How To Remove Your Data From Intelius: A Step-By-Step Guide

Learn the essentials of removing your personal data from Intelius and why opting for a data removal service might be your best bet for online privacy.
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Stumbling upon a detailed profile about yourself on can be a jarring experience. This digital dossier, complete with your address, phone number, and even criminal records, is just a snapshot of the vast data collected about you by data brokers. Created from sources like public records and social media, this info is then sold to anyone willing to pay—be it employers, curious web users, or potentially malicious actors.

Given these risks, taking control of your personal data is no longer optional—it's a necessity. This article aims to be your playbook for regaining your privacy, offering a step-by-step guide to opt out of Intelius and the benefits of using one of the best data removal services for broader protection.

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How to remove your data from Intelius

If you're concerned about your privacy and want to take charge of your personal information, you've come to the right place. This guide will walk you through the steps to manually remove your data from Intelius. We'll also dive into the option of submitting a suppression request for more comprehensive data protection.

Step 1: Locate your profile

First, go to and use the search function to find your profile. Input your first and last name, and refine the search by adding a city or state where you've lived. Multiple profiles may appear similar to yours, so ensure you identify the correct one.

Step 2: Access the opt-out website

Scroll to the bottom of the Intelius homepage and click on the “Do not sell or share my personal information” link to get to the opt-out page, managed by PeopleConnect. The opt-out link is often subtly placed and can be easy to miss.

Step 3: Open the user data tools

Once redirected, click “View public data tools” > “Manage my suppression rules” to access the opt-out form. This is where you'll be submitting your removal request.

Step 4: Enter your email address

Input the email address most likely associated with your name and agree to their terms and conditions. Then click “Continue.” Ensure it's an email you have current access to, as you'll need to verify it in the next step.

Step 5: Verify your email address

Check your inbox for an email from Intelius and click the “Verify email” button. This will lead you to the suppression page. Keep an eye out for the verification email in your spam folder.

Step 6: Enter your date of birth

On the suppression page, input your date of birth, agree to their terms, and click “Continue.” Remember, this is sensitive information. However, keeping your data on Intelius poses more significant risks.

Step 7: Enter your full name

Provide your first, middle, and last names. Confirm it's your legal name and continue. Ensure you enter your legal name for accurate results.

Step 8: Select the record to remove

From the list that appears, select the record that belongs to you and click “Continue.” If more than one record appears under your name, you must start a new process for each.

Step 9: Verify your identity

Choose the email address or phone number you can access for identity verification and click “Request verification code.” You'll receive a confirmation code via the method you chose. Enter it to complete the process.

Step 10: Continue your data removal journey

Your work isn’t over. There are hundreds of websites similar to Intelius selling your personal data. Use popular search engines like Google to find other sites displaying your data. The process is ongoing and will require regular check-ups.

By completing these steps, you'll have successfully removed yourself from Intelius. This doesn't mean you're invisible online; you should also opt-out of Whitepages, remove yourself from LexisNexis, and even delete your info from Google to enhance your online privacy further.

These measures won't make you invisible but will offer more control over your personal data. If this process seems too cumbersome, the best identity theft protection services are available to handle it for you.

Data removal services can help you opt-out

Navigating the labyrinth of opt-out procedures on multiple people search sites like Intelius, BeenVerified, and Whitepages can be a time-consuming task. That's where data removal services like Incogni, DeleteMe, and HelloPrivacy come to your rescue, offering a hassle-free, all-in-one solution.

But what sets these services apart? First, they handle the opt-out requests and form submissions for you, saving you valuable time and effort. Moreover, their vigilance doesn't end with a single sweep; most continue to monitor various platforms and re-opt you out as needed, ensuring that your newly appearing data is promptly eradicated.

Beyond the opt-out feature, these services offer a bouquet of benefits, such as removing your name from marketing lists and providing privacy reports to keep you updated. Essentially, they function like personal guardians of your online wealth: your data.

In today's data-centric world, where your personal information is as valuable as currency, opting for a data removal service isn't just convenient; it's a proactive move towards solidifying your digital privacy. After all, safeguarding your privacy is not a one-time accomplishment but an ongoing commitment, and these services make that commitment far less daunting.

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Why should you remove your data from Intelius?

Taking action to remove your personal data from Intelius and similar data broker sites isn't just about reclaiming your privacy—it's about safeguarding your future. As you ponder whether or not to go through the opt-out process, consider the risks you're exposing yourself to by not taking action. Here are some compelling reasons why you should go ahead and remove your data.

Invasion of privacy

First and foremost, it's an invasion of your personal privacy. Intelius gathers this information without your consent. Whether it's your phone number, address, or even criminal records. Anyone willing to pay a small fee can access these intimate details of your life.

Fraud and identity theft

Fraudsters can use the data broker's information to construct a synthetic identity or even steal yours. With just a few pieces of information, criminals can impersonate you. They’ll be able to open new accounts in your name and incur debt—all while you remain unaware. It's not just about privacy but financial and legal security. To safeguard against this, you may want to invest in identity theft protection.

Unwanted contact

You're leaving yourself open to a barrage of unsolicited communications. This could range from telemarketers to people you'd rather not have contact with. Your personal life shouldn't be an open book for the world to access.

Professional risks

Imagine a potential employer doing a background check and stumbling across incorrect or outdated information on Intelius or other people's search sites. Your professional reputation could be jeopardized based on the data these brokers hold, which may not always be accurate or current.

Control over your digital footprint

Every snippet of information about you contributes to your digital footprint. By removing yourself from Intelius, you regain control over how you are represented online, thus allowing you to curate a more accurate and favorable public image.

Legal concerns

Depending on the jurisdiction, having your data on Intelius might expose you to various legal risks, including defamation or the mishandling of your public records.

Removing your data from Intelius isn't just a good idea—it's a crucial step in taking control of your online identity and personal safety. Since data brokers like Intelius will collect and sell your information, the question isn't why you should remove your data; it's why you haven't done it yet. Take the first step in securing your future today.

Intelius opt-out request FAQs


Can I remove my information from Intelius?

You can remove your information from Intelius by submitting an opt-out request on its website. It may take up to 72 hours for the request to be processed. You'll need to confirm your request through a confirmation email.


How do I delete my Intelius account?

If you have an Intelius account, login and navigate to Account Settings. From there, you can find the option to delete your account. Ensure you also submit an opt-out request to remove your public records from their search results.


How did Intelius get my information?

Intelius aggregates data from a variety of sources. This includes public records, social media, and other data brokers. Your information may have been collected without your direct consent. Ultimately feeding into their extensive database of personal data.

Bottom line

Navigating the labyrinthine world of data brokers like Intelius can feel overwhelming, but taking back control over your personal data is within reach. With a series of steps that involve visiting the Intelius opt-out page, submitting your request, and confirming via email, you can effectively remove your data from their database.

However, if the manual removal process sounds daunting or too time-consuming, consider investing in a data removal service. Services like Incogni, DeleteMe, and HelloPrivacy can simplify the task by removing your data from multiple platforms, including Intelius, all while offering regular check-ups to ensure your data stays off these sites.

The next step to reclaiming your online privacy would be learning to remove your data from other data brokers and search engines. For comprehensive info, check out our guide to removing your info from the internet.

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