaming services. 

Netflix is our baseline streaming service, as it tends to be the most difficult to crack with a VPN. We use Ookla’s Speedtest website. Also, we run DNS and WebRTC leak tests from verified testing sites that fairly evaluate a VPN’s security. These are all standard across all of our testing.

Speed tests

  • Google One VPN speed test results: Google One VPN passed its speed tests.

Originally, we tried to install Google One VPN on our iPhone 12 Pro Max, but we couldn’t get it to connect. So we shifted to our Windows 10 PC, and we were able to install and connect the VPN with no problems. 

We experienced some lag issues when first connecting to the VPN. For anyone old enough to remember dial-up internet, it’s similar to that idea, where you have to give it a second to “boot up,” and then you’ll be able to use it without issue.

After connecting, however, we didn’t run into any problems or noticeable lag times. We noticed that the speed tests weren’t that vastly different from our normal speed without the VPN. To be honest, because of how bare-bones this VPN is, we expected the speeds to be significantly slower. We were pleasantly surprised by the results.

Speed test results for a computer without the VPN turned on.

Speed test results for Google One VPN.

Google One VPN speed test results

Test type No VPN US to US
Download speed 59.67 Mbps 44.62 Mbps
Upload speed 16 Mbps 20.72 Mbps
Latency (ping) 19 ms 27 ms
Download speed % difference N/A -25.22%
Upload speed % difference N/A +29.5%
Latency % difference N/A -42.11%

Test results as of 09/22/2023.

Google One VPN Netflix tests

  • Google One VPN Netflix test results: Google One VPN failed its Netflix tests.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to watch Netflix with Google One VPN. Netflix is sophisticated in its VPN detection, and Google One VPN isn’t sophisticated enough to beat it. 

We couldn’t even get the Netflix website to load. We tried a few different techniques, but the only solution was to turn off Google One VPN.

Google One VPN Netflix test results

US to US
Did it work with Netflix?

Test results as of 09/21/2023.

DNS and WebRTC leak tests

  • Google One VPN DNS leak test results: Google One VPN passed its DNS leak tests.
  • Google One VPN WebRTC leak test results: Google One VPN passed its WebRTC leak tests.

Domain Name System (DNS) is the internet’s phonebook. It translates the language we speak into computer language and back again, so what we type into our web browsers takes us to the page we’re looking for online. This also means that personal information like your IP address is shared in these online interactions.

When you use a VPN to encrypt your traffic, it hides that personal information so anyone spying can’t see what you’re doing. Google One VPN passed easily and, therefore, will hide your data without you needing to worry.

Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) communicates similarly to DNS by trading information, but when you’re establishing a phone or video connection. In this capacity, there’s also the potential that your IP address is leaked, so making sure your VPN masks it is essential for privacy.

Since so much of the internet uses video and audio now, WebRTC is not just for Zoom meetings and Signal calls. Google One VPN was able to successfully encrypt data when tested for WebRTC leaks.

Google One VPN compatibility

Google One VPN is compatible with The Big Four. We’re coining “The Big Four” right now, so if you see it somewhere else, just remember it was our thing first. 

In the Our Experience section, we didn’t have any luck using the VPN on our Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max but had no problem using it on our Windows 10 machine. There is troubleshooting available for compatible devices, but Linux users need to move on to another VPN. This one is not for you.

The Big Four are:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Android
  • iOS

Google One VPN customer support

Google handles customer support for Google One VPN. While there’s no mention of Google One VPN specifically on the official support site, you’ll find relevant information if you search within the support center. This isn’t the most ideal situation, as you may have to sort through lots of information to find what you need.

We do suggest only going through verified support. Look at the address bar and make sure the lock symbol is closed next to the site to verify it’s safe. Remember not to give out a credit card or personal information to anyone inquiring about it — it’s likely a scam.

Google One VPN FAQs


Is Google One VPN trustworthy?

Google One VPN is trustworthy when it comes to its protection. But since Google is a data miner in its own right, and independent testing found back-door workarounds for Google to see your data, we’re not sure if it’s trustworthy against itself.

If you’re already in the Googleverse, though, you won’t be giving up any more data than you would normally. If you’re someone who values absolute privacy, you may want to choose another service.


Is Google One VPN unlimited?

Google One VPN offers unlimited access in the sense that there are no data or speed caps. There's no limit to how much you can use the VPN. 

As far as simultaneous connections are concerned, you can have up to five simultaneous connections while using Google One VPN.


What are the disadvantages of Google One VPN?

One of the disadvantages of Google One VPN is that it’s offered by Google. We understand that Google services have permeated the zeitgeist and are now necessary for daily living, but the company sure does love to create elaborate data files for every person who lives and has lived within its scope of operation. 

Also, the VPN doesn’t have any additional features and is good only for security. If you want a VPN for torrenting or watching your favorite Hulu program, you’re out of luck.


Is Google One VPN any good?

We found Google One VPN to be basic at best, but it can protect your device while on public Wi-Fi. We just wish it included standard VPN features and more server options.


Does Google VPN slow down internet?

Google VPN only slightly slowed down our internet and increased our latency during testing. Since VPNs reroute your internet traffic through a remote server, this can have impacts on your speeds.


Is Google One VPN better than ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN outshines Google One VPN in almost every regard. Although you can get Google's VPN for a lower monthly price, ExpressVPN has a strict no-logs policy, security features like a kill switch and split tunneling, options for VPN protocol including its proprietary Lightway protocol, and the ability to unblock streaming services.

Bottom line: Is Google One VPN good?

For security purposes, yes, Google One VPN is good for keeping your traffic encrypted while online, whether at home or on public Wi-Fi. But generally, almost every other VPN has more features and functionality. 

If you’re looking to unblock streaming platforms or for torrenting purposes, you’re likely better off with Surfshark, NordVPN, or ExpressVPN. These other options are also great at protecting you from Google and its ravenous data mining policies. We aren’t sure how Google One VPN protects you from itself.

If you’re going to sign up for Google One for the other benefits like the photo editing features or additional storage, you could save money on a pricier VPN and just use the VPN while out and about to keep your data encrypted. 

And if you’re looking for a VPN to watch football online or stream a Japanese anime, you’ll need a different service. Whatever you choose, just make sure you’re using the best VPN for your needs.

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Google One VPN
  • Low price
  • Included with Google One bundle
  • No ability to choose country server
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[1] Public Report – VPN by Google One Security Assessment