McAfee Identity Theft Protection Review 2023: Can McAfee Shield You From An Identity Crisis?

Explore how McAfee’s Identity Theft Protection can shield you from identity thieves and protect your stolen funds by offering up to $1 million in identity theft coverage and identity recovery support, plus more.
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As identity theft scams and fraud continue to rise in the digital age, it is more important than ever to protect your identity and personal information. McAfee Identity Theft Protection can help you guard against a myriad of identity theft scenarios, such as accounts opened with your stolen identity, credit card fraud, stolen tax refunds, and more.

In our McAfee Identity Theft Protection review, we'll talk about its features, prices, and how it can help you and your family stay protected against identity theft and fraud. We believe using this service from McAfee is a strong starting point for securing you and your loved ones' identities.

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Bottom line: Is McAfee Identity Theft Protection good?

McAfee Identity Theft Protection review at a glance

Price $6.67-$18.75/mo
Identity theft insurance Up to $1 million
Credit monitoring Yes
Credit reports Yes — Experian, TransUnion, Equifax
Credit score Yes
Identity recovery Yes
Dark web alerts Yes
Social media account alerts Yes
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*Prices as of 05/31/2023.

McAfee Identity Theft Protection has multiple plans available for individuals and families (two adults and four children). Its three plan options are Premium, Advanced, and Ultimate. Since the Premium plan has limited features, we will focus on the Advanced and Ultimate plans. Both of these tiered plans have a pricing range of $79.99/yr to $179.99/yr.

McAfee empowers you to keep a keen eye on your credit, credit score, and financial transactions, so you can stay a step ahead of identity theft. You get access to credit reports from the three credit bureaus (Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax), so you can be on the lookout for any fishy activities. You're also always in the loop about potential cyberthreats with dark web alerts and social media monitoring.

Should you become a victim of identity theft, McAfee's identity recovery services are there to help. McAfee Identity Theft Protection offers extensive coverage of up to $1 million in identity theft insurance with each plan, which is a relief if you worry about the financial repercussions of identity theft. Some plans even offer $25,000 in ransomware coverage, an added bonus for those at risk of such attacks.

With identity theft scams and fraud on the rise, McAfee Identity Theft Protection is a proactive way to protect you and your family’s data from ID theft crimes and give you some sense of relief.

McAfee Identity Theft Protection pros and cons

  • Up to $1 million in identity theft insurance
  • Identity theft recovery experts are available if your identity is stolen
  • Lost wallet remediation
  • Alerts you when your personal info has been leaked on the dark web
  • Comes with antivirus, VPN, and password manager
  • No free trials are offered — only a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Must purchase Advanced or Ultimate plans to access credit features

What does McAfee Identity Theft Protection protect against?

McAfee Identity Theft Protection can help monitor and defend against the following common identity theft scenarios:

  • Theft of personally identifiable information (PII)
  • Child identity theft
  • Credit card theft
  • Email hijacking
  • Tax refund fraud
  • Healthcare insurance theft
  • False utility accounts opened in your name

McAfee also provides monitoring for the following scenarios:

  • Sex offender monitoring
  • Court and criminal record monitoring
  • Financial account takeover monitoring
  • Change of address alerts

With McAfee Identity Theft Protection in your corner, these threats can be monitored and mitigated. All plans even come with $1 million in identity theft insurance, which includes identity theft recovery solutions.

McAfee Identity Theft Protection features

Credit monitoring is a crucial part of McAfee’s security package, but it’s available only in the Advanced and Ultimate plans. You can monitor your financial account changes, review your credit scores, and receive credit reports from all three bureaus. McAfee also alerts you to suspicious activity, like when your personal information has been compromised in a data breach or leaked on the dark web.

We especially appreciated that it offers identity theft insurance with up to $1 million in coverage, which can help you and your family recover from any potential identity theft losses. Furthermore, it offers lost wallet protection as well as identity restoration experts, should your identity or your family’s identity become compromised.


In the McAfee dashboard, you can select Identity Monitoring and add the personal information you want to monitor. McAfee will keep track of any information you want to monitor, whether it is financial information like your credit cards, bank accounts, tax ID, or other identification methods. This includes your credit information for credit score monitoring.

Keep in mind that credit monitoring features are available only in McAfee’s Advanced and Ultimate plans. With Advanced, you can choose one credit bureau to monitor your credit with, while Ultimate plans let you monitor your credit with Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. Moreover, McAfee also has an ID theft protection and security solution that is advertised as a separate service called Total Protection, which offers identical features to Identity Theft Protection’s Advanced plan. Under Total Protection Advanced, it lists credit monitoring for one bureau at a price of $79.99/yr.

Proactive monitoring is a standout feature of McAfee's identity protection services. After you add the information you wish to monitor, the service stays on guard and detects if your PII has been leaked or compromised online. If your PII has been leaked, you'll promptly receive alerts in your main Identity Protection dashboard. Alternatively, you can get notifications via email and SMS.

What's even better is that proactive monitoring doesn't just inform you about breaches. You're also provided with options to resolve these breaches, so you can regain control of your PII.

Credit reports and credit scores

Keeping an eye on your credit reports and scores is essential to ensure your finances are in order and to keep an eye out for any signs of identity theft. McAfee lets you stay on top of your credit by monitoring it and providing daily reports with the Ultimate plan or monthly reports with the Advanced plan. As mentioned in the previous section, you can get these reports from one or all three major credit bureaus, depending on your plan.

McAfee Identity Theft Protection’s Advanced and Ultimate plans monitor and report your VantageScore 3.0 credit scores. These credit scores range from 300 to 850, the same as most FICO scores. Per VantageScore’s standards, a credit score in the range of 661 to 720 is fair, 721 to 780 is good, and 781 to 850 is considered excellent.


McAfee’s Cyber Monitoring feature stays on guard and alerts you when your personal information has been compromised in a data breach, leaked on the dark web, or other unusual activity. For example, McAfee could send you an email with the subject line, “Your info was stolen,” or worse, “Your info was found on the dark web.”

Notification alerts can be sent to you via your McAfee dashboard, email, and/or SMS text whenever there is suspicious activity or new accounts have been created without your knowledge. Here is the information that McAfee’s Cyber Monitoring feature monitors for:

  • Social Security number (SSN)
  • Email addresses
  • Driver’s license number
  • Passport number
  • Medical ID numbers
  • Credit or debit card numbers
  • Bank account number
  • International bank account number
  • Store/membership card number

McAfee also comes with the SSN Trace service, which helps prevent child identity theft. SSN Trace can monitor and report fraudulent names, aliases, and addresses associated with a child’s monitored SSN. It checks all 50 states, as well as various records like property and recorder of deed registration, county assessor data, bankruptcies, liens, and more.

Bonus features

Here is a list of bonus features that are offered with McAfee’s Advanced and Ultimate plans:

  • Online account cleanup: Scans and/or removes personal info from old online accounts.
  • Personal data cleanup: This feature scans high-risk data broker sites for your personal info and requests for its removal.
  • Virtual private network: A VPN can establish a secure connection between your device and the internet, encrypt your data, and hide your browsing activities.

Take a look at the additional security features that are included as well:

  • File shredder: Helps you protect your privacy by permanently deleting files that contain sensitive information.
  • Web protection: WebAdvisor is a browser extension that allows you to browse the internet while protecting you from phishing, scams, and cyber threats.
  • Firewall: Allows you to block malicious hackers from accessing your home network, and control what information your device sends and receives from a network.
  • Password manager: This feature lets you securely store and manage your passwords in a single location.
  • Lost wallet remediation: McAfee’s identity theft experts will help you cancel and replace your lost or stolen IDs, credit cards, and debit cards.
  • Protection Score: This feature lets you see how safe you are online and gives tips to strengthen your weak spots to boost your score.

The popular McAfee antivirus also comes with identity theft protection, providing security not just for your identity but also for your devices against viruses, malware, and other cyberthreats.

Our experience with McAfee Identity Theft Protection

There are no free trials for McAfee Identity Theft Protection’s Advanced and Ultimate plans. We were able to test its basic identity protection features only by signing up for a free trial of McAfee Total Protection. We did this by clicking on our free trial offer and creating an account with McAfee using an email address and password. It was a relatively easy and quick process to set up.

When we accessed the McAfee dashboard, we were able to add any information we wanted to monitor, view our Protection Score, and see alerts if any of our monitored information had been compromised or leaked online.

McAfee Identity Monitoring dashboard showing alerts on monitored information that has been compromised or leaked online.

McAfee Identity Theft Protection results for a Protection Score.

Does McAfee Identity Theft Protection keep your data safe?

Based on McAfee’s Privacy Notice, here are some key takeaways related to McAfee Identity Theft Protection and data safety. Some of these mentioned are related to data collection, data sharing, data protection, and more:

  • McAfee collects a variety of personal data, like data from the usage of its services, purchase information, device information, and data shared voluntarily by users. This information is primarily used to provide and improve services.
  • McAfee may share personal data with its family of companies, service providers, legal authorities, during business transfers, or when you give consent or direct it to do so. They could even share data in case of business transactions like mergers and acquisitions.
  • McAfee protects personal data by implementing administrative, organizational, technical, and physical safeguards.
  • Users have control over their data and can access, correct, and delete their personal data. They can also restrict McAfee’s processing of their personal data and object to it.
  • McAfee retains personal data as long as necessary for its legitimate business purposes, to comply with legal obligations, and to provide the requested services.
  • You can enable two-factor authentication (2FA) in your McAfee account to add an extra layer of security.

McAfee profile setup page with account information and two-factor authentication.

While McAfee implements security measures to protect personal data, it does share your data with a myriad of entities. Sharing this data can potentially expose your personal info to third parties, even though McAfee insists on its data protection measures being followed by the parties it shares information with.

Always carefully review a privacy policy and make an informed decision based on your comfort with it. Keep in mind that all services have potential risks, and none can guarantee complete protection against all forms of security threats.

McAfee Identity Theft Protection compatibility

McAfee Identity Theft Protection services are available on popular platforms like Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and ChromeOS. There is no free download available, as it is available only for purchase under a Premium, Advanced, or Ultimate plan.

McAfee Identity Theft Protection customer support

McAfee offers 24/7 live chat support for all plans, a knowledge center with helpful videos and online guides, a blog, and a community support forum where consumers can ask questions and get answers.

McAfee Identity Theft Protection prices and subscriptions

With McAfee Identity Theft Protection, plans are available for individuals or families with children. The Advanced Individual plan, priced at $6.67/mo ($79.99/yr), is perfect for single users, offering credit monitoring, identity recovery, and more.

If you're up for more comprehensive coverage, the Ultimate Individual plan, priced at $15.00/mo ($179.99/yr), comes with the added benefits of credit reports from all three bureaus, credit lock and freeze, and a hefty $25,000 in ransomware coverage.

Family plans cover two adults and four children. The Advanced Family plan is $9.00/mo ($107.99/yr), and the Ultimate Family plan is $18.75/mo ($224.99/yr). The Ultimate Family offers features like comprehensive credit reporting and ransomware coverage. While pricey, its extensive features make it a worthy investment to protect your family from identity theft and fraud.

McAfee Identity Theft Protection plans comparison

Plan Advanced Individual
Ultimate Individual
Advanced Family
Ultimate Family
Annual plan$6.67/mo $15.00/mo $9.00/mo $18.75/mo
Monthly plan$16.67/mo $22.50/mo $23.25/mo $35.42/mo
Who’s covered 1 adult 1 adult 2 adults, 4 children 2 adults, 4 children
Identity theft insurance Up to $1 million Up to $1 million Up to $1 million Up to $1 million
Ransomware coverage None Up to $25,000 None Up to $25,000
Credit monitoring
Financial activity alerts
Credit reports Yes — 1 bureau Yes — 3 bureaus Yes — 1 bureau Yes — 3 bureaus
Credit score
Credit lock
Security freeze Yes (2 adults) Yes (2 adults) Yes (2 adults) Yes (2 adults)
Identity recovery
Dark web alerts
Social media account alerts
Social Security number monitoring
USPS address change alerts
Details View Plan View Plan View Plan View Plan

Prices as of 05/31/2023.

With McAfee’s 30-day money-back guarantee, you can cancel your subscription for any reason in the first 30 days of your purchase or within 60 days of automatic renewal (for terms of one year or longer) and ask for a refund of the amount you paid.

McAfee Identity Theft Protection FAQs


Is McAfee Identity Theft Protection worth it?

Yes, McAfee Identity Theft Protection is worth it if you are seeking a solution that protects your identity and protects your device with antivirus software.

Additionally, it offers up to $1 million in identity theft insurance and provides experts who can help you recover your identity in the event you become a victim of an identity theft scam.


Can I trust McAfee Identity Theft Protection?

Yes, McAfee Identity Theft Protection is a reliable service for safeguarding your personal information. McAfee is a reputable cybersecurity company with decades of experience, and its identity theft protection services offer comprehensive features from credit monitoring to identity recovery support. Moreover, you can review its privacy policy, so you can make an informed decision if it aligns with your needs.


Which countries does McAfee offer identity theft protection for?

McAfee offers identity theft protection in the United States only.


How do I delete a McAfee account?

Contact McAfee customer support directly via their 24/7 live chat and let an agent know that you want to delete your McAfee account. They can guide you through the process until your account and all data are securely removed.

Remember that when you delete McAfee account information, it’s possible that some of the services you use may no longer be available. That is because some of your features are tied to your account, so always make sure of this before you decide to officially remove your account.

Bottom line: Is McAfee Identity Theft Protection good?

We aim to address a question many people with identity theft concerns may ask, “Is ID theft protection worth it?” Our answer is a resounding yes, especially as identity theft crimes and scams continue to rise. After evaluating McAfee Identity Theft Protection, we think it is a viable option for comprehensive protection against identity theft, which can be a costly experience for individuals or families. Its extensive coverage of up to $1 million in identity theft insurance is a significant safety net that complements its various features, such as credit monitoring and identity recovery support.

On the flip side, McAfee's service comes without a free trial, and its cost is a bit higher compared to some competitors. The absence of a FICO score and home title monitoring might also be a turn-off for some. Yet, if you're okay with stretching your budget slightly for peace of mind, McAfee's reputation and extensive protections make it a worthwhile option for securing your personal and financial information in our digital age.

Continue reading about how you can protect yourself and your family from identity theft and credit card fraud in our identity theft protection and credit monitoring guide.

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