Poper Blocker Review 2024: Does It Burst the Ad Popper Bubble?

Discover why Poper Blocker is a satisfactory ad blocker for Chrome and Edge users, despite some limitations with its free version and a lack of Firefox compatibility.
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Ad Blocker
Poper Blocker
  • Blocks ads on websites, YouTube, and social media sites
  • Hides cookie requests and website notifications
  • Only the Pro version actually blocks ads
  • Pop-up blocker extension for Firefox is unavailable

We tested Poper Blocker and discovered it can block ads on websites, YouTube, and social media sites. Additional features like hiding cookie requests and website notifications can help make your online browsing experience more pleasant.

That said, we were still unimpressed with Poper Blocker, particularly because its free version didn’t block any ads until we signed up for a free trial to test its Pro plan. The ad blocker also lacked tracker-blocking capabilities, and its Mozilla Firefox extension was unavailable for download, even though its website advertises a download page for it.

Continue reading as we review Poper Blocker’s features, free version and pricing plans, browser extensions for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, and our experience testing its ad-blocking capabilities.

  • Blocks ads on websites
  • Blocks ads on YouTube
  • Blocks ads on social media sites like Facebook
  • Only the Pro version actually blocks ads
  • Pop-up blocker extension for Firefox is unavailable
  • Lacks tracker-blocking capabilities
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Bottom line: Is Poper Blocker good?

Poper Blocker overview

Ads blocked on Forbes 6
Adblock Tester score 59/100
Cover Your Tracks score 0/3
Can You Block It score 2/3
Does it block YouTube ads? Yes
Whitelisting Yes
Blacklisting No
Compatibility Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge
Paid version Starts at $1.59/mo (billed annually)

How we test and rate ad blockers

Each ad blocker we review goes through a standardized test designed to push the limits of what the software is capable of. This includes vigorous third-party testing using websites like adblock-tester.com, coveryourtracks.eff.org, and canyoublockit.com. We also visit popular websites to test the ad blocker’s day-to-day capabilities, including watching YouTube videos and browsing Forbes.

Once we’ve completed the testing, we calculate our editorial rating by taking into account key features you’d expect from a good product. We score each ad blocker in the following categories and use a weighted average to calculate the final rating out of 5 stars:

  • Price
  • Test scores
  • Features
  • Browser support
  • Editorial score
Editorial Rating
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On Poper Blocker's website
Ad Blocker
Poper Blocker
  • Blocks ads on websites, YouTube, and social media sites
  • Hides cookie requests and website notifications
  • Only the Pro version actually blocks ads
  • Pop-up blocker extension for Firefox is unavailable

Our experience

To evaluate Poper Blocker, we downloaded its Edge and Chrome extensions. Both add-ons were straightforward to download and ready to use immediately. Although Poper Blocker lists a Firefox extension on its website, it was unavailable on Firefox’s extensions page for reasons unknown — a significant downside for Firefox users.

Regrettably, the free version we downloaded would not detect or block any ads on the Forbes website, which was a major drawback for us. So, we opted for the Pro version by signing up for a free trial. We then tested Poper Blocker’s functionality since the Pro version was capable of detecting and blocking ads. 

One standout feature included with both the free and Pro versions is whitelisting, which allows you to add websites to a URL allow list.

Poper Blocker’s Pro version also boasted additional features, including blocking ads on social media sites, YouTube, and other websites. It provided options to block basic and advanced pop-ups, hide website notifications, and hide pesky cookie requests many prefer to avoid.

Settings for Poper Blocker with toggles for blocking popups, advanced popups (overlays), ads on social media, ads on any side, whitelisting, and hiding ads.

Poper Blocker’s user-friendly dashboard, complete with a counter displaying the number of blocked ads, added to the overall experience. It also allows you to customize which ad-blocking settings you would like turned on.

The Forbes homepage along with the Poper Blocker browser extension indicating that 6 ads were blocked on the page.

In short, our experience with Poper Blocker was satisfactory, but the necessity of the Pro version for full functionality and the lack of a Firefox extension were both significant drawbacks.

Poper Blocker paid plan

Poper Blocker offers both a free and a paid version, with the latter providing a substantially enhanced browsing experience. In our tests, the free version fell short, failing to detect or block ads on Forbes.com.

However, the Pro version, a paid subscription plan for $1.59/mo (billed annually) or $4.79/mo (billed monthly), demonstrated commendable ad-blocking capabilities.

The paid version blocks ads on websites, YouTube, and social media sites and hides website notifications and cookie requests. While the decision is ultimately up to your preferences and needs, our testing suggests that investing in Poper Blocker's paid plan could significantly improve your browsing experience, given its more advanced features.

Free Pro
Price Free $1.59-$4.79/mo
Blocks basic pop-ups
Blocks overlays
Remove website elements
Blocks trackers
Hides YouTube ads
Hides cookie requests
Blocks social media ads
Details View Plan View Plan

You can try Poper Blocker Pro with a seven-day free trial and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Main features

Poper Block primarily comes with standard features for blocking ads but it also has some unique features like the social media content filter.

Here are Poper Blocker's key features and what they do. 

Ad blocker

Poper Blocker blocks both basic pop-up ads and advanced pop-up ads, known as overlays. Poper Blocker states these features are available with the free and Pro versions (its paid subscription plan). Unfortunately, when we tested the free version on Forbes.com, it did not block any ads.

Poper Blocker’s free version did not block any ads on Forbes.com

Poper Blocker’s free version did not block any ads on Forbes.com

However, when we tested the blocker’s Pro version, it could detect and block ads.

Poper Blocker’s dashboard, noting that the Pro version blocked six ads on Forbes.com

Poper Blocker’s Pro version blocked six ads on Forbes.com

Magic wand

Even on the free plan, Poper Blocker lets you remove any part of a website with its "magic wand." It claims you can use it on ads, buttons, images, and more. 

We clicked over on the Poper Blocker extension and found a button that read Hide more distractions on this site right below the ad blocker counter. 

The Forbes homepage with the Poper Blocker extension open.

After clicking, Remove any part of a website, our cursor became a magic wand. We clicked on the image of Mike Tyson with the magic wand and just like that, it was gone. 

The Forbes homepage after Poper Blocker removed the main article image.


Poper Blocker has a whitelisting function, which can let ads through on websites you designate. Just pop over to the settings tab in Poper Blocker, and add URLs to the list as needed. 

Whitelisting is handy if there are certain content creators you want to support. You can add them to your whitelist so you don't block their ad revenue.

Poper Blocker whitelisting in settings tab.

Social media content filter

One Poper Blocker feature we were really impressed by was the social media content filter. It allows you to hide posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter that contain words you've selected. 

Poper Blocker's social media filter

Poper Blocker provides categories of words for you to go over or you can type in your own blocked words. It's nice to be able to do this across multiple sites instead of going to each one and muting or blocking the words. 

The social media content filter can also work as parental controls to help keep your kids away from concerning topics.

Other premium filters

Poper Blocker’s Pro version also comes with the following:

  • Block trackers to protect your privacy
  • Automatically hide cookie requests and reject cookie access
  • Hide ads on YouTube to avoid pre-roll ads and ads during your video
  • Block ads on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • Block ads on any site (not including video ads)

Poper Blocker's test results

To gauge Poper Blocker’s ad-blocking effectiveness, we tested it with AdBlock Tester and EFF’s Cover Your Tracks tool. 

With AdBlock Tester, we evaluated if Poper Blocker can block ads by loading various ad and tracking methods. Cover Your Tracks helped us determine how well Poper Blocker can deter trackers from collecting browsing data, which is critical for safeguarding online privacy. And Can You Block It allowed us to test Poper Blocker against self-hosted ads like banner ads, interstitial ads, and ad blocker detection warnings. 

Poper Blocker scores

AdBlock Tester Cover Your Tracks Can You Block It
Poper Blocker score 55/100 0/3 2/3
Test results as of 04/25/2024.

Poper Blocker only scored 55/100 with AdBlock Tester. It passed most of the contextual advertising, which is considered to be the most important type of ad, at least. But it failed the tests against analytics tools, banner advertising, and error monitoring. It's not the most proficient ad blocker we've tested by any means. 

AdBlock Tester test results with Poper Blocker open in the foreground.

Poper Blocker also completely failed at blocking trackers, invisible tracking, and fingerprinting. The free version doesn't block trackers, so we tested with the Pro version. Even with the Block online trackers toggle on, Poper Blocker didn't help us stay anonymous online. 

Cover Your Tracks test results with Poper Blocker open in the foreground.

We were relieved to find that Poper Blocker passed 2/3 of the Can You Block It tests, so at least it works against those banner ads and ad blocker detection warnings. 

Can You Block It? test results with Poper Blocker in the foreground.

If tracker blocking isn’t available with your selected ad blocker, you can browse anonymously or update your privacy settings to help protect your online privacy.

YouTube ad test

Our testing revealed that Poper Blocker can block YouTube ads. This is great news for anyone who finds video ads a nuisance and wants a smooth, uninterrupted experience watching YouTube videos. 

We opened a YouTube video on a browser with no ad blockers and were greeted with the usual pre-roll ads and banner ads. 

A YouTube video playing a pre-roll ad.

After switching over to a browser with Poper Blocker enabled, the ads were gone. And while it blocked ads on YouTube, our viewing remained pleasant, devoid of any video lags, errors, or other playback issues.

A YouTube video of Day Drinking With Seth Meyers with no ads

Ads are a primary income source for many YouTubers, so consider disabling your ad blocker when viewing content from your favorite channels.

Bypassing paywalls test

Like most people, we've been frustarated after being hit with a paywall right after clicking through on an interesting article. That's why we've been testing ad blockers to see if they can get past those paywalls. 

But even with Poper Blocker Pro, we were hit with a paywall when visiting The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and The Atlantic. 

What browsers and software is it compatible with?

Poper Blocker offers ad-blocking extensions for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.  It also doesn't offer extensions for other web browsers, like Safari, Brave, and Opera, desktop apps for operating systems, like macOS or Windows, or mobile apps for iOS or Android.

Although its website shows that a Firefox add-on is available for download, we found that Poper Blocker no longer exists on Firefox for unknown reasons, without any explanation or update on their website.

Poper Blocker page advertising extensions for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

The Firefox add-ons page noting that the extension or theme is no longer available.

How to use Poper Blocker

If you've downloaded Poper Blocker for Chrome or Edge, you're probably curious about how to use it. Here's how to set up and use Poper Blocker:

  1. After installing the Poper Blocker extension, select Agree and continue.
    Poper Blocker privacy policy agreement pop-up.
  2. Choose Start my free trial to test out Poper Blocker Pro or hit Continue with free plan.
    Poper Blocker pop-up prompting you to sign up for a free trial for the Pro plan.
  3. From the Control panel, select the toggles you want on or go to settings to add sites to your whitelist.

Top alternatives

Poper Blocker has some neat features, like the magic wand and the social media content filter, but we wish it had stronger protection against ads and trackers. If Poper Blocker isn't check all the boxes for you, we recommend considering some of our favorite ad blockers:

Threat Protection

Best For Best for blocking YouTube ads Best overall Best for blocking streaming ads
Price Starts at $1.59/mo (billed annually) Starts at $3.99/mo (billed every two years) Starts at $2.19/mo (billed biennially)
Free version?
Adblock Tester score 100/100 93/100 96/100
Cover Your Tracks score 2/3 2/3 0.5/3
Can You Block It score3/3 2/3 3/3
Blocks YouTube ads?
Compatibility Android, iOS, Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera Threat Protection:
Windows, macOS

Threat Protection Lite:
Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, Chrome, Edge, Firefox

Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, FireTV
Learn more Get Total Adblock Get NordVPN Threat Protection Get Surfshark CleanWeb



Is Poper Blocker worth it?

While the Pro version of Poper Blocker can block ads, there are more comprehensive alternatives. The best ad blockers, like uBlock Origin and Ghostery, don't just block ads across multiple platforms, they block trackers as well to enhance your online privacy significantly.


Does Poper Blocker work?

Yes, Poper Blocker works, but the free version seems to lose functionality in detecting and blocking ads. However, the pro version could block ads on websites, including YouTube and social media websites like Facebook.


Is there a Poper Blocker Firefox extension?

No, there is no Poper Blocker Firefox extension. Although poperblocker.com does advertise a Firefox extension, it no longer exists on Firefox’s extension store, and no explanation is provided.

Bottom line: Is Poper Blocker good?

Poper Blocker Pro notably demonstrates its prowess at blocking ads on a wide range of platforms, including YouTube and social media platforms. For those seeking a more seamless online browsing experience, additional features like concealing cookie requests and website notifications might be appealing.

But Poper Blocker let us down in a few significant ways. Our overall opinion of Poper Blocker was negatively impacted by its lack of ad blocking in the free plan, its inability to block trackers, and the fact that, despite its advertising, it doesn't have a Firefox extension. When we tested the free version on Forbes, it failed to block any ads, so a paid upgrade was necessary.

Based on our research, we strongly advise Chrome and Edge users to look elsewhere for a comprehensive ad blocker capable of blocking trackers. Although Poper Blocker does a decent job of blocking a wide variety of ads with its paid version, we think you’re better off spending your money on a paid plan elsewhere. Our alternatives can all enhance your online privacy with their ad and tracker-blocking capabilities.

Editorial Rating
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On Poper Blocker's website
Ad Blocker
Poper Blocker
  • Blocks ads on websites, YouTube, and social media sites
  • Hides cookie requests and website notifications
  • Only the Pro version actually blocks ads
  • Pop-up blocker extension for Firefox is unavailable
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