The Most Popular Rom-Com in Each State [2023]

We found out which romantic comedy is most popular in every state in the country. Is your favorite on the list?
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With love in the air this February, romantic comedy fans (and their partners) are looking forward to cuddling up and watching their favorite actors fumble into meet-cutes, agonize over long-distance love, and finally get “the one that got away.” And there’s no shortage of options to choose from on Netflix. Thank stars like Matthew McConaughey and Sandra Bullock for that.

Given that Netflix is the No. 1 movie streaming service in the world, our team at All About Cookies wanted to take a deeper look at Netflix’s library of romantic comedy films to find out which is the most beloved in every state. Using Google Trends we were able to collect data on more than 90 romantic comedies currently available to watch on Netflix and find out which one is the most popular by state.

And because real rom-com fans aren’t just in love with the movies, but also the actors (many of whom recur in the genre), we also surveyed 1,500 people to find out America’s most popular rom-com actors and actresses in cinema.

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We found the most popular Netflix romantic comedies in every U.S. state.

Each state's most popular Netflix romantic comedy

State Region Movie
Alabama South Forrest Gump
Alaska West The Kissing Booth 3
Arizona West Candy Jar
Arkansas South Christmas Inheritance
California West Scott Pilgrim vs The World
Colorado West The Clapper
Connecticut Northeast Set It Up
Delaware South When We First Met
District of Columbia South Notting Hill
Florida South Grease
Georgia South Forrest Gump
Hawaii West 28 Days
Idaho West He's All That
Illinois Midwest Grease
Indiana Midwest #RealityHigh
Iowa Midwest Christmas Wedding Planner
Kansas Midwest Grease
Kentucky South The Last Summer
Louisiana South Grease
Maine Northeast The Nutty Professor
Maryland South A Perfect Pairing
Massachusetts Northeast Wedding Season
Michigan Midwest Wedding Crashers
Minnesota Midwest Love, Guaranteed
Mississippi South Meet the Browns
Missouri Midwest Christmas Inheritance
Montana Midwest The Lovebirds
Nebraska Midwest The DUFF
Nevada West Irreplaceable You
New Hampshire Northeast A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby
New Jersey Northeast Alex Strangelove
New Mexico West Scott Pilgrim vs The World
New York Northeast Wedding Season
North Carolina South #RealityHigh
North Dakota Midwest The Princess Switch
Ohio Midwest Alex Strangelove
Oklahoma South Tramps
Oregon West Ibiza: Love Drunk
Pennsylvania Northeast The Clapper
Rhode Island Northeast Set It Up
South Carolina South Forrest Gump
South Dakota Midwest Scott Pilgrim vs The World
Tennessee South Forrest Gump
Texas South Grease
Utah West Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga
Vermont Northeast Love Hard
Virginia South The Last Summer
Washington West Love, Guaranteed
West Virginia West The Kissing Booth 3
Wisconsin Midwest The Holiday Calendar
Wyoming Midwest Grease

Across the country, 32 different movies were most popular in at least one state. The full state-by-state results can be seen above. When evaluating the results further, some interesting trends emerge.

In terms of overall popularity, a trio of well-known romantic comedies from three different eras were the most beloved.

Taking the number one spot was 1978’s Grease, a movie that has been delighting fans for 45 years. The classic movie starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John was the most popular rom-com in six different states, the highest total of any other movie in the romantic comedy genre currently available on Netflix.

The only other movie that was the most popular rom-com in at least five states was 1994’s best picture winner Forrest Gump, which was tops in exactly five states. And yes, it’s a rom-com: We only looked up movies classified by Netflix as romantic comedies in our analysis.

The third most popular romantic comedy movie on Netflix isn’t quite as iconic as Grease or Forrest Gump, but it is a beloved cult classic. That would be 2010’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, which was the most popular rom-com in three states.

Netflix originals vs. theatrical releases

One interesting trend was how prevalent Netflix original films were throughout the final results. Netflix started producing and releasing their own movies and TV shows in 2012, and Netflix originals currently account for just over half of all content available on the service.

This trend followed in our analysis. While the three most popular rom-coms overall on the platform are traditional theatrical releases (and all produced before Netflix began making original programming), Netflix originals make up a greater portion of the overall results than traditional films across the country.

America’s favorite romantic comedy actors and actresses

In addition to analyzing Google Trends data relating to specific movies, we also surveyed 1,500 people to find out which romantic comedy actors are their favorites.

We polled 1,500 U.S. adults to find out who are the most favorite romantic comedy actors and actresses. Kevin Hart and Sandra Bullock topped the list.

When it comes to leading men, comedian Kevin Hart took the top spot. While none of his movies were the most popular rom-com in any state this year, his Netflix original film Fatherhood was one of the most-watched movies on the platform following its release in 2021, according to data collected by Flix Patrol.

Among actresses, Sandra Bullock’s illustrious career clearly conquered the hearts of the respondents to be crowned the romantic comedy queen. One of her movies, 2000’s 28 Days, was the most popular romantic comedy movie in the state of Hawaii last year.

Two other top actors can be seen in rom-coms on Netflix that were most popular in at least one place each. Those actors are Bradley Cooper, who appears in Michigan’s favorite romantic comedy Wedding Crashers, while the Julia Roberts classic Notting Hill was most popular in Washington, D.C.

Bottom line

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All About Cookies curated a list of romantic comedies from "Best Romantic Comedies on Netflix" articles online, all of which were published or updated in January 2023. We also included all movies found in the "Popular on Netflix" section of the site's "Romantic Comedies" category on January 18, 2023.

In total, we collected data on 91 different Romantic Comedies currently available on Netflix. Google Trends data for each movie was collected in January 2023, with search parameters set to cover "The United States" for the time frame covering "Past 12 months." Ties within a state were broken by comparing tied shows directly in Google Trends with the specific state chosen as the geography.

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