Djordje Djordjevic

Djordje Djordjevic
About Djordje

Djordje is a seasoned technical writer and editor with over 11 years of experience, specializing in cybersecurity for the past six years. His expertise covers a wide range of areas, including VPN software, online privacy, secure torrenting, geo-unblocking, and cybercrime, with a particular interest in malware detection and prevention.

Before his current role, Djordje held senior writing positions at TheVPNLab and served as a VPN expert at VPNOverview. There, he conducted hands-on testing and authored reviews. His insights on the risks of illegal streaming have been prominently featured in publications like PCMag and Tech Times. Djordje's work has also been showcased in VPNOverview.

When he's not sharing his thoughts on cybersecurity, he enjoys reading fantasy books and playing Magic the Gathering.

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  • Completed three years of law school from UUSL
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