Your State’s Top Twitch Streamer (And What They Do)

Whether you watch Twitch for the gameplay or the witty conversations, there’s a top streamer in each state, and yours might surprise you.
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Twitch is a platform that allows people to stream over the internet and collect revenue via subscriptions, advertising, and tips from followers.

Since 2020, Twitch streaming has skyrocketed, making it one of the most dominant forms of entertainment. While you may associate the platform with kids watching other kids play video games, it’s evolved far past that to include live talk radio-esque shows categorized as Just Chatting, as well as IRL (in real life), Music, Esports, and Creative.

So which streamers are most popular around the country? We gathered information on the most popular Twitch streamers for each state as well as the kind of content they’re streaming.

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Key findings

When going through the data, we weren’t surprised when we found a lot of crossovers. The most popular streamers overall also appear in multiple states. Gaming and Just Chatting dominated the topics of interest, while some of the most well-known video games on earth were also well represented. Here’s what else we found:

  • KaiCenat topped the list as the most popular streamer in 8 states.
  • At 74,000, Jynxzi has the highest number of active subscribers.
  • 19 states are fans of streamers in the Just Chatting category — more than any other category.
  • “Call of Duty” and “Apex Legends” are popular in 7 states each, making them the most popular games played by streamers on our list.

With such a wide variety of content found on Twitch streams, it’s no surprise that tastes can also vary regionally. Using a list of the top Twitch streamers in America (per Twitchmetrics), our team ran each name through Google Trends to find the most searched-for streamers in each state.

We mapped out the top Twitch streamers and streaming categories by state.

The most common trend we found wasn’t necessarily in streamers, but rather in the most popular content types. While there’s a great deal of crossover in most streams (most play a video game and also have an interaction component), the most common category was Just Chatting, where streamers can interact with their fans.

Of all the top streamers, KaiCenat was most popular in 8 states, the most of any other Twitch content creator on our list. KaiCenat’s streams mostly center around comedy and his own commentary on YouTube videos (where he’s also a content creator). The streamers who are most popular in the most states are:

  • KaiCenat: 8 states
  • NICKMERCS: 7 states
  • ohnePixel: 5 states
  • Jynxzi: 5 states
  • HasanAbi: 5 states
  • xQc: 4 states

Most subbed streamers on Twitch

Subscribers, or subs, are people who pay a monthly subscription. While you can follow anyone for free on Twitch, subs usually get perks like early access to content, exclusive content, subscriber-only chats, ad-free viewing, and more.

If you find value in a streamer’s content, the best way to show appreciation is by compensating them financially through tips and subs as well as disabling ad blockers so the streamer can collect ad revenue.

Let’s check out some of the most subbed streamers and their stats.

Jynxzi, whose real name is Nick Stewart, has the most active subscriber group. His primary game, “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Seige,” isn’t in the top 10 of most streamed games, but that doesn’t stop his subs from supporting their guy. His 6,100+ hours on “Rainbow Six Seige” is accompanied by other games like the “NBA 2K” series, “Fortnite,” “Among Us,” “Call of Duty,” and others.

Jynxzi, Gaules, and xQc topped the chart of Twitch streamers with the most active subscribers.

Jynxzi recently dethroned Kai Cenat (real name), xQc, and HasanAbi as Twitch’s most subbed content creator in April of 2023. That may have something to do with KaiCenat’s temporary ban for “repeated explicit simulated activity in GTA,” which came on the heels of winning the Streamer of the Year Award at The Streamers Awards 2023.

HasanAbi, real name Hasan Piker, falls into the Just Chatting category, as he usually supplements his gameplay with political commentary. His left-wing views have led to his nickname of “Woke Bae,” which stems from his Twitch commentary and former stint hosting the show “The Breakdown” on The Young Turks.

While not all streamers started from another platform, organic growth for NICKMERCS (Nick Kolcheff) came from his game streams dating back to 2010 on that highlighted his fun and engaging personality.

xQc, real name Felix Lengyel, also gained his following by streaming gameplay on Twitch beginning when he was 19 years old. He eventually began streaming “Overwatch,” including the 2017 Overwatch World Cup, which led to him being named most valuable player of the tournament.

Our final top streamer, ohnePixel, known by that and the first name Mark, is known as the “skins guy” for his game “CS:GO” (“Counter Strike: Global Offensive”). His extensive knowledge of the different outfittings for weapons in the game has followers calling him “the king of skins,” as well as clamoring for his content. He provides subs with tips and reviews on the different rare skins he finds for the game throughout his streams.

Most subbed streamers by category

While the Just Chatting category dominated the top subbed streamers list, a lot of people log onto Twitch for the gamers.

Whether you’re checking out a new game and watching a let’s play, wanting to figure out how to beat a certain boss, or looking for teasers for upcoming new titles, there are plenty of streamers ready to share their knowledge.

  • Each category-leading streamer has thousands of active subs, showing the large success of the platform as a whole.
  • Many streamers will duel, or play, a specific game as well as just chatting, like xQc, the top “Minecraft” streamer.

We list the top streamers in the most popular Twitch categories, including KaiCenat in Just Chatting, loud_coringa in GTA V, and Baiano in League of Legends.

While some of the categories are kid-friendly, Twitch is committed to protecting children under 13 by not allowing them on the platform. Even with teens 13 and over, you may want to view the content with them to make sure you’re comfortable with it.

Bottom line

No matter the reason, it’s easy to see why so many people love to watch Twitch streams. Whether you’re a creative looking to share your gift and earn a little extra income, or you have opinions you think people will appreciate, Twitch might be the platform where you will shine. Not ready to become a streamer? Find someone on Twitch who sparks your interest.

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  • Get streamer speeds. Want speeds like the top Twitch streamers? Look no further than our guide on internet speed for gaming.


All About Cookies collected Google Trends data on each of the 50 Most Subscribed Twitch channels overall in April 2023 based on subscriber metrics published by Twitchmetrics. Additionally, we collected data on the Most Subscribed channels in the 10 most popular categories on Twitch and the 15 Most Subscribed streamers overall.

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