Is FlixTor Safe? Expert Tips for Securing Your Streams

Discover how to stream FlixTor movies and TV shows safely with top-notch VPNs, antivirus software, and ad blockers.
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FlixTor is a free streaming site. It's also illegal, and can be high risk, if you go in unprotected. The dangers you could face range from malware and data leaks to legal problems.

So, is FlixTor safe? No!

However, you can make it safe by using good security tools like a reliable VPN (virtual private network) and antivirus program. Keep reading to learn all about FlixTor and how to stay safe on this free streaming service.

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What is FlixTor?

FlixTor is a free streaming site that lets you watch movies and TV shows online. You can filter the content by genre, country, year (back to the 1910s), rating, and quality. It also has a Trending page dedicated to newly released titles.

FlixTor homepage

The user interface is simple and user friendly; you'll have no problem finding your way around. You can browse its vast library or use precise filters to find a specific title. FlixTor is also ideal for streaming movies you can't find anywhere else. Looking for a cryptic Japanese film from the 1960s? You'll probably find it here.

Is FlixTor VIP worth it?

Unlike most free streaming sites, FlixTor offers a VIP membership for a fee. It brings several quality-of-life benefits, like downloading videos and getting priority support. Free users supposedly can’t stream movies older than 6 months and shows older than 3 months. However, we watched a bunch of old movies without the VIP membership. Also, we saw very few ads during our testing.

FlixTor Plans

VIP truly makes a difference in avoiding server crowding and accessing HD titles. If you're an avid FlixTor user, you might want VIP just for these two perks. Conversely, we don't recommend going VIP if you're a casual streamer.

We like FlixTor's approach to billing -- they offer plenty of options and never auto-renew your payments. The prices range from $14.95 for 30 days to $89.95 for 2 years. The site accepts credit/debit cards and PayPal. However,, the authorized reseller of FlixTor VIP keys, supports many more payment methods. If you want to stay anonymous by paying with crypto, you can do it there.

FlixTor VIP

If you want to watch free movies occasionally, you don't need FlixTor VIP. On the other hand, if you can't miss a new release and want it in 1080p, you might consider donating.

No, FlixTor is illegal. It distributes copyrighted films and TV shows, thus participating in copyright infringement and piracy. This directly violates copyright laws in many countries, including the U.S.

So, as the end user, you also have some serious legal consequences to consider. Depending on your country, illegal streaming can result in warnings, fines, and even jail time. Moreover, your internet service provider (ISP) can give your information to the authorities if subpoenaed to do so.

Casual watching (you’re not profiting from illegal streaming) can lead to a civil lawsuit. You can be found liable for damages, statutory damages, and lost profits. There’s a limit of $150,000 for each infringed copyright.

Know your copyright laws. It’s crucial to check your local and regional copyright laws since different rules and regulations apply worldwide.

Is FlixTor safe?

Like many unofficial streaming websites, FlixTor comes with its share of risk. The most common pitfalls include:

  • Legal problems: As an illegal streaming platform, FlixTor can expose you to fines and other legal repercussions.
  • Phishing: Scammers love creating phishing copycats of FlixTor. The attacker can email you a link to its fake FlixTor and steal the info you share there. If you share your payment info on the phishing site, the criminal can use it to access your bank account.
  • Malware: FlixTor copycats are also riddled with malware. They can infect your device to steal private info, spy on you, or lock your system and demand ransom. Even FlixTor's official domains can be hijacked and infused with malware.
  • ISP monitoring: Your ISP can see your illegal streaming. They can react by shutting down your connection or reporting you to the authorities.

How to secure your FlixTor streams

With the right tools, you can stay safe on FlixTor. See which tools we recommend:

Install a good VPN

A VPN is a must-have for questionable streaming websites like FlixTor. Here are some of the most important benefits:

  • Enhanced privacy: A VPN will mask your IP address, hiding your location and identity. It makes you anonymous since your traffic can never be traced back to you.
  • Enhanced security: VPN encryption will hide your traffic from any prying eyes. They'll see only a jumble of random letters and numbers. Your ISP can detect your VPN usage but can't know what you're actually doing online. This will prevent ISP throttling and potential removal from their service.
  • Bypassing geo-blocks: A good VPN will allow you to access content unavailable in your country. Even if your government actively blocks streaming sites, you can still access them. The authorities are also known for blocking legal streaming platforms.

VPNs add a layer of privacy and security to your streams. They keep you anonymous and hide your traffic from prying eyes. However, you must choose a reliable service. Therefore, we recommend avoiding "free" unlimited VPNs that usually provide zero protection. For best results, take a look at our top picks below.

Best VPNs for FlixTor

We recommend NordVPN, Surfshark, and ExpressVPN as our top three VPNs for FlixTor. Here is a brief overview of their benefits and features.

  • NordVPN: With over 6,200 ultra-fast servers in 97+ countries, secure protocols, a no-logs policy, and Threat Protection (blocks malware, ads, and trackers), NordVPN is the ideal tool for your privacy and security.

    Get NordVPN | Read NordVPN Review

  • Surfshark: Surfshark lets you secure an unlimited number of devices while offering 3,200+ fast servers in 100 countries and blocking ads and malware with its CleanWeb feature. It also supports WireGuard, has a double VPN feature, a verified no-logs policy, and offers competitive pricing.

    Get Surfshark | Read Surfshark Review

  • ExpressVPN: Renowned for its high-speed servers and strong encryption protocols, ExpressVPN boasts servers in 105 countries. It offers superior privacy protection with its TrustedServer technology and a verified no-logs policy, making it an excellent choice for safeguarding your identity and ensuring secure, anonymous streaming on FlixTor.

    Get ExpressVPN | Read ExpressVPN Review

Use a reliable antivirus program

As mentioned, you must keep malware in mind when dabbling with FlixTor. A robust antivirus program is your first line of defense against these threats. Here's what a good malware scanner can offer:

  • Malware protection: Malicious copies of FlixTor can infect your device with malware. These programs can cause all sorts of nasty problems, ranging from lag to full-blown identity theft. Keeping them at bay will ensure your safety on a free movie site like FlixTor.
  • Keylogger defense: Antivirus software can prevent hackers from installing keyloggers on your device. With a keylogger, they can record your keyboard strokes and steal anything from your passwords to credit card numbers.
  • Phishing prevention: Most antivirus programs will warn you of potential phishing attacks and block access to malicious websites. They can also scan emails and other messages and flag suspicious calls to action.

Enable an ad blocker

Ads are usually just a nuisance. However, malicious ads served by FlixTor copies can cause severe damage; they can be gateways for malware or phishing attacks.

We recommend using proven tools like uBlock Origin for a safer streaming experience. You also can't go wrong with any of our top ad blockers for this year.

Is FlixTor still available?

Like many illegal streaming platforms, FlixTor survives by using new domains. This instability and constant domain switching gave rise to the aforementioned copycats. It's very difficult to keep track of all the changes, and the criminals will prey upon unsuspecting streamers. So, if you're determined to stream on FlixTor, we recommend doing your research and making sure to avoid malicious copies.

Which FlixTor domains are safe to use?

FlixTor provides a list of its official domains. They all have a digital PGP signature and hash. Tech-savvy users can use these to verify the authenticity of any given domain.

However, the issue of legality remains, even on official FlixTor websites; you're still consuming pirated content. Moreover, although safer than copycats, official sites are also not immune to cyberattacks. Using the tools we recommended is the only way to stay safe on any iteration of FlixTor.

The official list of FlixTor domains includes:


What are the best FlixTor alternatives?

If you prefer a legal streaming site, consider these top five free streaming platforms we carefully picked as the best FlixTor alternatives:

  • TubiTV (US only): This platform stands out for its legal, ad-supported streaming, offering a wide array of movies and TV shows free of charge. Its extensive library caters to all tastes, making it a go-to for budget-savvy cinephiles.
  • Popcornflix (Canada and the US): Embracing diversity, Popcornflix delivers a broad spectrum of genres for free, powered by ads. Its straightforward access to an eclectic mix of content appeals to explorers of cinematic variety.
  • MoviesJoy: Known for fewer ads and a robust selection, MoviesJoy presents an up-to-date catalog, ensuring a seamless viewing experience for those chasing the latest releases.
  • Crackle (US only): A Sony venture, Crackle mixes free, ad-supported viewing with original productions, offering a unique blend of classic and exclusive content that appeals to connoisseurs of variety.
  • Vudu (US only): With its "Movies on Us" section, Vudu provides free, ad-supported access to HD movies and TV, balancing quality visuals with no subscription fees, ideal for quality-conscious viewers.

You can access the US-only services by using one of our recommended VPNs.

Is FlixTor safe FAQ


Is FlixTor app free?

Yes, FlixTor apps are free but you can unlock additional features by purchasing FlixTor’s VIP membership. So, FlixTor falls in the freemium category.


Does FlixTor have viruses?

While the official site is generally safe, it’s always wise to use robust antivirus software as a precaution. FlixTor also has a lot of copycats that are generally riddled with malware.


FlixTor streams copyrighted content without permission, which is illegal and a direct violation of copyright laws in many countries.


How to stay safe on FlixTor?

Use a robust VPN combined with antivirus software, and consider an ad blocker for enhanced safety and security.


What can I watch on FlixTor?

FlixTor offers a wide range of movies and TV shows across genres and from various countries.

Bottom line

FlixTor is an illegal and potentially dangerous streaming platform. Yes, it allows you to watch movies and TV shows for free, but it also carries a lot of risk. Potential consequences can range from malware infection to legal problems. Criminals will also create copies and use them for phishing and other scams.

The only way to stay safe on FlixTor is to use solid privacy and security tools. This includes a reliable VPN, an antivirus program, and an ad blocker if the first two don't come with one. Even with all these apps, there's still the issue of streaming pirated content. So, we recommend studying your local laws and sticking with legal websites.

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