1Blocker Review 2024: What Your iPhone Has Been Missing

1Blocker is a tool built exclusively for iOS, macOS, and Safari that delivers powerful protection against ads, trackers, and cookies, as well as useful controls for parents.
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  • Works seamlessly on macOS and iOS
  • Lots of options, including a firewall
  • No smart toggles in iOS Safari
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Most ad blockers are not built for Apple products. Even when there is a version compatible with iOS, macOS, or Safari, it usually has fewer features or doesn’t work quite right. On top of that, parental controls either seem hidden or nonexistent. Enter 1Blocker.

1Blocker was built specifically for Apple operating systems and the Safari browser. It integrates with not only the browser, but all apps across the device protecting you from ads, trackers, cookies, and even the dreaded comments section of some sites. 

Although the reviews online are mixed, we found this software to be highly effective and cost-efficient. With high scores from the ad-block testers we used to block ads on our YouTube app, 1Blocker passed with flying colors.

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Bottom line: Is 1Blocker good?

1Blocker overview

Ads blocked on Forbes 18/18
Adblock Tester score 100/100
Cover Your Tracks score 2.5/3
Does it block YouTube ads? Yes
Compatibility macOS, iOS, Safari
Paid version Starts at $2.99/mo

Prices as of 5/23/2023.

1Blocker pros and cons

  • Works seamlessly on macOS and iOS
  • Lots of options including a firewall
  • Inexpensive
  • No smart toggles in iOS Safari
  • Can disrupt the appearance/functionality of sites, emails, and apps

1Blocker features

The features and customization options on 1Blocker’s paid plan are extensive and highly customizable. Features for Safari are broken down into General, Regional, and Custom options.

There’s also a firewall feature that blocks in-app trackers. When you open social media apps, 1Blocker stops them from collecting data on everything else you’re doing on your device, or where you’re going if your location services are active. (Yeah, social media apps do that, and so do other apps.)


The general Safari filters include:

  • Blocking ads on sites
  • Blocking web trackers
  • Blocking annoyances such as mobile app banners
  • Blocking widgets
  • Blocking comments where they aren’t the primary focus
  • Blocking adult sites

1Blocker's list of general filters to use for ad blocking on Safari.


The regional Safari filters block ads in these specific countries:

  • Russia
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • France
  • China
  • Japan
  • Holland (Dutch)
  • Poland

1Blocker's list of regional filters to use for ad blocking on Safari.


Custom rules allow you to create your own options on webpages by using the app’s templates. These rules include:

  • Allow List (so you can allow ads on selected websites)
  • Block Sites
  • Block Cookies
  • Hide Elements
  • Force HTTPS

1Blocker's list of custom filters to use for ad blocking on Safari.


The firewall feature is useful for blocking in-app trackers. Trackers can do anything from collecting data on the other sites you’re using (and what you’re looking at on those sites) to allowing apps to continue tracking your geolocation if your location services are turned on. If you aren’t interested in being under constant surveillance, 1Blocker’s firewall can help. It even integrates with Siri to allow you to toggle off and on through voice commands.

1Blocker's firewall feature, which can be used to block in-app trackers.

1Blocker test results

We use both AdBlock Tester and Cover Your Tracks to test how well an ad blocker works. AdBlock Tester uses various analytics and advertising services to see how effective an ad blocker is when installed. Cover Your Tracks tests trackers, invisible trackers, and your online fingerprint.

Invisible trackers are code buried deep within a website that allows third-party entities the ability to build a profile of your internet activities. A fingerprint shows how unique you appear online, and the more unique you are the easier it is to identify you. If your score is general, which means you blend into the internet crowd, you’ll have more success browsing online anonymously.

We tested on both the paid and free versions of 1Blocker. The paid version was nearly perfect, with a small amount of fingerprinting. When we tested the free version, it was still pretty good but not as effective. You can only enable one type of protection on the free version, whereas the paid plan allows you to enable all protections available with 1Blocker. If you choose the free version, you may need to update your privacy settings for additional security.

1Blocker paid plan scores

AdBlock Tester Cover Your Tracks
1Blocker score 100/100 2.5/3

Test results as of 3/22/2023.

1Blocker paid plan's AdBlocker Tester results to check for ad blocking.

1Blocker paid plan's Cover Your Tracks test results to check for anti-tracking.

1Blocker free plan scores

AdBlock Tester Cover Your Tracks
1Blocker score 86/100 1.5/3

Test results as of 3/22/2023.

1Blocker free plan's AdBlocker Tester results to check for ad blocking.

1Blocker free plan's Cover Your Tracks test results to check for anti-tracking.

Does 1Blocker block YouTube ads?

Yes, 1Blocker does a great job of blocking YouTube ads without lag time. Because 1Blocker is built to run on an operating system rather than a browser, it even blocks ads in the YouTube app on an iPhone and iPad. That means no more going through Safari for ad blocking when you want to watch a video.

1Blocker also gives you the ability to toggle off ad blocking so you can continue to support your favorite creators with ad revenue. If you’re using it on a Mac, you can toggle off from the browser extension. If you’re using 1Blocker on an iOS device, you can toggle off ad blocking within the app itself. Either way, this powerful tool lets you choose.

YouTube video playing a Citi card ad because 1Blocker is not on.

YouTube video playing an ad because 1Blocker is not on.

YouTube video playing with no ads because 1Blocker is turned on.

YouTube video with no ads because 1Blocker is turned on.

Our 1Blocker experience

Before we tested 1Blocker, we went to sites such as Reddit to see what actual 1Blocker customers had to say. For the most part, commenters seemed to like it. We started our test with the free version and were impressed with the ad-blocking capabilities. Once we moved to the paid version we were very impressed.

1Blocker improved our iOS and macOS experience. We were able to seamlessly browse the web, use apps, and click links without worrying about constant tracking. One caveat is that we found certain aspects of the apps didn’t work as well with all functions of 1Blocker turned on. We also found that some images failed to load on sites and within emails. 

An email from the LAist where images didn’t show because 1Blocker’s protections were turned on.

An email from the LAist where images didn’t show because 1Blocker’s protections were turned on.

This was an easy fix, however. 1Blocker allowed us to toggle off the firewall for a certain amount of time, which allowed us to view these images (that we realized were laden with trackers).

1Blocker’s firewall with a pop-up for its Pause or Turn Off options.

1Blocker’s firewall Pause or Turn Off option, which makes the app easy to use.

Overall we found 1Blocker useful and powerful. The only caveat was the inability to easily toggle the ad blocker off and on in Safari on iOS. This was strictly an iOS problem and didn’t happen when we used 1Blocker on Safari on our Macbook Pro. Otherwise, we had a positive experience and definitely recommend the product if you’re looking for a powerful tool for macOS or iOS.

1Blocker compatibility

1Blocker is built exclusively for macOS, iOS, and Safari. If you’re hoping to install it on other browsers such as Chrome, Edge, or Firefox, or on a Windows, Linux, or Android device, you won’t be able to do that.

Because 1Blocker is built for Apple devices, it integrates seamlessly with each operating system and syncs across your devices. We’ve been using 1Blocker on our Mac and iPhone and the permissions and whitelists transfer. We’re also able to share it through Apple’s Family Sharing with our family members for no additional cost.

1Blocker paid plan

If you want to get the most out of 1Blocker by accessing all the content blocking it has to offer, you’ll need to go with a paid plan. In addition to unlocking all the current features, you’ll also receive weekly updates and new features before they’re released to those using the free plan.

There are three subscription models offered. The first tier is monthly and comes in at a reasonable $2.99 a month. The annual plan is $14.99, which is also reasonable. There’s also a lifetime plan for $38.99 that’s a one-and-done payment. If you plan on using 1Blocker for three or more years, consider the one-time payment plan and never worry about it needing to renew.

1Blocker's paid plan options, along with paid plan features (weekly updates, all Safari filters, and advanced customization).

1Blocker paid plan prices

1Blocker free plan 1Blocker paid plans
Price Free Starts at $2.99/mo
Blocks web trackers
Blocks ads on websites
Blocks annoyances
Blocks widgets
Blocks site comments
Blocks adult sites
Blocks in-app trackers
Regional blocking capabilities
Whitelisting from Safari
Whitelist synchronization
Weekly rule updates
Use all Safari filters at once
Advanced customization options
Details Learn More Learn More

Prices as of 5/23/2023.

1Blocker FAQs


How much does the 1Blocker app cost?

1Blocker is $2.99/mo, $14.99/yr ($1.25/mo), or you can purchase a lifetime subscription for $38.99.


Is there a 1Blocker app for iPhone?

Yes, 1Blocker has an app available for all iOS devices including iPhones. You can find it in the Apple App store.


Does 1Blocker work on YouTube ads?

Yes, 1Blocker is extremely effective on YouTube ads. Because it’s built for the operating system and not the browser, it even works in the YouTube app to block ads. Unlike other ad-blocking browser extensions where you have to open YouTube in your browser, 1Blocker allows you to continue using the convenience of your YouTube app without waiting for ads.


What is the difference between 1Blocker free and paid?

1Blocker free allows you to toggle on one permission at a time. This means you can turn on blocking for ads, comments, widgets, trackers, or any of its other features one at a time. If you would like to enable all features at once, you’ll need a paid plan.

Bottom line: Is 1Blocker good?

Yes, 1Blocker is a powerful and useful tool. Although other ad blockers such as AdGuard or Adblock Plus do work on Apple devices (uBlock Origin, one of the best ad blockers, doesn’t work on Safari at all), 1Blocker was built specifically for these operating systems and integrates beautifully. It provides you with features to keep yourself from being tracked and to allow a clean browsing experience.

There are some slight issues with 1Blocker, such as the inability to easily toggle off and on in Safari on iOS devices, that keep 1Blocker from being perfect. However, the protection, parental controls, and customization options make up for that issue in our opinion. If you’re looking for a way to enhance your experience on your iOS, macOS, and Safari devices, 1Blocker may be the perfect solution.

1Blocker is one of the best apps for Mac, Safari, and iOS devices. Although there may be a ton of options out there, it’s good to know something is built specifically for these operating systems. If you’d like to learn about other ad blockers for Apple products, you can visit the link above.

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On 1Blocker's website

  • Works seamlessly on macOS and iOS
  • Lots of options, including a firewall
  • No smart toggles in iOS Safari
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