Was Your Netflix Account Hacked? What To Do

Netflix is notoriously easy to get into because it doesn’t use any additional security like 2FA, but you can beat the hackers with a little knowledge and some good security software.
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There are a variety of signs that your Netflix account may have been hacked. If you receive a suspicious login email or notification, see shows pop up that you know you didn’t watch, or discover a new user on the start page, it’s likely someone else is using your account. While the mystery user could be your pesky roommate or family member, it’s more likely you’ve been hacked if your account details have changed or you’re suddenly unable to log into your account.

Netflix account credentials can be gained through phishing attempts, data leaks, or malware infections that steal your information, to name a few. Hacked accounts go for around $12 on the dark web and are surprisingly easy to get. If you have good antivirus software and stay on the lookout, you can catch and fix a hack before it becomes a big problem.

Netflix has been cracking down on password sharing, so having your account hacked not only compromises your privacy and financial information but also may lead to an account deactivation. But how do you know if your account was hacked, and what can you do about it?

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How to tell if someone hacked your Netflix account

Here are a few ways to tell if your Netflix account has been hacked. The most obvious is that you’re suddenly locked out, and when you try to reset your password, the associated email account has been changed. Locking out the original account holder means the hacker can only use the account for a short time after you report it to Netflix.

More than likely, the hacker will actually act like a squatter. You might notice shows in the watch history section of your queue that you either haven’t watched or the episode tracking is off. There could also be another profile added to your start page, although that’s equally as conspicuous as changing the credentials. Your algorithm might suggest stuff you’d never be interested in watching because the hacker’s tastes are different than yours.

Also, considering Netflix has been cracking down on password sharing, you’ll likely get a notification of access from an IP address that doesn’t match your own. Whatever way the hacker decides to use your account, it’s not just a violation of your privacy, it can compromise your personal information.

Signs your Netflix account has been hacked

Hit pause and learn the signs of a potential Netflix account breach.

  • Unprompted emails from Netflix: A warning or notification that you’re violating Netflix’s password-sharing policy or some other notification.
  • Suspicious login: An email or notification from Netflix about a suspicious login not from your IP address.
  • Strange payment method: An additional payment method you don’t recognize.
  • Unauthorized account changes: A password, email, or user account change.
  • Algorithm change: You notice suggestions in your queue that don’t match your style or interests.
  • Unrecognized content: Shows or movies in your recently played lineup that you didn’t watch.
  • Multiple notifications: Multiple notifications about unknown devices.
  • Account lockout: You try to sign into your account or reset your password and find you’re locked out.

Know the signs: safeguard your account against Netflix scams and prevent hackers from accessing your private info.

What to do if your Netflix account is hacked

If you suspect a hacker has access to your Netflix, follow these steps to recover your hacked account and mitigate potential damages.

1. Try to log into your Netflix account

If the hacker hasn’t locked you out, open a new tab in your browser and navigate to Netflix.com. It’s very important to access Netflix’s site by typing it in. Do not click any links in emails or text messages, as those could be phishing attempts.

2. Change your password immediately

Hackers are usually working with compromised credentials, as opposed to a system-wide Netflix hack, so change your current password if you suspect fraudulent activity. Once in your account, immediately go to Account Settings and change your password.

Do not reuse a previous password. For strong passwords, use a password generator. To remember strong passwords, use a password manager. If you’re an iPhone user, the iCloud keychain password manager should be able to generate a new password for you.

3. Remove unauthorized payment methods

Go into the Manage payment methods section and remove any strange payment methods. If you have the ability to enter a completely new payment method, you could do that as well.

A screenshot of how to manage payment methods if Netflix account is hacked

4. Sign out of all devices

Next, go to the Security and Privacy settings and click on Sign out of all devices. By doing that, the hacker can’t use any cookies or permissions to get back into your account and lock you out. You’ll need to re-enter your new password into each device where you watch Netflix, but that’s a small hassle next to having to recover your financial and account information.

A screenshot of how to change Security and Privacy settings if Netflix account is hacked

5. Contact Netflix support and report the suspicious activity

Make sure to call Netflix customer support or use the chat to report the incident. On the Netflix Help Center page, scroll down to Contact Us. Netflix will prompt you to describe your problem. Type “My account was hacked” or something similar. Netflix should provide a call or chat button at the bottom of the page. Let them know what suspicious notifications you received and what actions you’ve already taken.

A screenshot of how to contact Netflix Customer Support if account is hacked

6. Monitor previously connected credit card or bank accounts for any unauthorized transactions

Keep an eye on credit card or bank statements for financial accounts that were connected to your Netflix. If you call your bank or credit card company and let them know you had a possible hack on your Netflix account, they can guide you through what steps they can take to keep your financial accounts safe.

7. Make sure no other online accounts use the breached password

If you have a password manager, it can flag all the accounts using the same password and help you change those on the account websites. If you don’t, make sure you haven’t reused the password. If you have, change the password on the other accounts. Once a hacker has your Netflix email address, they’re able to find other accounts online that may use the same password.

What to do if you’re locked out of your Netflix account

If you find yourself locked out of your account, contact Netflix via phone or chat so customer support can help restore your account. Make sure when you’re talking to Netflix support that you provide them with all the information you have. Let them know if you clicked on a suspicious link or if you received any phishing emails or texts. By giving them all the information you have, you can help Netflix hunt down and stop these hackers.

Afterward, contact your financial institution and put an alert on the account you used to pay for Netflix. If you have to cancel your card, do it and get a new one issued.

How to tell if someone is using your Netflix account — and how to remove them

Hackers that want to outright steal your account are more overt. There may be a hacker, however, who’s happy just piggybacking off your account to watch for free. This can get you in trouble with Netflix as the service cracks down on password sharing.

If you notice content in your recently watched list that you don’t recognize, or if your algorithm is suddenly suggesting things outside of your preferences, there may be a squatter on your account. You can look at the devices on your account for anything unrecognized. If you aren’t sure, log out of all devices and change your current password.

1. Log into your Netflix account

Always directly log in through Netflix.com. If you’ve received an email or text message that tries to redirect you to a webpage claiming to be from Netflix, do not click any links in emails or text messages, as those could be part of a phishing attack.

2. Check the “Recently Watched” queue for unusual selections

Stay on top of your recent device streaming activity. Look through your Recently Watched queue to see if there’s anything you don’t recognize. If there’s more than one person in your household, make sure to sign each person up for their own profile so you can keep track of what you’re all watching and not assume an unrecognized show is connected to a family member or roommate.

3. Check your “My List”

Netflix allows you to compile a My List of movies, series, and documentaries you may want to watch later. Check that list to see if there is content you don’t recognize.

4. Sign out of all devices to kick out unauthorized users

In the My Account section of Netflix, you can scroll to Security and Privacy and log out of all devices. This will disable Netflix on any device where the password was saved. It’ll also nullify any cookies that may be saving the password information on a device.

5. Change your Netflix password

Change your password and use a strong password option. Use a random password generator to create a unique, strong password. Use a password manager to save the password so you don’t risk forgetting it.

6. Contact Netflix support for additional help

At the bottom of the page, click Help Center and scroll down to Contact Us. Netflix will prompt you to describe your problem. Type “My account was hacked” or something similar. Netflix should provide a call or chat button at the bottom of the page. Let them know what steps you’ve already taken.

Tips to keep your Netflix accounts safe

Always follow online safety best practices to safeguard your identity and devices. To start, be wary of phishing scams. Remember, Netflix isn’t going to email or text you a link to enter your credentials. If you do receive an email you think is legitimately from Netflix, don’t click a link. Just go to the site and see if you can find a problem. If you can’t, the message was likely a hoax. Additionally, be mindful of reused passwords. Data leaks can expose passwords that are reused and may also compromise your Netflix account.

You should be using antivirus software anyway, but if you aren’t, you should get one quickly. Using a good antivirus with phishing protection can help flag those suspicious emails and messages. It can also help you avoid malware and phishing-laden sites, as well as keyloggers who might steal your information.

  • Always log out of public devices (e.g., Airbnb, hotels, library computers, school computers, etc.).
  • Don’t share passwords outside of your household.
  • Be aware of phishing emails.
  • Don’t click on suspicious links or download attachments.
  • Use unique, strong passwords.
  • Don’t disclose personal information, account credentials, or credit card details.
  • Use antivirus software to protect against phishing, keyloggers, malware, etc.
  • Keep your antivirus software set to regular scans and real-time protection.

Best antivirus software protection for streaming

Unfortunately, Netflix doesn’t offer two-factor authentication (2FA), an additional security layer offered by most streaming services. If you want to protect yourself against hackers, malware, keyloggers, and, yes, phishing attacks, a good antivirus is the way to go.

The best antivirus software has real-time protection to stop you from accessing potential threats immediately. If you don’t have antivirus in your budget, TotalAV is a free solution that can give you the basics. For anyone wanting a little more, check out our recommendations below.



Why does my Netflix account keep getting hacked?

Repeat hacks are likely due to weak passwords or a data leak where you haven’t changed your credentials. You could also have picked up a keylogger while using public Wi-Fi. Even worse, someone may have hacked your email account, or you’ve fallen victim to a Netflix scam.

To prevent future breaches, change your password to something strong and unique. Be sure to change your password for other accounts as well. If you can, install an antivirus program that can catch keylogger programs and remove them from your device. Antivirus protection can also help block phishing attempts and malware, further securing your online data.


Can I find out who hacked my Netflix account?

While you may be able to trace the IP address of the device accessing your account, it’s likely you won’t know who the hacker is unless someone confesses. You may have a friend, ex-partner, or family member who accesses your account, but more than likely, it’s someone anonymous online.


How do I recover my Netflix account?

The only way to recover your Netflix account if you’ve been locked out is to contact Netflix. If you do find yourself locked out, make sure you cancel the card on file and contact your financial institution. If you’ve reused your Netflix password on other accounts, make sure to immediately change those passwords before the hacker finds them too.


What happens if someone has your Netflix password?

Anyone with your login credentials, including your Netflix password, can access your account. That person can lock you out or act as a squatter and watch content, hoping you won’t notice. If Netflix thinks you’re sharing passwords, you could risk having your account deactivated.


How can I see who logged into my Netflix account?

In the My Account section of Netflix, you can view the devices logged into your account. A hacker running a scam may log in and then immediately log out. Fortunately, you can sign out of all devices in your account settings and reset your password to keep them from regaining access.


How do I stop people from using my Netflix account?

The best way to stop people from using your Netflix account is to sign out of all devices and then change your password. By signing out of all devices, you nullify cookies on another device that may be storing the password. You will have to re-enter your login information on all your devices, but that’s better than getting scammed.

Bottom line

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services. Unfortunately, Netflix accounts are surprisingly easy to get into because they don’t require two-factor authentication (2FA) or biometric login details. They’re also up for relatively cheap on the internet. By using the best antivirus software and other security measures like a password manager and password generator, you can keep your account secure. Netflix isn’t cheap, and no one should be able to steal your account. Not in this economy.

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