The Best Password Managers for Firefox 2023

Discover why Keeper, 1Password, and Dashlane are the top password managers for Firefox users.
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Best for Zero-Trust Security

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Best for Its Autofill Feature

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Best for Affordable, Easy Password Management

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Have you been searching for a password manager for your Firefox browser that allows you to securely generate, access, and store your passwords in addition to providing other robust features? We evaluated several password managers that are compatible with Mozilla Firefox; we looked for features like strong encryption, password-sharing functions, two-factor authentication (2FA) or multi-factor authentication (MFA), autofill and password generation features, and more.

In this article, we will tell you about three password managers that work well with Firefox and why our top picks leaped ahead of the pack.

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The best password managers for Firefox 2023
Keeper: Best for zero-trust security and offline access
1Password: Best for its autofill feature
Dashlane: Best for affordable, easy password management
Password managers that didn’t make the cut
Best password managers for Firefox FAQs
Bottom line: The best password managers for Firefox
How we tested the best password managers for Firefox

The best password managers for Firefox 2023

After testing several password managers for Firefox, we determined that our top three picks are Keeper for its emphasis on security, 1Password for having the best autofill capabilities, and Dashlane for being a cost-effective and user-friendly password manager.

  • Keeper: Best for zero-trust security
  • 1Password: Best for its autofill feature
  • Dashlane: Best for affordable, easy password management

Top 3 password managers for Firefox compared

Password manager Keeper 1Password Dashlane
Starting price Starts at $2.92/mo Starts at $2.99/mo Starts at Free
Password sharing
Two-factor authentication
Form filler
Password generator
Firefox extension
Learn more See Keeper Pricing See 1Password Pricing See Dashlane Pricing
Prices as of 04/21/2023.

Keeper: Best for zero-trust security and offline access

Who it’s best for

Keeper's Firefox extension dashboard.

Keeper is best for individuals, families, and enterprises seeking a password manager that puts security at the forefront. Keeper’s suite of security-focused features includes:

  • Zero-knowledge security architecture
  • Robust encryption
  • Vault offline access
  • Secure password sharing
  • Secure cloud backups
  • Unlimited devices and syncing
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Emergency access

What we liked

We really valued Keeper as a comprehensive, top-notch password management solution that places an emphasis on zero-trust security. It is FedRAMP and StateRAMP authorized, which indicates that governments trust it. It utilizes AES 256-bit and PBKDF2 military-grade encryption to protect your data at all times and it provides end-user security audits of password strength and password reuse. Moreover, because Keeper is based on a zero-knowledge architecture, it permits only the user to access their encrypted data, meaning Keeper itself cannot even access it.

Keeper offers various authentication options: 2FA, MFA, and passwordless authentication. It also has unique features like secure file storage, secure password sharing, offline access to your password vault, and BreachWatch, which monitors your personal information on the dark web to check if it has been compromised.

We also appreciated its cross-functional compatibility with various platforms and devices, like its Keeper Firefox extension. Per its website, Keeper works on every smartphone, tablet, and computer. Its comprehensiveness makes it suitable for personal, family, and business use. Plus, Keeper offers 24/7 customer support — called Keeper Concierge — which is available to users anytime they need support or training.

Finally, it is routinely audited and meets compliance standards with:

  • Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)
  • SOC 2
  • ISO 27001
  • GDPR
  • PCI DSS Level 1

What we didn’t like

Unlike other password managers, Keeper password manager does not offer a free plan. Another drawback that may not sit well with some users is that additional features, like secure file storage, Keeper Concierge, and BreachWatch, are all add-ons that are not included with any Keeper plan.

Secure file storage costs $9.99 a year for 10 GB, $39.99 a year for 50 GB, and $79.99 a year for 100 GB. Keeper Concierge costs $99.99 a year and BreachWatch costs $19.99 a year.

Add-ons for Keeper's paid plans and their pricing, including 24/7 customer support, file storage, and dark web monitoring.

Keeper specs

Price range $2.92 to $6.25/mo (for paid plans)
Free version Yes
Password sharing Yes
Two-factor authentication Yes
Form filler Yes
Password generator Yes
Compatibility Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera, Brave, Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android
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Prices as of 04/21/2023.

1Password: Best for its autofill feature

Who it’s best for

1Password's Firefox extension dashboard.

1Password is perfect for those seeking a convenient autofill feature so you don’t have to waste time inputting passwords or memorizing them. Additionally, anyone who prioritizes security would appreciate its Watchtower feature, which monitors compromised websites, weak and reused passwords, 2FA, and more.

What we liked

We liked that 1Password’s autofill feature is intuitive and that the password manager is compatible with various operating systems and browsers. The 1Password Firefox add-on is also easy to download from the Mozilla Store so you can begin using it straight away after creating an account with your master password.

1Password also has customizable settings for generating strong, unique passwords for different scenarios, including logins, bank accounts, wireless routers, and more. This makes it ideal for anyone seeking a one-stop password management service. Other sensitive information, like medical records, passport documents, and Social Security numbers, can also be securely stored in 1Password and shared with authorized persons if necessary.

Additionally, we liked that 1Password is committed to security and values your privacy. It offers end-to-end AES-GCM-256 encryption and PBKDF2 key strengthening. 1Password also undergoes periodic security assessments by multiple third-party security firms, and it maintains a transparent privacy policy.

Aside from protecting your information with Transport Layer Security (TLS), 1Password also uses Secure Remote Password (SRP). SRP creates a different encryption key for each session, which prevent replay attacks.[1] SRP provides an extra layer of protection to protect your information from being read, even if an attacker decrypts TLS.

1Password also offers:

  • 2FA, which allows an authenticator app, YubiKey, or biometric access
  • Intelligent autofill: Fills out names, addresses, phone numbers, credit card information, and banking details easily
  • Phishing protection: Fills out passwords only on trusted sites where they were saved
  • Breach Report: Checks the site to see if any of your accounts have been compromised
  • Travel mode: Lets you remove vaults from your computers and mobile devices, except those marked as safe for travel

Additionally, 1Password’s standout password-sharing feature has customizable password-sharing settings. You can choose who can access the secure link, set timed expiration options, and decide whether the password can be viewed only once.

Finally, 1Password's Emergency Kit helps you create a digital will or digital legacy securely and systematically, enabling trusted people or chosen heirs to access your vital digital assets. The Emergency Kit is a PDF document containing all of your account details and a place to write your 1Password account password, which is intended to be printed out, stored in a safe space, and shared with the people you trust.

What we didn’t like

Despite 1Password's robust security and unique features, there are still some drawbacks. First, the lack of a free version might deter users who are seeking a cost-free option. Additionally, 1Password doesn’t issue refunds should you decide that 1Password isn’t a fit for you. Lastly, the setup process for creating a digital will or digital legacy may be somewhat cumbersome since you must manually print the Emergency Kit.

1Password specs

Price range $2.99-4.99/mo
Free version No, but it offers a 14-day free trial
Password sharing Yes
Two-factor authentication Yes
Form filler Yes
Password generator Yes
Compatibility Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, Brave, Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS (including Apple Watch and Magic Keyboard)
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Prices as of 04/21/2023.

Dashlane: Best for affordable, easy password management

Who it’s best for

Dashlane's Firefox extension password generator.

Dashlane is a great user-friendly password manager that still offers a wide range of features. Dashlane's features, like its strong password generator, secure password and note sharing, and intuitive autofill engine, make it a valuable tool for anyone who manages multiple online accounts and wants to streamline their digital lives.

Dashlane is also great for anyone on a budget because it offers a free plan and its starting price is only Free.

What we liked

We appreciated that Dashlane has a free plan without requiring a credit card. It also has essential password manager features like secure sharing, strong password generation, unlimited password storage, and autofill.

Although Dashlane wasn’t available as an add-on in the Mozilla Firefox store, we liked how it provided easy download instructions from the Dashlane browser extension webpage. We also liked that its user-friendly interface makes managing passwords a breeze.

Key features we enjoyed include:

  • Support for an unlimited number of devices
  • Password health check with actionable insights
  • A Sharing Center that lets you sync devices and share secure passwords and notes
  • 2FA for added security
  • Dark web monitoring and personalized security alerts
  • Emergency access for trusted persons in the event of an emergency

Dashlane's built-in virtual private network (VPN) for Wi-Fi protection and secure browsing is a standout feature that sets it apart from other password managers, offering users an extra layer of privacy and protection when browsing online.

Furthermore, Dashlane has partnered with HackerOne and its Bug Bounty Program, which allows security researchers to find any security vulnerabilities in the product. This is a step in the right direction toward enhancing its security.

What we didn’t like

Dashlane does have its shortcomings, despite its solid feature set and security measures. For starters, its privacy policy dances around some critical details. It mentions sharing hashed personal data for ad targeting and with "affiliates," but leaves users guessing what exactly that means. This is a drawback because users should receive crystal-clear explanations about how their sensitive data is protected.

Another area of concern is Dashlane's approach to security audits. They rely on internal audits rather than third-party assessments, which could raise concerns about how reliable their audits are. Being more transparent with their privacy policy and allowing third-party security audits would undoubtedly strengthen user confidence.

Also, Dashlane’s free password manager is limited in its offerings. It supports only one device, and it doesn’t offer dark web monitoring or a VPN for Wi-Fi protection like its Premium, Family, and Business plans do.

Dashlane specs

Price range $2.75-$7.49/mo
Free version Yes
Password sharing Yes
Two-factor authentication Yes
Form filler Yes
Password generator Yes
Compatibility Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
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Prices as of 04/21/2023.

Password managers that didn’t make the cut

After testing several password managers for Firefox, we determined that LastPass and Bitwarden didn’t make the cut. In the following sections, we will uncover why they trailed behind our top three password managers for Firefox.


LastPass offers user-friendly and comprehensive password management, making it a top choice for the less tech-savvy and families alike. Its features, like a password generator, emergency access, and dark web monitoring, are a solid arsenal for securing online accounts. Plus, its compatibility with various devices, operating systems, and browsers adds convenience to the mix.

However, our trust in LastPass service was shaken. LastPass suffered a significant data breach in 2022,[2] which cast doubts over its security measures — and it wasn't its first breach either.[3] A stealthy intruder escalated privileges, gained remote access to a LastPass developer's home computer, and finally accessed the corporate vault.

Although LastPass tackled the issue and urged users to change their master passwords, lingering uncertainty remains. Also, its automatic device sync is not available with its free plan, which can be a dealbreaker for some users.


Bitwarden is an open-source password manager with a range of features that help secure online accounts. It offers AES 256-bit encryption, a customizable password generator, 2FA, and a variety of security reports to determine your password security. Additionally, Bitwarden provides a digital legacy solution that allows you to designate emergency contacts who can request access to your vault in an emergency.

However, Bitwarden’s Firefox extension didn’t offer any options for sharing passwords, which could be frustrating for some users. Additionally, the autofill feature on desktops is less user-friendly, requiring right-clicking in the field and manually selecting Bitwarden to autofill, unlike other password managers that offer a smoother autofill experience.

Best password managers for Firefox FAQs


Can I trust Firefox’s password manager?

Even though Firefox has a built-in password manager, it might not be as comprehensive and secure as standalone password managers like Keeper, 1Password, or Dashlane. To ensure maximum security, use a password manager with military-grade encryption, secure password sharing, and 2FA or MFA options that are compatible with an authenticator like Firefox Authenticator.


How do I get Firefox to stop asking to save passwords?

To disable Firefox from asking to save passwords, you can go to the browser settings and click on Privacy & Security, then uncheck the box next to Ask to save logins and passwords for websites.


What is the best browser for saving passwords?

The best browser for saving passwords is subjective and depends on your personal preferences. However, keep in mind that relying solely on a browser's built-in password manager, like Google Password Manager, may not be the safest and most secure option. It's better to use a dedicated password manager like Keeper, 1Password, or Dashlane, which all work well with various browsers, including Firefox.

Bottom line: The best password managers for Firefox

Our top three picks for the best password managers for Firefox are Keeper, 1Password, and Dashlane. These password managers offer robust security, excellent compatibility with Firefox, and a range of valuable features such as password generation, sharing, and 2FA.

By choosing a dedicated password manager, you'll ensure your online accounts remain secure and your passwords are effectively managed. To enhance your security and privacy further, consider disabling cookies on Firefox and using ad blockers for Firefox.

3 best password managers for Firefox 2023

Starting price Best for Learn more
Keeper Starts at $2.92/mo Best for zero-trust security See Keeper Pricing

Read Keeper Review

1Password Starts at $2.99/mo Best for its autofill feature See 1Password Pricing

Read 1Password Review

Dashlane Starts at Free Best for affordable, easy password management See Dashlane Pricing

Read Dashlane Review

Prices as of 04/21/2023.

How we tested the best password managers for Firefox

In our quest to find the best password managers for Firefox, we rigorously tested several popular password management solutions: 1Password, LastPass, Dashlane, Keeper, and Bitwarden. We tested them by installing and using each password manager via a Firefox extension and assessing their vaults.

We based our selection criteria on the basic essentials and robust security features that make a password manager truly stand out. Our evaluation focused on the following key features that provide users with enhanced security, convenience, and control over their digital lives:

  • Password sharing: This feature allows you to securely share passwords across devices and with other people.
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA): We looked for the availability of added security layers, such as authenticator apps or passwordless options.
  • Password generator: This feature allows you to generate strong, unique passwords with customizable settings.
  • Autofill and saved identities: This lets you easily store and autofill personal information, with the option to create multiple identities for different purposes.
  • Password strength report: We looked for options that provide a dashboard or report that highlights potential security issues, such as weak or reused passwords, and the ability to act on these alerts.
  • Digital legacy tools: These tools allow you to designate a trusted individual to access and manage your passwords in the event of an emergency or death. We also evaluated the ease of setting up and utilizing this feature.

By closely examining the availability of these features, we were able to provide a comprehensive comparison of password managers for Firefox. We also looked out for other important considerations like pricing plans, privacy policies, and a track record of each password manager’s commitment to security.

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Author Details
Mars is a cybersecurity professional and writer based in California. He serves as an Advisory Board Member for WEBGAP, specializing in browser isolation.


[1] What are Session Replay Attacks?
[2] LastPass: DevOps engineer hacked to steal password vault data in 2022 breach
[3] LastPass Reveals Security Breach